Home Business – Not Popular in The Philippines?

I know you’ll be shocked as I am when I learned that home business is not that popular in the Philippines. Unlike in the U.S., home business is very popular. Why did I say that? for one thing, when you type the word “Home Business” I’m number one but the visitors that comes to my website that searched Google Philippines (www.google.com.ph) using that keyword is very negligible and almost none. Maybe I’m wrong because Yahoo! is popular among Fiipinos but at least I’m sure many surfers in this country are using Google. Look below what I got by using Google Trends. The search was geographical and narrowed it down to “Philippines” by choosing it on the selection drop-down menu.

Home Business Search Trend in The Philippines

Comparing the trend in the U.S., there is a vast difference. See below:

Home Business Search Trend in The U.S.

Then I investigated further. I was thinking that there is something to do with the browser. Since I’m using firefox all the time, I thougth there is a difference of what kind of Google search engine will appear. Will it be geo targeted (www.google.com.ph) or the default one? (www.google.com). I discovered that Internet Explorer automatically loads a geo targeted one. The reason why I did this is because majority of the users online use Internet Explorer. So this brings us to the conclusion that home business is not that popular here. That majority of us are not interested in home business. But on the contrary, many Filipinos are having home based businesses. Maybe the reason is those who are interested in home business doesn’t have access to the internet or not computer literate enough to search for it. This is the only reasonable excuse I could think of. How about you? do you think Filipinos are not business minded?