Is Blogging The Easiest Way to Have an Online Presence?

electronic diaryI’m writing this post not because I totally disagree that blogging is the easiest way to have an online presence. Yes it’s true that it’s the easiest way because there are blog site that will host your blog for free like and And if you want to be serious on blogging, you can register a domain name and install a wordpress software to build your blog site. Just beware from folks out there that will tell you that it’s “Blogs are officially the easiest, fastest and most pain-less way to start your online business…”

Building business online needs traffic or visitors. But if someone on the net will tell you if you will just buy their book or register on their online classes and promises something like “I will teach you to have tons of traffic on your website or blog site in 3 days etc. etc.” then you should think twice. You know, in my experience, having traffic on your website is the hardest part of building an online presence. Some were very lucky because they chose a niche that they really love to do and many people have interest in that niche. But some did the opposite, they chose a niche which they are not sure they like and thought many people will like that niche, so in turn very few people visit their blog site.

So in my opinion, having a gift of fortune telling is the best talent you will posses for you to succeed online. Why did I say that? Popular blogs you see these days were not popular when they first started it. And they even started when blogging was literary unknown on the web although blogging was already there since the start of the internet. But because of the hype and the convincing teachings of gurus to master SEO (Search Engine Optimization) many website owners concentrate on how to trick search engines for their website to rank well and get as many traffic as they want.

Although bloggers were already there and exist, they were not given much importance and despite of that they happily blog as the days go by. But one day, a search engine we now know as Google have thought of a way to give value to web surfers by giving them fresh content because the internet is polluted with stale and junk website that don’t give much value. Since blogs are always fresh, having a new content everyday, Google gave importance to blogs. So that revolutionized blogging. So this is why I wish I did know the future so I will built as many blogs back in year 2000 or earlier so I will be one of those who dominate the internet these days.

So is blogging easy? yes it is. Will you have tons of traffic if you will blog your way in the internet? Maybe a decade ago it is, but today, with so many competition and bloggers around the world, I think we need more creativity and luck to succeed in blogging.