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This post is just a response to an inquiry made by a commenter here and this was the question:

Can u please give me some tips on how to develop my blog?

thanks and more power ..

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shakespeare blogger

Shakespeare Blogger

Actually I’m not an expert in blogging and learned it by visiting other blogs who gives tips and advice and how to improve your blog. There are other experts in the field and there are others who just say things about blogging and SEO but I doubt if their advice really works. Every website owners and bloggers in particular have their own trade secrets and I doubt if they are going to reveal it all.

The following tips I’m going to share is what I also learn from other blogs and have tried what works and what does not. So here it goes:

  1. Content – since the beginning of the internet era, there was a saying I read from webmasters, “Content is King”. The most important part of a website or a blog is really content. It’s like the solar system. Planets orbits around the sun and with that illustration, the sun refers to “content” and the planets are other aspects of blogging like traffic, design and other things needed for setting up a blog. Now the question is, does it still work? I think this saying will remain until the end of the information age. And why content? it’s because contents of a particular blog or website is what makes or breaks it. For example, if your blog is not useful to the reader, then how would you suppose that your blog will succeed? it’s very similar to selling a product, if people does not want it, then how will you be able to sell it? This is why many successful blogs have some advice or tips on their blogs like for instance Problogger who have tips for aspiring bloggers. And also, like Yugatech who have reviews about the latest gadgets and gizmos. Unless you are a superstar, I guess the only thing you want people to like is yourself because you are a celebrity. Niche is also important on setting up your blog. If the niche you chose is what people wants the most, then it will become popular in a short period of time.
  2. Traffic – traffic or visitors is one of the most important part of a website and I should put it on number one before the “content” but I rather put content number one again. Why? it’s because even if you spend a fortune on advertising your blog or website but have the wrong kind of people visiting it, then I think you will agree that it’s just a waste of time. Or even if you can produce free traffic by utilizing SEO and link building but people visiting it didn’t see what they expected, then in just a few seconds they will hit the back button in a speed of light 🙂 (he he just kidding about the speed of light). For example, you advertised on a website about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but your blog is about celebrities, then what will be the reaction of your visitors coming from the SEO blog?  The same thing as being an expert to SEO which can leverage a site on the top spot on Google search when typing “Pinay Cebrities” but the blog is about optimizing a website or a blog, how will people react? See? do you agree with me?

  3. To improve a blogs visitors you need two basic things done on your site:
    a) A lot of links from other blogs – Experts on SEO says you have to build links to other blogs and websites to increase your visibility on search engines and gain Google page rank. This is important because a lot of search engines base their ranking on link popularity of a blog. Many links means many votes from other blogs. For example, if some one on the net is searching for “used laptop” and there are millions of sites that sell used laptops, the ones with the most links or quality links will rank on the top of the search. Again experts will advise that linking to relevant and  high PR sites will rank you more than those who link to lower PR sites. For example, if your blog links to 200 related blogs with PR6 and above, it will outrank a blog with 10,000 PR1 or PR3 irrelevant links.  But for practicality sake, no blog with PR6 or PR5 will give you a link for free. And searching for a themed or related website will be time consuming.  So what’s the solution? do your math! a link is a link so get as much as you can whether it’s PR0 or PR1 but stay away from link farms.

    The above I mentioned is about one way link meaning only the other blog is linking to you and you not linking to them. I is said that reciprocal links don’t work anymore but is someone is offering a reciprocal link, then it would still help because other search engine still recognize this. Just make sure you are not linking to bad neighborhood. How to do it? In the past you have to beg other webmasters for  reciprocal links, submitting to directories and making articles and submitting it to article banks with your link in it. But today, when blogs and other social media came, there are many ways to create links like for example make comments to other blogs using your URL, join social bookmarking sites, submit your feeds to feeds directory and join forums and put your blog  URL as your signature and keywords as anchor text (Note: Some blogs doesn’t like using keywords as anchor text). If you are not familiar with the word anchor text, you can Google it.

    b) Keywords that people are looking for – keywords are words or group of words people are looking for in the search engines.  For example,  “how to blog”  is a keyword. People type “how to blog” in search for a website that teaches people how to blog or a blogging tutorial site. But if you use in your title “Blogging Technique” which is not a phrase that people use to search for a blogging tutorial site, then your site can’t be found, period. There are many sites that offer keyword suggestions like Wordtracker, Adwords Keyword Tool and Google Trend. How to use it? just type a word about your site, for example, “blogging” and many keywords phrase will show up like “what is blogging”, “define blogging”, “explain blogging” or “blogging guides”.

  4. Blog Design – this area of improving our blog is the least of the things you should do but it is still important. An unconfused visitor is a happy visitor in my opinion. No matter how beautiful your site is but he or she can’t find his/her way in and out of your blog, the visitor will be confused and sometimes pissed off because it looks like that it’s a waste of time. In this age of instant gratification, it’s so easy to just leave you behind and never come back. “Sayonara!” says the visitors. Even the ugliest blog or website can out stand the most beautiful blog if it is user friendly. Have you visited the Plenty of Fish dating site? they say it’s unattractive but if you know many visitors it gets per day, you’ll be shocked! it’s because of being user friendly and easy to use.

So I hope this post have given you additional knowledge on improving your blogs performance.

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