Sample Resignation Letter is a Very Popular Google Search Term

Posted by Manny on January 17th, 2009

Do you know that many people are searching for a resignation letter? the fact that you landed on this page means you are one of the thousands of people who are searching for resignation letter. Search in the Google Trend, you will find out what I’m talking about.You will be surprised because Philippines has the highest number of search for “Sample Resignation Letter”. See graph below: (Click it to enlarge)

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So without so much ado, I have a sample of  resignation letter. You can use it if you want and there are no strings attached.

To whom It May Concern,

I will tender my resignation effective (date of effectivity). Thank you for giving me an opportunity to become part of your organization and for all the experiences I’ve gained. I wish I could prolong my stay and be part of this company but I was compelled to seek a more challenging career. Nethertheless I will always remember the good things I’ve experienced here and treasure them.

Yours Sincerely,

(Your Name)

(Your signature)

I didn’t have a chance to submit my resignation because I was retrenched, What I did is I emailed our president after nine months (because it was his birthday) just to say “happy birthday” and say good tidings with no hard feelings. This is a good way to build good terms in case you were retrenched. I understand the management even if my immediate superior was cruel, the higher management concern only is for the survival of the company. So in case you were a victim and wanted to build good terms, this is a sample of my email:

Dear Mr. (Company President),

Thank you for the past ten years of being employed in your company. I should have send you an email in March 2007 when I was included in the retrenchment but since I was emotional that time I might have said something I might regret. I always believe in the saying: “Don’t make decision, when clouded with emotion, because it affects judgment”.

I was sad because how I wish I have stayed and see SPT soaring again with success before I leave but I was not fortunate to see it. So again thank you and more power to you and wish you success. Also, I wish you Happy Birthday and many more birthdays to come.

Your sincerely,

(My Name)

Okay back to the resignation letter. You know, when I was still employed, specifically on my last employment, I made a resignation letter just three years after I was hired but I never had a chance to submit it to the management and it took ten years before I was set free by that company ( I was included in the job cut way back 2007). I’m sure I kept the file in my computer but I’m not sure where. Maybe it was in the office where I work previously. Never mind I can still recall those memories and the reason why I wanted leave. And it’s because of a bully manager. There are many reasons why we leave employment. Some are bored with their job, for some, they can’t take the pressure and the most fearful of all is having a bully manager. In my experience, I can manage to get through a boring job and can find ways to handle stress but a bully manager is way out of hand. Just say goodbye to your career and you will never get nowhere.

Let me share to you a comical paragraph I found on Steve Pavlina’s article titled 10 Reason Why You Should Never Get a Job. Here is goes:

When you run into an idiot in the entrepreneurial world, you can turn around and head the other way. When you run into an idiot in the corporate world, you have to turn around and say, “Sorry, boss.”

So I hope the reason for quitting your job is for searching a better career or a greener pasture and not having a nightmarish experience of a bully manager.

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Posted by Manny

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20 Responses to “Sample Resignation Letter is a Very Popular Google Search Term”



  2. saltedsugar says:

    thank you guys for sharing your resignation letters….
    kasi ako din po ay may planong magresign sa trabaho ko, the reasons are im not happy with my job beacause of our idiot president!!!! di ko alam pano magpapaalam pero dahil dito nagkaron ako ng ideas …THANK YOU GUYS…

  3. jan says:

    hi thanks nga pala kasi nakatulong ng malaki itong site nato para maka pg submit ako ng formal and nice resignation letter. I resigned my previous job because the opportunity comes and it so so sayang if i can’t grab it. so thanks guys goodluck to my new job.

  4. jerrol leosala says:

    kay hirap isipin napakaraming nagreresign khit alam nilang ang hirap ng walang trabaho sa panahon ng kahirapan. siguro ayaw na nila sa ginagawa nila o kaya pinag-iinitan ng visor or maliit ang sahod at kulang ang benipisyo.

  5. Manuel says:

    I think your immediate superior is more appropriate but usually it is addressed as “To Whom It May Concern” which I think is the best and just copy furnish the HR and your immediate superior.

  6. julie says:

    hi. where should i address the resignation? hr manager? or operations manager? thanks ahead.

  7. mike84 says:

    dear [manager],

    I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my
    position as [position], effective [month day, year].

    Thank you for the opportunities and personal development where I was working for [no. of years/months/days] which I considered it as my treasured experience. I am ready to face the new chapters and challenges of my career. I enjoyed working for this company in which I appreciate the support provided me during my tenure with the company.

    If I can be of any help during this transition, please let me know.


    [complete name]

  8. aileen says:

    tnx sa tips….

  9. jaye-an says:

    hi there. Thnx for the sample resignation letter. It make me reflect with my present job. hehehe

  10. Manuel says:


    OO nga nakakatuwa rin kasi ang hirap mag-hanap ng trabaho at marami ring unemployed pero marami rin ang nag-reresign. Isa lang siguro ibig sabihin niyan, hindi masaya ang mga employed sector natin sa pinas kaya lagi nag-hahanap ng ibang trabaho.

  11. dreamingfairy says:

    natawa nmn ako we are no. 1 in searching resignation letters, hmmm naisip ko kung bakit,,, kasi mas madaling maghanap ng work sa pinas, pangalaw, maraming company satin n walng benefits,,, pangatlo at higit sa lahat… di hamak na mas maraming work sa pinas kesa sa south africa kaya mas maraming nag-reresign, hehe… anyway thanks sa mga letters mo. 🙂

  12. Manuel says:


    Read your company policy first. If there are no provisions regarding the resignation, then you can make a resignation effective immediately. Where I came from, there is a company policy the needs three weeks before effectivity.

    You need a reason? I think that is not important but I’m sure there is a reason why you want to leave.(e.g. idiot boss, bully manager, looking for a greener pasture, unhappy with your job, etc. etc.)

  13. christian says:

    how to make a resignation letter efffective immediately? what would be my reason in doing so? thanks

  14. j@m@l says:

    I’m looking for one with immediate effectivity. I wonder if it’ll be bad for my future in the aviation industry to leave one leg of it, a very small world to begin with to be avoiding, that I left so abruptly and to presumably pursue something else after just 3-4 mos. It’s my first real job after having worked for my mom for quite a few summer vacations and was shocked to be immersed in a world that was tolerably complex but involved a bunch of really emotional superiors. In the heat of the power tripping and the personal verbal assaults I received I quit. It was somehow a good thing to be in an agency but the experience has left me traumatized. I want to sue now. Hahaha… “sorry, boss”

  15. Manuel says:


    I don’t think you need an address for submitting a resignation letter. You don’t have to mail it, just hand it over to your superior or the HR dept.

  16. ken says:

    if you want to give a sample of a kind of letter pls. complete a detailed and specify a inside address.

  17. Manuel says:


    Thanks for sharing your resignation letter.

  18. sherwin says:

    Dear [Recipient’s name]:

    Thank you for the opportunity to work at [company name]. I have learned a lot during my time here. I truly appreciate your guidance and friendship during my time employed.

    However, the time has come for me to move on. This letter is to formally announce my resignation from [company name], starting today. My last day will be [two weeks from today].

    Please let me know what I can do to make my final time here a productive experience.


    [Your Signature]

  19. Manuel says:

    Thanks for your comment. Akala ko baduy yung resignation letter ko d2.

  20. rona says:

    so nice naman ng mga resignation letter d2 nakakatuwang basahin.

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