So You Wanted to Be a Famous Blogger?

famous bloggerBlogging has created a new kind of revenue potential for most online entrepreneurs. Although blogging has been around for many years, many website owners and online marketers are not aware of the potential of blogs until many realized the fact that blogs are priority of search engines specially Google. Unlike before, when many were unaware of it’s existence including myself who bury their heads on all sorts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics just to make their websites rank well in the search engines.

Search engines loves blogs because of the fresh pages it creates unlike static websites that were not updated for years and considered stale by search engines. So the bottom line is, in order to make a lot of $$$$ you need to have a lot of traffic or visitors. And the key to this is to be a famous blogger like Shoemaker, Darren Rowse of Problogger, John Chow and our very own Abe Olandres of Yugatech. I have discovered it from Problogger with this cartoon blog from Dave Walker. See the illustration below: ( Cheers! 🙂 )

famous blogger

Cartoon by Dave Walker