How to Improve Advertisement Efficiency on Your Blog or Website

Most of the blog and websites today have some sort of advertisements on it. And the obvious reason for it is to make money. Advertisers pay those blog or website owners for the ads shown on their websites by clicks or impressions. Others pay by commissions for every sale made by the blog or website that have ads on them. Some bloggers prefers not to put any ads on their blogs and maybe the primary reason is they wanted to establish their own brand and this is true for most businesses that have their own blogs. But seldom do I see personal or niche websites that don’t have any ads on them. And again, I can only assume that they have other money making strategies like selling their own products like for example an ebook. Those blogs make profits as a back end which at first making a blog popular and after they have many loyal visitors and subscribers in the end the blogger sells them products through newsletters.

So how will you improve the efficiency of your ads? what I mean about efficiency is not exactly making more profits but making it more visible to your visitors. Personally, I believe that it is one of the most important factors to consider in any blogs or websites that have advertisements on them. The reason is very simple. How will a visitor in your site look into the ads or have interest in them if they can’t see them? Yes, your ads is there but because of all the clutter and fancy design of your site, the visitor is distracted and will not notice your ads anymore. I see blogs who have an awesome design and really attracted to them but when it comes to advertisement efficiency, they are very poor.

#1. Make Your Blog or Website Simple

You bet, that is what makes ads efficient. Making your blog as simple as possible will make your ads stand out. By removing distractions, you will have a better chance of showing the ads to your visitors. Offering the least choices to move away from you blog will force the reader to just concentrate on what you want to offer, ads and content (post or articles) of your blog. If it is not very important, then avoid placing those things you put on your sidebars or other decorations. Too much different kinds of ads also contribute to confusion so just concentrate on the ads that you profit the most.

One good illustration to explain this is a sheet of bond paper with a tiny black dot on the center. If you will show it to my face, that is the only thing I will see if you will ask me “what do you see in this paper?”. Just remember this quotation from Leonardo Da Vinci “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”.

#2. Ad Placement

So what is ad placement? it is where you put your ads on your site “effectively”. So it’s not just slapping the ads anywhere but to places to make it effective (see heat maps below). Visibility is not really the issue here because even if you shout it out to your visitors and tell them to “see this ad!” or “click this ad!” they won’t bother to look at it because people already have a built in rejection to advertisement. Advertisements are simply annoying so people tend to develop ad blindness in their system. One good example is when we are watching television. We really hate commercials because it distracts our viewing, but most of us ignore that it is important so we can watch those TV programs for free.

One technique to make an ad effective is making it appear as part of the blog and not as advertisement. This is specially true to text link advertisement because you can change the text link color and borderline.  Sometimes even if I know that a link is an ad, if it blends well I don’t hesitate to look into it. So below are samples of heat map from an advertising network for your websites and blogs.

Adsense Heat Map

Adsense Heat Map for Blogs

Adsense Heat Map for Forums