Earn Extra Money From Home Using Your Computer

Earning online seems to be a mystery to most of the people even now we are already living in the internet age but the fact is you can earn extra money from home using your computer. To those who are always surfing the internet, maybe most of them are already aware how to earn online but I’m not sure if even 50% of them are already earning their living through the internet. No matter what stage of your life now, there are many ways to earn extra money from home and one of the ways is using your internet and your computer. Of course there are some skills to be learned depending on the kind of niche you want to concentrate to and here are some of them:

Become a Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant can be a good choice because you only need to work at home with your computer provided that you know the skills needed by the company you intent to work with. You work as an independent contractor and compared to an employee your client don’t have to worry about health care, bonus or raise, taxes and other benefits. Wikipedia defines a virtual assistant as “(also called a virtual office assistant) is an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office.”

The jobs a virtual assistant handles mostly are secretarial, clerical, web development, programming, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), medical transcriptional and many IT jobs that mostly deals with computer software. If you don’t know where to start as an independent contractor, there is a company from Australia that hires Filipino virtual workers called the RemoteStaff. It is an offshore BPO staffing solution for small companies. You can apply to them and they will find a client for you. But you need to be interviewed by their human resources staff before they will include you in their inventory of available remote staff.

Create or Develop your Own Digital Product

A digital product is usually in a form of ebook, software tools or video. If you are an expert or have an extensive knowledge in your chosen field, you can write a book about it and compile it using a PDF creator. PDF is a format of Adobe Acrobat Reader which are freely available for download so anyone can read your electronic book. There are lots of available programs in the internet for creating a PDF format files. All you need to do to start creating your book is using your Microsoft Word program then after you finish your book, download a PDF creator software to publish it. The next step is selling it on the internet. One option is creating a website and promoting it but it requires a lot of time and skills and of course some expenses so the easier option is using a large network company like Clickbank which will take care of promoting and selling your ebook. You can also use social networking site like facebook or friendster.

Sell Items on Ebay or Classified Ads websites

If you have things on your house that you think you don’t need and still functional, why not sell them on eBay? You can earn extra money from home by selling things on eBay. Not only used items but you can also sell brand new items like cellphones, women accessories, clothes, footwear and bags.

Sell Products for Others

You might think that this is like a multi-level marketing strategy but this time it is different. But you can also sell those products in the internet using classified ads. Affiliate marketing is what I’m talking about. You can join or register on companies offering an affiliate programs by selling their products or services and you will be given a percentage of the sale. Depending on the company you can have 5%, 20%, 50% or even as high as 75% but the higher your potential earnings, the harder for you to sell the product.

Develop a Money Making Website

There are lots of information in the internet regarding how to make a money making blog or a website but beware of scams. There is no magic on creating a successful blog or websites. The main ingredient I know is your passion, perseverance, being smart, finding the right niche and having the right knowledge and tools. I should say hard work is essential but there are things that working the smart way can surpass hard work which includes websites. In creating a website, the first goal you should target is finding the right niche and competition. Look for the niche that is profitable that have a good market value and few competition by researching keywords. There is a tool I know where you can make your research. Its the Google Search Based Keyword Tool. From there you will discover how each keywords differ in market value and you can decide what niche will you have for your website. It will save you months and years of hard work and frustration by doing that first step on making your website.