How Many Buy Online in the Philippines

I guess there are no data that we can search regarding the online buyers in the Philippines unless the online sellers themselves will provide their statistics. If there is an organization or group of people that will gather statistics, then we will have an idea how many buyers are there. Similar to what NSO (Philippine Census) is doing, they gather statistics on people living here in our country.

Maybe a good place to start is to find online sellers in the Philippines. The sites I know where many Filipino online sellers flock are and Ebay Philippines. The only problem is, are they willing to share it? since that is one of the trade secrets of online sellers. If we could only knew what are the exact hot sellers on the internet, then we could also jump in the bandwagon. In my opinion and observation, most of the items I see sold by online sellers in the Philippines are fashion accessories, branded or imitation cellphones, gadgets, ladies bags, shoes, sandals and clothes.

Sometimes I come to think why online sellers are thriving yet the items they are selling can also be bought in malls and shops like a tiangge? are they cheaper? or is it that an online store is more attractive to buyers because of how they present the products and all those sales page? Maybe it is best to let you answer this if you have any experience as a buyer or a seller by commenting below.