Highest Dedication Leadership Style

highest dedicationTo accurately describe the highest dedication style of leadership, such words as responsibility, involvement, and commitment must be used. This style of leadership is characterized by a high degree interest in both work and people.

This leadership style recognizes that effective organizational goals can be achieved only through the participation and involvement of people at all levels The organizational goals must be understood by everyone, since it’s only through mutual respect and understanding that these goals can be achieved. This manager realizes that mutual confidence and respect are essential to successful work performance-that people and work must be interconnects and balanced. This grid (shown below), is used to identify various combination of leadership styles. The different styles of leadership, when located on the grid, can be visually appreciated in terms of how each style relates to the others with regard to people and tasks.

managerial grid

Which Style?
The question at this point is. Which style of leadership is the right one? Given the management grid, it’s graphically evident that the authoritarian, democratic, minimum effort, and adequate performance styles all leave something to be desired. Moreover, the shortcomings of these styles reinforce the strength of the highest dedication style. What does this mean? Simply put. All managers should strive to make the highest dedication style their own. It isn’t enough for one manager or a few managers in an organization to be highly dedicated when overall management is based on another style; the entire organization must adopt the highly dedicated style.
An organization can only reflect the style that the greater number of its managers use.

Source: Industrial Management Course