My Opinion About Internet Marketing Software Tools

If you are in the internet business, one of the main problem is a start up capital for promoting your website. That will not be a problem to big companies which can afford advertising their websites. But during this tough times even big companies are cutting costs which is very obvious because of the massive lay-offs. So to make  things easier and not costly many are looking for an alternative. Software tools offers automating tasks. For instance, before the word processor was invented, there was a typewriter that needs a skill of a typist and a good vocabulary,grammar and spelling knowledge. If you are using a typewriter and doesn’t posses a good skill like those, I guess you will use up a gallon of liquid paper before you finish a page you are typing. But that will not be a problem with a word processor like Microsoft Word which are loaded with macros to correct your spelling, grammar and indentation.

So comparing that scenario to an internet marketer, there are many things  that have to be automated to get things done in a short period of time and less expensive. Personally I’m not a believer on those promising software claiming that can make an automated article, build links to your websites so you can rank on the first page of Google, automated friend adder in twitter and similar strategies which are an internet marketers dream. Many people are becoming victims of those promises because most of us wants instant gratification. I can’t blame anybody for that because I myself want things done in an instant. One example I want to share is my experience to a software called Humming Bird which is an automated twitter friend adder. I really wanted to try this software a long time ago but because it was a little expensive and very doubtful if it will work or not, it took me a long time before trying this. Luckily I had a chance to have this software so I was very happy that finally it will solve my problem gaining additional traffic to my blog.

I finally had a chance to add twitter friends without opening my twitter accounts. I have five of them so you see it’s a pain in the ass opening each of them and adding friends one by one. With this software all these things are done “hand-off” so you can do other tasks while waiting for the software to do it’s thing. As days and weeks pass by I realized how ridiculous it is to add friends instantly without a feature to remove all them automatically. I have to wait for the software to remove them one by one which doesn’t work because I can still see them on my twitter account. So those friends I added that don’t reciprocate, I have to manually remove them one by one. Not only that, since the software is using up much computer resources, it is slowing down my PC so I can’t  do others things efficiently. I have to wait for it finish.

So what about other marketing software that looks fantastic and promising? I guess it’s for you to find out but what I can only say is “not all that glitter is gold”. Just ask yourself why will they teach you how to find gold or sell you a gadget that can make or find gold? if that is true then they should use it themselves to make them rich. How about you? you can post your comment below if you have any experiences that disappoints you.