Blogging for Business or Blogging for Money?

Blogging now being stereotyped as one of the income generator in the latter part of the internet age. Many blogs and websites tell people how to make money online and also sell ebooks on how to create an online business and telling people how easy it is to create blogs that will give them lots of cash in just a short period of time. But how true is it? Can you make a lot of money by just blogging? Why many people who blogs still don’t earn much?

Do you have to be Blogger or an Internet Marketer?

As I was watching the video of John Chow’s seminar, the “How I make $40,000 a month on the internet with my blog” what catches my attention was his comparison between an internet marketer and a blogger. He admits that he is not a blogger but an internet marketer. A good blogger doesn’t mean that he is already successful making money online. A blogger is a blogger, that’s it. That is why John Chow emphasized that if a blogger is earning  at least $100/month, that blogger belongs to the 1% of the bloggers who earns that amount. In reality, most bloggers can’t reach $100/month because they are simply bloggers, not internet marketers.

I have seen blogs with great information but doubt if that blog is earning enough to compensate that great content. Why? first and foremost is the amount  of traffic that blog is getting. Most bloggers don’t concern themselves very much if their blog have enough traffic.  But to an internet marketer, that is the primary concern. Even if you have the most beautiful blog and most useful information in the world but if nobody can find you, then your blog is just collecting cyber dust.

But on the contrary, an internet marketer that creates blogs without passion will not be very effective either. That is called “blogging for money”. When something goes wrong and the internet marketer ran out of interest, then it’s really hard for him to continue what he started. It’s because blogging needs passion for it to endure. So in my opinion, we need to be both to succeed making money online on blogging.

Blogging for Business

Maybe this is one of the major concern for every blogger to succeed making money online on blogging. For me “blogging for business” doesn’t mean “blogging for money”. Yes I admit that money is the motivation of blogging for business but what I want to emphasized is “treating a blog like a business”. This part is I guess one of my Achilles heel. I always treat my blogs as a hobby. Many, I guess feel the same way too specially those who build their blogs on free blogging sites. It’s because we thought that since it’s free we will loose nothing if it fails. But if we invest money on it, then I think our perception will change on how we treat our blogs.

Just imagine for example, if we want to set up a small business, and invested at least half a million pesos, will you treat that as a hobby? Will it rather be that you will treat it seriously because you don’t want to loose your money you invested? Same thing in a blog. If you spend money for it’s own domain name, paid a web hosting monthly or yearly  and invest on advertising, would you treat it a hobby still? Usually our attitude is, if we get something for free, we don’t care much if we loose it. So the bottom line there is treating your blog like a legitimate business.

What is More Important, Quantity or Quality?

Having hoards of visitors in a blog is one of the goals of many bloggers who knows the importance of marketing. But it doesn’t mean having much will be beneficial also. I mean the quality of visitors who visit the blog. I my early years of online presence, I always thought that thousands or thousands of visitors is the most important thing. It’s because I wasn’t aware that there is such a thing as bounce rate and the length of time the visitor stays in a blog or website. Bounce rate “represents the percentage of initial visitors to a site who “bounce” away to a different site, rather than continue on to other pages within the same site.” (Source: Wikipedia)

For me, having a high bounce rate is not very alarming as long as the visitors stays and reads the contents of the blog.  That means the blog have a chance converting the visitors into sales, clicking the advertisement or making a sign-up. Most blogs have a high bounce rate maybe because when a visitors reads a post, usually they already got what they want and leave. But if most of the visitors just land on your website in a split second, then that visitor can’t be considered as a legitimate one. It’s as good as nothing. For example, if you have 1,000 unique visitors, then only 100 of those stays and reads your post, then only 10% of your visitors will have a chance to convert. Seeing your stats with thousands of visitors will only boost your ego if you will not analyze it.

Is SEO that Plays with Keyword Ranking Effective?

One way to gain that coveted keyword ranking on the first page of  Google or Yahoo! is by playing with SEO by ranking your site on a popular search phrase (or keyword). Imagine, if your blog comes up in the first page of Google with a keyword that millions of surfers are using everyday, then you will have a good chance of having hundreds of thousands of visitors daily. But if all those visitors landed on your blog in split second because they don’t want your content or your blog is not related to their search term, then what good is it? You will just scratch your head why the heck do your blog have lots of visitors but you don’t earn the way you expected it. It’s because those visitors didn’t read your blog post, as simple as that!

One good example I want to share is the result of my experience on  optimizing one of my blog post in the search engine Google Philippines. I thought I could gain much by using the keyword Sample Resignation Letter for that blog post. Yeah I managed to rank on the first page, probably on the 5th or 6th list on that first search page and most of the surfers clicks on my listing and landed on my post. You know what I discovered? 99% of them just left in a split second, mostly zero second. I was wondering why it happened because I also made a Sample Resignation Letter on that post and I expect at least half of those visitors will read even a few sentence. I guess relevancy is the issue there. Is my blog relevant to that keyword or search term? I think not. So what can we conclude then? We should make content for people, not for search engines.