Techniques to Generate Content on Your Digital Products

As an infopreneur, what is your objective? Is it truly money? You are right! It’s essential. Become famous? It’s essential but it doesn’t truly mean you’re successful.

What is the use of becoming an entrepreneur anyway? It’s freedom. Nevertheless, you don’t want to be tied up in a 9-5 job, being unproductive in 16 hours of your time making no earnings, having someone telling you when to wake up, lunch breaks at 12pm , going home at 5pm, and your superior nagging you to work over-time.

This means your aim is to have extra free time, and earn additional income. Not to work harder to earn more money.

Employees’ objective = Work more to have more income

Entrepreneur’s objective = Work less and have more income

See the discrepancy?

Now, as an infopreneur, one of your key tasks is to constantly find information. In any case, on the web, what matters is content. But how will you use up your time? If you allocate 80% of your time generating content, it only means you only have 20% left for promoting. Your goal should be 20% for generating content and 80% for marketing. This will generate you more income.

So, one way to generate content is to employ a ghostwriter which is costly. Particularly, if you are creating digital products. A quicker way is to just gather articles which relates to your niche and reword 80% of it. No one can stop you legally, as long as you modify the major part of the article.

Why this is better than creating the article yourself! This is a high leverage technique of using other people’s information to your own benefit.

The finest method is to sign-up to membership sites that offer private label rights. These sites will supply you Private Label articles which you can utilize. You can redraft these articles too, or you can use an article rewriting software to covert the articles for it to be unique.

And last but not the least is to search for Public Domain information. Those are free to use for everyone. Bisect this Public Domain information and convert them into electronic books, articles, or even produce audio information out of them. Those are some quick ways to produce content. Work smarter not harder!