Kabuhayang Swak na Swak – November 18, 2007

Posted by Manny on November 20th, 2007

This Sunday, November 18, 2007, Kabuhayang Swak na Swak featured the following episodes:

1. Choco Pix – Personalized Confectioner – it’s about chocolography. Printing photos using edible ink on chocolates made into many sorts of items like picture frames, calling cards, Chocolate CD, Chocolate coins. The owner is Chistine Cox. She said that she got the idea by researching the internet and her investment reached php500,00 and because of the demand she is positive that she will get her investment back very soon. The price range of her products is from php45.00 to php2,290.00.

2. Malou and Armel Lomi Haus – the place is in San Juan, Batangas noted for their beautiful beaches , “lambanog” a wine made from coconut sap and delicious native delicacies. The one featured is the lomi haus that became successful because of it’s unique flavor.

3. Karen and Christia Boutique – a success story of a tailoring shop that was financed by DSWD with php5,000 as added capital. The one featured is Carmen Pochero who now became successful making beautiful throw pillows. They have organized a group of 30 persons names Kapitbisig 413 to avail a loan of micro finance and used her borrowed capital for her throw pillow making venture.

4. Happy Valley Multi-Purpose Cooperative – the place is in Roxas, Oriental Mindoro where a cooperative came up an idea of making charcoal briquettes made from trashed items like dried twigs, coconut husks, corn husks, dried bamboo and dried leaves which are processed and molded into briquettes. One of the member said that this technology was introduced to them by the ARTB in Los Banos.

5. Cosmo Bar – the segment have a dessert recipe shown and how to make it. Its called Mango Panacota. The executice Chef, Jummi Delfin showed the viewers the method of preparing it.

6. Iza Calzado – mentioned a very short topic about her restaurant business in Boracay.

7. Psalmstre Enterprises Inc. – featured beauty products and one of their best sellers is the placenta soap and cream. Melanie Marques is their product endorser. They have 88 branches already and you can be a distributor if you want to have a sideline business. If you are interested the contact number is 09198076402 / 7192500.

8. Question of the day – I guess this is the one you are waiting for you to win the kabuhayan packages. So here is the question:

Anong ahensya ng gobyerno ang nagbigay ng P5,000 na puhunan kay Aling Carmen? Tip: See item #3 above

Instruction: Write the answer on a piece of paper and the date and followed by your Name, Address, Contact number and Signature and include a recent picture. You can photocopy or zerox the entries and send to:

Heart of the City Condominuim
Sgt. Esguerra Street, Quezon City

You can also put your entries in the drop box in front of Bayan Production. Entries will be accepted until Dec.18, 2007. Winners will be annonced on Dec 22 and 23, 2007. ( Balato naman pag nanalo kayo! 🙂 )

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Posted by Manny

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21 Responses to “Kabuhayang Swak na Swak – November 18, 2007”

  1. merrrose says:

    hi! n nood po aq ng last sunday kso naglu2to aq hbang n no2od. ky d q masyado n kuha un email add nun gumagaw ng beads. pwede q po bang m hangi un email add nl o ky nman eh contact no n lng. thanks and more power!

  2. Sheila says:

    Hi to all,
    I’m Sheila tfc frm Singapore. Ask ko LNG po Kung merong website po yung naifeature nyong photo booth for parties di k po kasi nailista yung name Nila. Mukhang magandang business line. Salamat po.

  3. Manuel says:

    @ merryrose
    Sorry maybe I missed that episode. Try searching Google or youtube maybe somebody have uploaded that episode.

  4. merryrose says:

    can i ask the exact address of Chocolat Lovers? un bilihan ng mga chocolate bar

  5. Manuel says:

    Sorry maybe they changed the number because this episode was featured on 2007 and seems like a long time.

  6. edna says:

    My friend in the US would like to have some placenta cream by Melanie Marquez. I tried calling the number that you posted but it does not exist. Please advise where to get in touch with them or any store where I can get it. thanks

  7. Mailene Anonuevo-smith says:

    Can I ask for the email address of Cynthia Padernal? She commented on this website. She is my friend and we lost contact.

  8. emily watanabe says:

    09165912605e2 po ang number q, at add blk18lot13 baytown village bacoor cavite.

  9. emily watanabe says:

    lagi po q nanonood ng kabuhayang swak n swak,nais q po sanang magtayo ng isang tapsilugan.. magt2nong lang po sana q kung saan po bang pwedeng makaangkat ng mga produktong tapa,longganisa at mga teriyaki beef or pork s it2yo kong maliit n negosyo?? umaasa po matulungan nyo po q salamat po..

  10. rowena romanban says:

    gud day po!nanood po ako knina ng kabuhayang swak na swak inerested po ako sa episode nilang party balloons gusto ko po kc mag start ng small bisnes at home lng muna. d ko po nakuha ung name ng supplier, contact # at address nila.sna po maibigay nyo sa akin ang contact # nila tnx po & God bless!!!

  11. Manuel says:

    @dhex fuentes

    I’ll try to search for it but since you already made an inquiry about it, I think many suppliers will have a chance to read your inquiry through this blog. They will post their contact info here.

  12. dhex fuentes says:

    i wonder if u could help me find manufacturers of wood and bamboo crafts in ilocos regions, know their websites or contact infos, i am a middleman and i really need more designs and products for my customers here and abroad…

  13. Manuel says:

    @shiela m

    Pasensya na po kasi hindi ko na masubaybayan yung programa nila. Meron naman silang website, yung Bayan Prod. Visit na lang po kayo dun. Thanks for your comment.

  14. shiela m says:

    gusto k sana malaman kung panu umpisa ng magmedical transcriptionist sa bahay lang.i think it was featured sa kabuhayang swak n swak kaya lang di ko nakuha contact number.magpapaturo sana ako kung panu umpisa sa bahay lang.tnx

  15. cynthia b. padernal says:

    I really appreciate your program Kabuhayang Swak na Swak it is so imformative and inspiring. Every morning before i go to work i always watching the show.

    I want to request the contact number of the wife of the navy officer who teaches how to make accessories to the wives of the soldiers which was featured last Sunday, Jan 20. I am sorry because i missed her number when it was flashed on the tv screen.

    Thanks and More Power to your show!

  16. Manuel says:

    Hi emelie,

    I think the recipe is their trade secret but the show mentioned some ingredients like mike, kikiam, onion, tubig ng kaldo,egg, cassava, toyo,giniling and atay. Maybe you can be more creative by adding other ingredients.

  17. emelie agustin says:

    hello, it is really interesting to watch swak na swak, ang galing, please I just want to get the recipe of lomi haus. thanks a lot…

  18. jelim says:

    hi i want to know how did they make the designs of the pillow cause its so unique i want to make like or how did they sew it can you give me some patterns? or you can show it here or send it to my e-mail. i’ll appreciate it. thanks

  19. ivy says:

    Hi Manuel, just want to get the recipe & procedure of Mango Panacota featured last Nov. 18, 2007 & can you help me how am i able to get in touch to psalmstre enterprise inc. becoz when i txt the cp# i got no reply.

  20. Manuel says:

    Hi Cesar,

    Sorry I lost the contact info of power weld but you can contact Swak na swak in this email: bayanprod@hotmail.com

  21. Cesar B. Cecillano says:

    Hi Manuel, Just want to get the contact name and number of one of the featured episoded in Kabyhayang Swak na Swak last November 17, 2007 referring to a portable welding machine called PowerWeld.



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