The Truth About Hard Work

Most of us have a belief that hard work equates to wealth or to explain it more clearly we associate working hard for us to become rich someday. But if you will just observe, many people who works hard never gets rich and some of those who have minimal effort are the ones that gets rich quickly. Luck? maybe. There is a saying: Work Smarter, Not Harder. Below is a newsletter from Mike Litman that explain a portion of the Power of Concentration book written back in 1819. So here is goes……

Dear Lito,

Helping you reach your goals and unleash your greatness
is my mission.

What bothers me is that so many people have been misled
about what it takes to become successful.

Very few, if any of our institutions teach us how to think
like an entrepreneur and succeed as your own boss.

It’s disgraceful.

Society needs employees, that’s why no one is taught how
to make it on their own.

YOU MUST get educated.

You don’t want to be in the shrinking middle class and be
part of it as it evaporates, do you?

Didn’t think so.

Society teaches that hard work is the only way to succeed.

Yes, that’s true if you want to be an employee your whole

Successful entrepreneurs know there’s a different model
than the ‘hard work’ model.

They understand the power of leverage, they understand the
thinking formula before making big piles of dough.

Hard work in itself doesn’t make people rich.

Let me quote from a classic book (1918) I read VERY often,
‘The Power of Concentration’:

Page 52:

“Wealth is usually the fruit of achievement. It is not,
however, altogether the result of being industrious.
Thousands of persons work hard who never grow wealthy.
Others with much less effort, acquire wealth.

Seeing possibilities is another step toward acquiring
wealth. A person may be as industrious as he can possibly
be, but if he does not use his mental forces, he will be
a laborer, to be directed by the person that uses to good
advantage his mental forces.”

When are you taught entrepreneurial education, financial
education, how to sell and market? What grade?

I wasn’t taught it either. Get educated. I say “School
starts when school ends.”

Let’s GO! I believe in YOU.

Your Coach,