Similarity Between an Aircraft and an Entrepreneur

plane aeroMy post title sounds ridiculous wasn’t it? how can I compare an aircraft to an entrepreneur? It just came out of my mind as I was watching Betty La Fea (the Philippine version) where Bea Alonzo played the part. The episode I’m watching is where the CEO and his son (John Lyod Cruz) sold ECOMODA and bid farewell to their employees. Maybe it’s not related to my topic, but it reminded me of the good old days when my father still have his business but now it’s gone. Some of my years of employment flashed back to my mind and remembered when I was still employed. I said to myself, being an employee makes me depended to an employer and it reminded me of an airplane that couldn’t fly. You know, the kind of aircraft that only flies on your imagination. Like an aircraft that uses a steam engine to sustain itself though to air which is impossible because it was indeed heavy. Another one is, it’s similar to a toy airplane with a string attached to the fuselage and hang it on your ceiling. To make flight possible, you need an engine light enough to carry itself in flight. So that is why light metal like aluminum alloy is used to construct an aircraft engine.

To become an entrepreneur, in my opinion, you also need to sustain yourself independent from employment. Like an airplane that can fly though to air without anything to support itself, only wings and thrust created by the engine. I know it is hard and when I was still employed I thought I could never do it. In my case it was kind of divine intervention and did not do it on purpose so I can’t advise people to just jump out of employment without planning. So like an aircraft, we can learn some lesson from it. Before we can be assured of the flight safety of an aircraft, we have to make series of test. Do you know that before an aircraft is permitted to fly, it should have a permit from the Air transportation Office (Now CAAP) checked by an authorized Aeronautical engineer for it to be airworthy? So as a starting entrepreneur, we should also make a series of test before we take our maiden flight!

Just watch the video after this jump……..