Back-Up Your Data – One of The Most Important Task

I was unaware of the other damages done by that hacker. The only thing that comes to my mind now is what have I done to deserve this? I was just doing my business here and not hurting anybody, particularly other websites or blogs. Maybe those comments I made to other blogs might be considered spamming or registering to a forum using my signature to promote my other websites. If that is the case then I’m sorry if I’ve done such a sin. But on the contrary, any innocent blogger or website owner can be a victim. I was thinking, maybe those who promote their website hacking other blogs was the effect of the recent policy update of Adsense for publisher sites to refrain linking to lottery and casino sites. But what kept me thinking is why was my hacked site’s pages redirects to an anti-virus site? Maybe it was just a coincidence.

So what I’m pointing out here is doing our data files back-up regularly will save us from a lot of trouble created by incidents like hard drive crash, your hosting provider loss it’s data or hacked by a very devious person (or thing) or your password was phished by a hacker and did some notorious job on your website’s files or database. I was hesitant to make a post regarding technical stuffs on website maintenance because it seems awkward. But come to think of it, we are in the digital/information age and businesses now are migrating to the web. If you are a businessman or entrepreneur reading this post but not really interested on computer technical stuffs, the fact that you are reading this post means you might as well have a website of your own in the future. So this is just a reminder to make a back-up.