Online Business Ideas – Is It That Simple?

There are lots of online business ideas that you can create yourself.  And the internet is great advertising medium because almost everyone who knows how to use the internet can do it and with a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising medium. So what actually is an online business? my concept of that is trading in the internet where buyers and sellers transact online where the seller sells his products in the internet and the buyers purchase it through an online shopping cart and using payment facilities like Paypal, GCASH or bank deposit (which you can do by online banking) then the seller will ship the items through a courier or through an outsourced company that offers order fulfillment services will take care of the delivery of the item. In my experience it is really hard to succeed on e-commerce if you are only going to target locally, that means here in the Philippines because I think e-commerce is still in it’s infancy here. If you are going to use online business just for promoting your brick and mortar business or a physical store, I think that will be fine. Like for example using an online classified ads to post your business ads together with your products, location where to buy your products or any promos you have. But having a purely online business, I really doubt it.

Why you may ask? in my own experience out of 10 customers I’ve encountered, 8 of them wanted to see the actual product, prefer a meet-up and asked me where can they see the store so they can buy their chosen item. So again , maybe a semi- e-commerce site (an advertisement on classified ads or a company website showing all their products where the purpose is for information only and not buying online) is the only way to go. Some small online businesses without a physical store have managed to sell their products thru meet-ups or their own personnel will deliver the goods. Unlike other famous e-commerce site like where everything is done online.

So are we really far behind in terms of e-commerce? Maybe it depends on the kind of items we are selling for us succeed in online business. There are many ideas you can think of and the only way to find it out is through experimentation. You won’t know unless you try it.