Offer Drop Shipping to Increase Sales

Drop Shipping can be a blessing but sometimes can be a liability if not properly planned or researched. If you want to start a retail business but doesn’t want to keep lots of inventory, then this could be the answer to your prayers. You can also make an eCommerce website or post items on eBay with a very minimal cost, just setting an online shop or pay a listing on eBay without having the item. All you have to do is get the order and transfer the order to a drop shipper and the drop shipper will ship the item for you and of course, pay for the item plus the shipping cost. As a retailer, to protect your business, the drop shipper must ship the item using your business name and address on the return address. This has been a standard to the drop shipping industry so the retailers are protected and will thrive.

So if you are a wholesaler or manufacturer, you can increase your sales by offering drop shipping because other eCommerce retailers who are looking for products to sell that doesn’t want to stock items can easily sell your products and promote them. Quoting from Wikipedia:

Affiliate marketing can also be compared to drop shipping. As with drop shipping, affiliate marketing allows a website to list an item for sale that is not on hand but rather is shipped through a third party.