Improve Profitability and Increasing Productivity By Creating A More Positive Workplace

A study made by HR consultants firm Hewitt Associates revealed Asia-based companies filled with motivated and satisfied employees are 78% more productive and 40% more profitable than those companies with many disgruntled employees. Such companies are productive because the managers invest time and effort to create a more positive atmosphere in the workplace. This way, the employees and the employer support each other to achieve a common goal.

You can create such a positive workplace without having to incur additional cost for your business. Here’s how:

1. Keep Your Employees In The Loop
”Keep your people informed of your plans for the future so they all work towards one goal,”says Chit Juan, president and CEO of Figaro Coffee Co. Employees feel a sense of fulfillment when they know that they’re helping you to achieve the company’s mission. This also moves them to think of new ideas and even volunteer to work in new projects.
Florante Cruz, CEO of Vidres.Net, an online search engine that allows job seekers to send out video resumes, adds that by informing his employees about the company’s direction. his employees feel secure that they’re working in a company that can help them achieve whatever their career goals are, They are also able to assess whether their skills and knowledge will indeed be of use to the company.

2. Take Time To Assess The Strengths Of Your Employees
When you’re assigning a project to an employee, you must first determine if the employee is capable and interested in the said project. When an employee works on something he likes, he will work very hard to finish that project to the best of his abilities. “where I conduct job interviews, I always ask the potential employee what he really likes to do. This gives me an idea on how his skills and interests can help my company achieve its goal, says Rosanna Llenado, managing director of AHEAD Professional Network (AHEADPro), a company that provides corporate training workshops.

Llenado says most of her lecturers continue to work for AHEADpro even if they get higher offers from other companies. AHEADPro’S lecturers are experts in their chosen fields and thus enjoy sharing their knowledge and interests to the workshop participants.

3. Let Your Staff Know That Their Health Is Important To You
As much as possible, discourage your staff from staying overnight in the office just to finish a task. This is unhealthy for the staff and will be counter productive in the long run. You can also send emails giving tips on how your staff can take care of their health. If you think that your budget can accommodate it, you can also hire a trainer to conduct stress management workshop. This will help the staff cope with the daily problems that come with the job.

4. Give More Attention To The Office Interiors
The physical working environment helps in motivating employees to do their job well. Iris Buenafe, owner of events management company Brainbox, decided to paint the office in bright yellow and orange, believing these cheery colors will help in fostering creativity in the office. Aside from the usual office fixtures, Brainbox’s office is filled with beanbags and funky posters, a way to foster a more laidback vibe. She also allows her employees to decorate their desks with their favorite knick knacks, believing that this is a means for them to express themselves.
“when I set up this business, I made sure that our office is a fun place to work in,” Buenafe says.

5. Maintain An Open Door Policy
According to the Hewitt study, productive workplaces have leaders who build personal relationships with the staff. ”As a result, employees feel informed, valued and respected, and come to share their leaders’ passion and commitment to success,” the report said. So take time to chat with your employees. Encourage them to tell you what their concerns are so that you or any of the middle managers can address them immediately. For example, instead of pressuring your staff to meet a project deadline, ask them what they need to finish the project quickly. This will not only help ease a heavy workload but will also promote camaraderie among the employees.

Source: Masigasig Magazine

Seems like the topic is just common sense because the fact that being good to others is always beneficial. There are many styles of management and some have disadvantages and advantages. Having authoritarian management style is a “no-no” to most of us specially if you are in the subordinate side but we have to accept the fact that this kind of management exist in the earlier days like for example during World War 2 and after. Today although we are modern and educated, there were employers and managers that treat employees harshly so maybe this kind topic will contnue to exist until the end of days because bad management trait is really human nature.