Adequate Performance Leadership Style

adequate performanceThe basic assumption of adequate performance leadership is that a manager should push just enough to get average results, but not so much as to upset people. Such a manager will yield to employees just enough to avoid any problems of low morale or of hostility. The adequate performance manager is the one who will say, “All we want is a fair day’s work, and you’ll receive a fair day’s pay. Just stay out of trouble. I know that the work isn’t as interesting as the work in Department B, but just do what you can to keep busy. Do what the average employee around you does, no more”. Though the words may not be the same, that’s the manager’s tone. The manager who practices this leadership style lives in a world of never-ending compromise. This manager procrastinates more than directs.

The adequate performance manager could be characterized as one who sacrifices other people to avoid taking responsibility or blame for any problem situations. Because you can’t be sure which way such managers will react in any situation, they’re probably the most dangerous kind.


Source: Industrial Management Course

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