10 successful filipino entrepreneur For 2004

Posted by Manny on February 17th, 2007

The following are the list of top 10 small and medium scale business owners in 2004:

1. Ricky Cuna – owner of MILKIN CORPORATION and Fiogelatto Café ( Open for franchising )

2. TITA Puanco –owner of ANCILLA Enterprise Development Corporation

3. Patrick Pasenco – owner of PHILIPPINE VENDING CORPORATION

4. Ray Gapuz – owner of GAPUZ REVIEW CENTER

5. Rommel Bautista – owner of FINO LEATHERWARE

6. Sheree Gotauco – owner of ELITE GARMENTS

7. Eric Teng – owner of THE P99 STORE

8. Jimmy Thai – owner of THE TRAVEL CLUB

9. Deena Pages – owner of NATURE WORKS

10. Filemon Barbasa – owner of FILBAR’S

Source: The Entrepreneur Magazine 2004 – get your back issue copy at any FILBAR’S store. Also it has stories of their success, contact numbers and website address of each of them.

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Posted by Manny

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55 Responses to “10 successful filipino entrepreneur For 2004”

  1. angie lou says:

    mmmmmm thnx for this kind of an precious information

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  3. verma says:

    as a student
    how can make my business succses
    when i finish my high school ,level

  4. verma says:

    love koh talaga mag researh♥♥♥♥

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  7. Jhay28 says:

    Thanks 4 d Info..”

  8. shyr mae says:

    hai po….ngresearch aq ngaun bout sa filipino entreprenuers
    nahihirapan aq bout za life history nila
    somebody help me

  9. shyr mae says:

    help me guyz
    sakit na ulo q sa kakaresearch

  10. broken_hearted says:

    kakabelieve kau ang gagaling nyo.sana maging tulad nyo ako…heheheh….congrats!!! :-))

  11. I hOpe sOmedAy…………….. nAh msama din Ang name q s listAhn ng mgA successful nAh entreprEnuEr…..
    cOngratz………. s mga entrEprEnuErs gling nio tlgA….

  12. kjunetez... says:

    entrepreneurs are really inspiring, i want to be like them! thank you for inspiring me to do better on my coarse…

  13. kjunetez... says:

    please help me…i want to know more about ROMMEL BAUSTISTA a filipino owner of fino leatherware,..ASAP

  14. jerald says:

    there’s no easy way in finding things .Through research u’ll find a lot!!

    a perfect idea start in having a research!!!!

  15. mhEann says:

    ..hAy..xrap tLagAh mGsEarch..
    dMe nLa2man…

  16. vicky says:

    > isa lang massvhe coh kayang kaya qoe rin yan<

  17. jenn says:

    thanks for d info…..

  18. chrizz says:

    ..hAi bongang bongang..
    ang imfo nio..

  19. janelle says:

    tnx…noe i can b a successful bussinesswoman?

  20. janelle says:


  21. mr_romantico says:

    hehehehe.. kakatuwa naman.. alm nio ba secreto nila kung baket cla naging succesfull????

  22. joseph says:

    ndi nmn po snasabi kng bkit at kung saan cla nging sikat ehh
    more info pls

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  24. dary says:

    malaki naba kita ninyo

  25. mariafe paladan says:

    galing ng mga ENTREPRENEURS , naging masipag sila siguro next time , name ko na nakalagay sa mga listahan ng successful business ENTREPRENEURS

  26. christian says:

    sana pwede po makakuha o makahingi ng mga talambuhay ng mga featured entrepreneur para pwedeng magamit na references sa mga course or subjects na katulad ko na isang BS-ENTREP. students. tanx poh

  27. frisca dantes aduna says:

    ang galing talaga ng mga filipino…..the best…..alwayz do your best…..proud to be pinoy…..

  28. rhoniel says:

    hello…all of you so amazing …i hope ill be the next to the list…

  29. cutie pie says:

    hrap mghanap ng biography ng fil. entrepreneurs
    help aman…. plz

  30. nicker'z says:

    haizttttt….hirap naman nang project namin sa entrep:’c

  31. Saivor X says:

    galing nyo . . . . …..

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  33. ysa says:

    gustuh puh sana namin nung mga stories ng mga entrepreneur para mas madali…..

  34. chel says:

    haay grabe, hirap naman magresearch………help me guyz………

  35. muriel says:

    super hirap magsearch guys…….a little bit of help…..

  36. muriel says:

    well aniway, nakaka encourage yong story nila….i hope maging katulad ako sa kanila someday!!!!!!!haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!share lang pouh

  37. marion joyce icamen says:

    nice one!!

  38. centeno says:

    w3w sarap mag search anti stress

  39. this help me allot for my research work

  40. liezel says:

    they are so inspiring

    love it

  41. liezel says:

    ang galing tlaga

  42. ivy says:

    i cant imagine how good they are..

  43. annie says:

    puede poh bang malaman kung saan makikita ang life history ng mga successful entrepreneurs?nahihirapan na kac akong hanapin…plzzz poh:]

  44. Manuel says:

    Bili ka ng Entrepreneur Magazines kahit yung back issues meron din.

  45. eloisa sorilla says:

    ahmm..kailangan ko p ung mga stories ng mga entreprenuers

  46. marj borja says:

    nahihirapan akong mahanap ang mga stories ng successful entrepreneurs… care to tell me where to find it?

  47. marj says:

    kasakit sa ulo na!!! san ba sila mkikita?

  48. chamie says:

    sana sinulat din yung mga accomplishments nila..

  49. Manuel says:

    Thanks for reminding me. I’ll see if I can find their accomplishments and post it.

  50. eric manuel says:

    ang glng aman poh,,,, i am a business student,, i love 2 read about ds ….

  51. angeline says:

    …wow!! galing naman ..

  52. mercy says:

    nice……i love entrepreneural…

  53. nikki says:

    nindota diay..
    kung naa jud kay hardwork, then mu suceed jud ka..!!
    thanks for this info..
    it helps me a lot when in terms of our subject T.L.E..
    about entreprenuer..

  54. claire says:

    buti na lang merong website na ito kung hindi wala akong ass. sa T.L.E.

  55. CRIZZZZZZZZZZ//////////// says:

    tanks for giving this info. cause w/o this we cant made our project in entrep.

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