Automatic Post on Facebook Wall App

Most businesses now have a blog and a facebook fan page. But since it is not easy to transfer your blog post to your facebook fanpage wall, you need to have an automatic application that will do that. It will be tedious if you will post the link of your new blog post to your Facebook fanpage. There is a twitter apps on facebook that can do that but the result is not satisfactory in my own opinion. The first thing I observe is the very short description on every facebook wall post and the bitly URL shortener. I don’t like to use URL shortener because the true URL of the blog is masked and will not pass link juice to your blog if you care about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So why this is important to a business who have a blog or a website? simple, to bring traffic and visitors.

This is not only applicable to facebook fan page but also to your existing facebook account if you want to let some websites or blogs to post on your wall. What I wanted to tell you about is the facebook app called RSS Graffiti. This amazing apps is so far the best facebook app for posting automatically on your wall of your favorite blog or any website that has an RSS feed. To use the apps, just go to RSS Graffiti ( you have to login on your facebook account first) and authorize the apps by clicking the “click here to authorize RSS Graffiti” button. Then click “allow” button on the Request Permission page. Then click the “add feed” button and find on the basics tab the field “Feed URL” and put the  url feed of your favorite blog (see snapshot image below). For example ( ) use this feed to test it if you like this blog. Then click the “save” button to save the settings.

Encouraging your facebook friends to install RSS Graffiti will create viral traffic to your blog and websites by using your own RSS feeds on their RSS Graffiti app.