Ebay Sellers Can Meet the International Shoppers by the Expansion of GSP

The ecommerce giant and the American multinational company that promotes business to consumer and consumer to consumer sales service announced its global venture by adding thirty eight countries in the list.

Expansion of GSP

The online marketplace, eBay announced that they are going to expand their GSP (Global Shipping Program) by including some more countries in the existing list. The company reported that the purpose behind the Global Shipping Program is that the local sellers can easily do business with the international buyers and thereby the international buyers can have the knowledge about the overall price of the transaction process that includes the tariffs and duties.

eBay Global Shipping Program

The online marketplace added some of the countries in the GSP in May and the countries are Turkey, Saint Lucia, Sri Lanka, St. Kitts and Nevis, French Reunion, Paraguay, Peru, Pakistan, Oman, Nicaragua, Monaco, Maldives, Macau Martinique, Montserrat, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Jersey, Jordan, Iceland, Guernsey, Guadeloupe, Gibraltar, Grenada, Guyana, Ecuador, Egypt, Dominica Caicos Island, Cayman Island, Cambodia, Belize, Brunei Darussalam, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Barbados, Aruba, Antigua and Barbuda. In the shipment process, the domestic part of the shipment is handled by the seller while the international shipment is taken care of by Pitney Bowes. The domestic shipment cost is handled by the seller and the Pitney Bowes handles all other cost, insurance, delivery and customs.

There were certain issues taking place from the seller’s side in the initial state, were the program appeared to show the price of the product a bit higher to the international buyers than the local sellers, while some of them reported that the international buyers to purchase items without paying any duties or traffic using non GSP mode.

Global Shipping Program

The GSP makes it easy for the domestic sellers to sell their products to the international buyers and the eligible sellers who are qualified for GSP are included directly to the GSP. The seller has to list the items so that the international buyer from the eligible location or country can purchase the product. The moment when the buyer places an order the seller can ship the item to the Shipping Center in the United States, from there the experts from the international shipping takes care of the custom process and manages the international shipping procedure and they make sure that the purchased item reaches the buyer.

Eligibility criteria for the items under the GSP

  • The items that are listed on the eBay website for sale are the only items that are permitted for the GSP.
  • The physical location of the product or item must be in the United States and it must also include PayPal in the payment mode in their listing.
  • Each item is listed in specific categories under the GSP norms and so the seller must list the items in its respective category.
  • Except countries like UAE, Thailand, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, New Zealand, Kuwait, China, Canada, Bahrain and Brazil, the delivery address must not be a post box, APO or a FPO other than the residence or street address.
  • The weight of the packages differs in accordance with the destination country.
  • The shipping item must be within the mentioned volumetric weight or scale weight, where the volumetric weight is measured using the formula ((l*b*w)/166) and the scale weight is determined by the weight of the item on the scale.
  • In the case of the auction style listing, the items that are tagged also without or with the Buy it now option is not permitted for the shipment through GSP to Russia and the seller has to look out for alternate shipping arrangements with proper procedures and regulations.
  • If the final sale price, excluding the handling and shipment exceeds the maximum in the auction style listing, the seller is responsible for the shipment by following the regulations, export rules of the United States and the procedures.
  • The shipping items must not be restricted by the export rules, hazardous, prohibited by eBay, ineligible or restricted by the GSP.

The details about the list of items that are eligible for GSP can be found in the GSP policies and FAQs and the User Agreement. But the sellers need not worry about the eligibility criteria because the buyers can see only the list of item that is eligible in their country. However, those who wish to know about the eligibility criteria for the GSP can see the My eBay or they can login to the website and go to the Seller hub where they can find the Activity option in which they have to click on the Active selling option to view the list.

Exclusions under GSP for shipment

Apart from the GSP shipping exclusion, the sellers can create their own list and override the exclusions under the eligibility criteria listed. The seller can add the list in Seller hub or under My eBay, to do this they have to go through the following steps,

  • The user must go to My eBay option and click on the Account and click on the Site preference option or they can go to the Seller Hub and select the Overview option to choose Shortcuts option and select the Site Preference option.
  • Now they are directed to the Selling Preference section, where they have to scroll down to the Ship Preference and select the link that specifies Show.
  • Here the seller can see the option ‘Exclude shipping location from your listings’ and next to it they have the Edit link option.
  • Now the sellers can select the countries or territories or states they wish to exclude from the list, they can even block an entire continent. They have the ‘Show all countries’ option from which they can select the countries they wish to exclude from the list.
  • After selecting the countries, the seller has to click on the Apply button so that they will be able to save the changes they have made in the list.
  • And in the GSP section, the seller must select the checkbox that says ‘Override my shipping exclusions from the GSP eligible items’. The seller must be aware of the fact that when they select the check box and list the items in the GSP, the exclusions that they made earlier are overridden when it is eligible for the sales option under GSP.

Tracking an item

When a shipping label is created in the online marketplace, the tracking information about the item is automatically uploaded in the Seller Hub or on My eBay and if the seller does not make use of the shipping label from eBay, they must make sure that they have added the tracking number. The moment when the tracking number or the shipping label is uploaded by the seller, the global tracking number for the item is generated. The tracking number appears on the Order details page and on the label that helps in tracking the item from the time of shipment to the moment when it is delivered to the buyer. The buyer is also notified about the tracking number, as soon as the seller uploads it.

Shipping and Delivery market

The next big opportunity for the ecommerce companies is to venture into the billion dollar logistics and transportation. According to the Golden valley, Boeing and the World Bank, the air, ocean and truck freight are$2.1 trillion markets. The increase in the ecommerce market, the shipping industry has seen a massive change in the parcel delivery. A report states that around six hundred million packages from Amazon are shipped by the twenty different partners who include the UPS, FedEx and USPS.

Ecommerce companies have made a move in setting up their own shipping service,but are still in the initial stage and are facing some difficulties and eBay is trying their part of share in the logistics and transportation industry.

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