What Google Plus Will Do For Your Business?

There have been a buzz around when Google plus was introduced. And many webmasters placed the Google +1 on their websites. To those who are not familiar to what I’ve said, Google plus is a social networking website, a counterpart of facebook and  Google +1 is very similar to facebook like button.

So what advantages will a business have on Google plus or Google +1? if you have a website, then it will help your site to get more traffic and as some articles I’ve read that it will help your ranking in the Google search.

Google +1 Button Facebook Like Button

Like the fan pages of facebook, Google will also have Google+ page for celebrities and business to connect fans. As commented by Jeff Huber, Google VP of Local and Commerce some time in the future they will launch business profile pages in Google plus (Quoted from Mike Blumenthal’s blog) :

And pre-emptively answering a question — yes, we will have (smb) business profile pages on Google+. I can’t announce a launch date yet, but we want to make them *great*, and we’re coding as fast as we can.

Not only the business pages is interesting to know but what the Google plus itself and what it’s all about. Google plus is an extension of Google itself. It’s kind of integrated now to the Google search. What I’m talking about is the thumbnails in search results. If you have an account on Google plus and you have friends there (they are on your “circles”) you will see  the pictures of your friends who Google +1 the page.  And another one is the author profile in the search results. Either you are logged in to your Google account or not, you will see the author’s profile with the thumbnail beside the search list provided that the author of that page or website has a Google profile and the new “rel=me” tag on their websites.

Since Google plus project is on it’s testing phase, you will need an invite from an exiting Google plus member. There are many exciting features like Circles, Hangouts and Sparks. If you want to know more visit: http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/