Inviting Guest Posters and Voluntary Writers

To all Guest Posters and Voluntary Writers,
Greetings! I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to post your original articles to my blog. As much as possible I would only accept those in the category of  business, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, Filipino entrepreneur success stories but others I have not mention can also be accepted. Just look at the categories on the right hand sidebar of this blog.

So what are the benefits on posting your original articles on this blog?
First is exposure. With a daily unique visitors ranging from 500 to  800+ visitors a day and 800+ loyal subscribers all targeted on entrepreneurship and business niche, you will have a good opportunity to transact, sell your products or services to your prospects and additional traffic to your website (if you have any). With this kind of exposure other sites will charge you but I’m offering it for free provided that you will not use the articles you submitted to me and it should be original and informative.

So what’s the catch?
There is a saying that “There is no such thing as a free lunch” or “Cash, Gas or Ass No One Rides For Free”. But you can help by giving me a link to your blogs and websites or promoting this blog (or your own articles in this blog) to forums, social networking or bookmarking sites like Friendster, Facebook, Digg or Stumbleupon.  I would also recommend writing the name of this blog “TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.Com” to the back of the bus driver seat instead of writing names, your girl friend’s cell number, foul languages or jokes like “This bus driver is a gay” or “This bus driver have boobs” but that would be vandalism so I  suggest refrain from doing it or do it in moderation. :mrgreen:

Are you ready to submit your articles?
Below are the requirements for now:

  1. Articles should be informative and gives value to the readers.
  2. Title of the article
  3. Main body of the article (the article itself).
  4. A photo, logo or clipart that relates to the topic. Size is 150 x 150 pixels (This is optional but it will help your article attract readers).
  5. Writer’s name and business name or website address.

Please be inform I cannot promise acceptance of your articles specially if it contains illegal contents, gambling, hatred or violence. Also, you don’t have to write it yourself, you can hire freelance writers too. If you are a freelance writer yourself, the better because you can provide your services to business owners who wants to submit their articles by posting your own articles here.

To submit your articles, email me at:
[email protected]

To Your Success,

Lito Montala