You Can Now Send and Receive Philippine Peso on Your Paypal

Paypal Philippines have updated their feature and you can now send money in Philippine pesos. Unlike before that the only possible option is by using dollar currency. Yes there are other currencies available but most of the time we give our prices in dollars if the payment is by paypal even though the customer is local. So what is the advantages of having this new feature? The most obvious is we don’t have to convert to other denomination when we transact locally. No dollar to peso exchange rate headaches that sometimes we loose if the exchange rate fluctuates.

To test drive the new feature, just log in to your Paypal account and click the send money button. Then on the amount scroll to the currencies available (see below):


There you will find the Philippine peso currency.  Do you find this useful? just post your comments below if you have anything to say about this new payment option.