Getting Personal Loans with Poor Credit: Why Rejection Is Not the End

Are you in dire need of money? Being in such a hopeless situation is not what we all fancy. For whatever reasons you may have, financial problems are always there lurking and bothering you. It is so common nowadays to have such problems hanging around; troubles are always good in making your head twinge from too much worrying. However, despite all the financial troubles being bombarded towards us, we still remained positive.

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Getting a loan is one of the reasons why we Filipinos stayed optimistic. On the other hand, even if loans in the Philippines are there to help us, can we still get one even if we are already drowned with debts? Having a bad credit is the last thing that we would all want to have if we are faced with so much crisis, but can we still get one even if we had been rejected? Being rejected is still not the end of everything. As of now, the only thing that you can do is try to rebuild and make your bad credit into a good one. You can do this by slowly paying off your bills right away, and you can also check out ways on how to increase it promptly. It may take time to increase and gain all those good points, but if you are keen in gathering those scores, you will soon have a good credit status.

Despite a bad credit standing, there is still hope for you. While you are slowly rebuilding your standing, instances may come in which you badly need to get a loan. Here are other ways on how you can get a loan in spite of the rejections you had experienced, although it is very limited, you can still make use of these:

  • Seek out help from credit unions
    Credit unions are probably one of the best ways to get a loan despite a bad credit. Credit unions are not too keen in the standing of their members. If you are not a member yet, try joining one near your location. You will be surprised at how wonderfully abundant they are in giving out help and opportunities.
  • Rummage online
    This way is highly tough if you don’t have the right connections. Although a chance of getting a loan with a bad credit from a lender online is pretty low, it is not impossible. Have time to search some lenders who offer such although you need to be really careful with making the transaction. Just be wise in deciding things especially if it is conducted online.
  • Use your assets to your advantage
    If you need a certain amount of money, and you are sure that your assets will do as collateral, then go and get a loan; but if you are not confident enough, then prepare yourself to say goodbye to those lovely assets of yours. This is not to scare you, but this is to make you aware of the possible risk at hand when you use your assets for a loan.
  • Try it the “P2P way”
    By this, it means try to get a loan by peer-to-peer kind of way. In this process, you will be able to get loans without being subjected to any bank rules and such through an online lending website. Just make sure that you won’t break their trust and pay in the decided timeframe, or it won’t do any good.
  • Meet a lender personally
    If you are not comfortable enough in getting a loan online, try to think of the people who can possibly help you. Start by asking your friends if they know someone who is actually a lender. If this is the case, chances of getting a loan despite a bad record will be apparent; this is because lenders might be sympathetic towards you if you will meet up personally. Just don’t forget to pay on the decided date to forge in trust between the two of you.

You see, having a bad credit is not actually that horrible. Just as long as you find a way to make your record clean again, then everything will turn out to be fine. There is still hope for you; use these tips and get a loan now!

kash martinezAuthor’s bio: Kash Martinez, understands the intrinsic attributes of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business especially when it comes online financing. She can conceptualize and implement marketing plans, explores profitable B2B opportunities and then absorb Loan Solutions PH services.