How to Make Homemade Lotion

homemade lotionAre you interested on making your own lotion? If you like to try it out but don’t have time to attend a seminar or you just want to try but not really serious about starting your own lotion making business, then you can try to make your own. The formulation and procedure for making lotions and body scrubs are very simple. To get started in this, you need the utensils, raw materials, and packaging. With a small amount of initial investment, you can make retail packs of homemade lotion.

The utensils you need are the following:

Plastic beaker
Graduated cylinder
Stainless steel or glass bowls
Plastic or pastry bag
Labeling utensils

For the Lotion you will need:

Lotion base (10 kilograms)
Fragrance (120 ml)
Diluted or liquid food color.
100 ml PET bottles

The first step is to measure the raw materials. One kilogram of the base and 10ml of fragrance. You can measure the bases using a beaker or, for more precise measurements, a weighing scale. Pour the base onto the beaker and, using a spatula, press the material slightly; this is to fill in the air gap inside the container until a volume of 1,000 ml for the mixture is attained (1,000 ml or one liter is equivalent to one kilogram). Be very careful not to compact the base, otherwise, the mixture will become heavier than needed. The next step is to measure the fragrance by using a graduated cylinder or a measuring spoon. Once you’ve measured all of the raw materials, pour the fragrance onto the base and mix them using a spatula. Mix well until the fragrance is thoroughly blended with the base. Then, put one drop of diluted or liquid food color into our mixture (the amount of dye to use depends on your preference).

The third step is packaging your finished products. Use the PET bottles for the lotion. To transfer the lotion into its bottle containers, however, you will need to use a pastry bag or plastic sheet. It’s ideal to put a label on your finished products. When you decide to use labels, however, make sure that their design conveys the correct information about what’s inside the container. There are service centers specializing on developing and printing labels, but to bring down our costs, you may choose to create your own labels and print copies of them using your computer and printer. With the amount of materials that you purchased for 10 kilogram you can make at least a hundred bottles using 100ml PET bottles.