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AGLOCO: Another Pyramid Scheme?

Posted by Manny on March 31st, 2007

I’ve been surfing in the internet lately but have just recently discovered another affiliate program called AGLOCO. I found it on The Pinoy Money Talk and because of my curiosity I tried to know what it’s all about. Do you know the word ponzi? Or how is it synonymous with scam or pyramid scam? It was about an Italian immigrant who settled in the US and made his illegal activities there. So much for that.

This affiliate program has been being talked about in the internet since last year. AGLOCO has launched their program which was advertised to be the Internet’s first Economic Network, which will make use of the power of the Internet-based social networks to “directly benefit the Members who help to create the community”.

AGLOCO’s (A Global Community) founders saw an enormous potential in the social networks like YouTube, MySpace and Facebook. All those potential customers made advertisers extremely interested. If the surfers build the community, then it’s fair enough for them to have a portion of the advertising revenue that they are generating. Share the profit.

How to start? Simple. Just sign-up and fill out the registration form to become a member. Afterward you must download a software called “Viewbar”. (Still under testing) Don’t worry, there’s no sugar ( just kidding ) what I mean to say is it’s totally FREE!

When you install the viewbar in your browser, it allows you search the internet. AGLOCO will have a chance to receive a payment from what ever search engine you are searching. How? At the time you are performing your search, the viewbar will show targeted advertising. If you click the ad and consequently bought something online, then AGLOCO will get a fee. Apparently the more surfers who become members, the higher the payment AGLOCO can command from the advertisers. A huge share of that money would then be compensated back to the members. Other anticipated sources of revenue include commissions from transactions, the dissemination of software, services dissemination and product dissemination with the add-on referral fees.

Members make money thru a monthly share of the AGLOCO proceeds based on the utilizing of the viewbar monthly. Those who refer others will earn even extra. The concept is to build the membership numbers as rapidly as possible. Since the process is via referral system, some detractors have thought that this is a pyramid scheme. It depends on you if you will believe it or not.

As claimed by to the Agloco website, members are can do there usual use of the web everyday. Surfing, chatting, buying, blogging, sending email and do as usual. Only an additional viewbar on there browsers.

Lack of privacy as feared may be a factor. Perhaps there is hiding spy ware that is threatening to harvest your information. On the contrary they assured everyone’s privacy and the public critical observation AGLOCO is experiencing should be a sufficient deterrent to keep everybody honest. The company has been very honest in their firmness to submit to the anti-spamming rules set by the international web community.


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