How is Paper Recycled

recycle logoRecycling paper can be a good business. Although we can’t make a very good quality paper made by big companies, in our home we can make home made paper too. With just a little creativity, we can transform old newspapers and used bond papers from offices and create another product like colored papers or art papers for school projects. Paper recycling have a noble objective, to save trees and along with it you will save mother earth and all living creatures in this planet. There are other ways to save trees, and that is to make our documents paperless but there are still demand for paper so I think it will not be possible for being paperless right now even we have this digital technology.

So if you are ready to learn how to make a paper out of used paper, then lets start. The following materials are those you need to start recycling the used papers.

Materials and tools you need:

  • Mortar and pestle (you can use a blender if you have one to speed up the process)
  • Water
  • Wooden Frame (make the inner dimension of the frame 8 1/2″ x 11″, bond paper size) Note: The video below recommend a screen or mesh with 1 mm square hole.
  • Plastic sheets (preferably 8 1/2″ x 11″)
  • Tacks to fasten the sieve to the frame
  • A container or a tub large enough to fit the frame
  • Used papers (e.g. news papers, used bond papers)


  • First tear the papers in to little bits. Then using the mortar and pestle, put the bits of paper into the mortar and pound or crush it at a time and adding water to wet the paper. Continue until you made a homogeneous paste. If you have a blender, it will make your life easier than the tedious task of using the mortar and pestle. Blend the bits of paper with water until it forms into a pulp. Then put the pulp into the tub with water and let it macerate for 2 to 3 days.
  • Cut the sieve or screen to place it on the frame. Use the tacks to fasten the screen to the frame. Afterwards put the frame into the tub, dipping the side of the frame first into the water with the pulp until you put the whole frame underwater and letting the pulp settle on the screen by raising it gently keeping it parallel to the water surface until it forms a layer of pulp.
  • Then place the plastic sheet inside the frame and squeeze out the water with a sponge. Turn the frame upside down keeping the plastic in contact with the pulp sheet. Carefully remove the sheet from the frame and let it dry. I guess you can let it dry under the sun or just air dry it. A hair dryer can be used but your electric bill might not justify the cost of making the hand made paper. If you will only do it as a hobby, then I thinks it’s fine.

Want to see the video of making the handmade paper? Click and watch below:

  • Other good recycling resource I found on the net: Recycling Fun Facts