How to Market Your Online Ecommerce Website

Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge and create an ecommerce website, it’s time to find a few customers. Although some newcomers think that all they need is an attractive website with a good product line, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, in the online world, the best products and best prices don’t always equal success. Just like you need to advertise a brick-and-mortar store to persuade customers to walk through your doors, an ecommerce site requires a substantial amount of marketing to draw traffic and make a sale. Here are some of the best ways to make your new online store a success:

Make Your Site Easy to Find

The best way to attract visitors to your site is to increase your visibility on the most popular search engines including Google and Bing. Using several of these strategies could earn you a top spot:

  • Register Your Site – Instead of waiting for the search engines to find you, visit each one to register your new site.
  • Use Effective Keyword Strategies – The search engines rank each website by a variety of factors to determine which ones will be returned first during a search. Research keywords that are relevant to your product line and use the most popular phrases naturally throughout your home page and product descriptions. Don’t forget to include them in your meta data, too.
  • Use Shopping Directories – Add your site to any shopping directory that your prospective customers might use.
  • Keep Your Content Fresh – If you don’t update your site on a regular basis, the search engines will penalize you. To keep it fresh, start a blog and provide your customers with information they can really use like how-to articles, product reviews and special offers.
  • Reach Out to Keep Them Coming Back – Ask your customers for their email address so you can send out monthly newsletters and special offers to remind them to make another purchase.

Use Social Network Marketing to Your Advantage

It’s no secret that the Internet community is in the midst of a love affair with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Companies of all sizes are realizing the marketing potential of joining their customers on these sites. Of course, simply creating a Facebook page or Twitter account for the sake of saying you have one won’t help.

Spend some time getting to know your customers and talking to them on these networks. Monitor the sites for any problems with your products and address them immediately. Ask what they would like to see on your site and try to make it happen. Most importantly, give your followers a special deal once in a while to let them know you appreciate their business.

Interact with Other Sites

By guest blogging on other sites, submitting articles to online directories and even participating in user forums, you can create links that transfer potential customers back to your site. In addition to increasing your sales, this practice can also improve your page ranking on the search engines. The search algorithms factor in how many high-quality sites link back to each website to determine where they will be placed on the results page. Once you’ve posted this material, mention it on the social networks to further promote this information as well.

Although online marketing of ecommerce websites usually involves more time than money, the results can be amazing. Also, a strong ecommerce website design is going to be an important aspect of the new business, but only the foundation for what will need to be done. If you apply these tips as well as others you might come across, your customer base will quickly increase to record numbers.

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