Make Your Home Made Yogurt

homemade yogurtYogurt is one of my favorite dessert and also my family, and specially my daughter. They are good to eat if they come in with fruit bits like mangoes, papaya, buko and nata de coco. Whenever I buy in the supermarket I always have second thoughts because of the cost. Imagine, just a 125ml of a known local brand will cost as much as 32 pesos. But if you will try to make it at home, you will definitely save a lot of money. Why? because making yogurt with a liter of milk will also produce 1 liter. For example, if you buy a liter of fresh milk in tetra pack, it will cost more or less 65 pesos and will produce about 8 cups of 125ml yogurt. If the price of a 125 yogurt is 32 pesos, multiply it by 8 and it will cost you 256 pesos!

Comparing it with a home made yogurt, 65 pesos of milk is only 25% of the 256 pesos worth of 8 cups of yogurt. And despite the proliferation of yogurt makers on the market, everything you need to make yogurt is probably already in your kitchen, with the possible exception of the thermometer. So to start making the yogurt, go to this site >>