Life Begins at 40?

chefI really envy those young entrepreneurs who started having their own business early. Especially who succeeded at an early age and haven’t gone through of being an employee. Some are born wealthy with a silver spoon in their mouth and the business was already there all serve in a silver platter. Some are very lucky who encountered less difficulty and boosted their business like a rocket ship with very little effort. But many times I read successful entrepreneurs were first been employed, then when they are given a chance, they chose the road less traveled and pursue that path and continued until they became successful. If the business you are pursuing is connected with your previous job, then it will be a big help for you to manage your business well. But what if it is different from your passion? will you succeed?

I read a success story in the entrepreneur magazine that inspires me and gave me some additional boost in my morale. The man I want to tell you about is Paul Huang, a former top marketing executive of Pepsi Cola International. He chose to retire rather then accepting a pay cut because of the company was having a financial difficulty which resulted of changing of his position. Since he was too young to retire at the age of 41, he was uncertain on which path to pursue. He ask himself if he is going to get another job or to strike out on his own. Upon suggestion of his wife, he attended a course on culinary school which I think was his passion. After that he further enhance his skill by working in Mandarin Hotel for two years without pay. Then he started to build his dream by putting up his own restaurant in Tagaytay (Fire Lake Grill) . The restaurant is doing well as of the article I’ve read.

Although I’ve summarize the whole story, you can see well that being an employee from a corporate world and now a business owner, it is not too late for anyone to chase their dream of having their own business. Who would think that a former corporate executive will turn into a chef? It’s very inspiring to know that at the age of 41 when he started to be his own boss all the experiences he have in his previous employment became useless to the life he is enjoying right now. He went back to zero and undergone a new training in culinary to pursue his passion and his new career as an entrepreneur. So it’s never too late to start, entrepreneurship is, unlike employment has no age limit.