Making Virgin Coconut Oil in Capsules

VCO capsulesVirgin coconut oil have become a fad and well accepted in the market. There are many products now that show in the market that contains virgin coconut oil because of its popularity and many health benefits that we can get from it. Now there are bath soap, shampoo and lotion that many companies now produce. But taking it orally was not a very pleasant experience because of the after taste and sometimes your throat becomes itchy.

This was solved by creating encapsulated virgin coconut oil but the price seems not very affordable to many although the oil itself is locally produced. Around six pesos each capsules. But if you can make it yourself it will be much more cheaper. It was featured in kabuhayang swak na swak where a company was featured and demonstrate how to make the encapsulated VCO. The company was Carica and showed how to make it just using a syringe, transparent empty capsules and a tray holder for the capsules.

First the empty capsules were separated and the placed in the holding tray. You can buy the capsules in mercury drug store but the tray I think, should be fabricated. Then fill the syringe with VCO. Take note that you should not use the needle. Then fill each capsules with VCO. Afterwards enclose the capsules one by one with the other half of the empty capsules. Then put it in a bottle. There you go. You now have a home made VCO capsules.

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