How to Prevent Fighting Over Money in the Family

Are you constantly fighting about the money in your family? Here is an effective way to deal with the family budget.

Is it normal to fight over money?

It’s not normal but it happens a lot. Sometimes it’s not very clear who should pay for what and where the finances go. According to statistics available on Rapid Essays, couples most often fight because of money – either because there is not enough money or on what to spend the savings for. One wants a vacation and the other one wants a new car. One wants to save and the other wants to spend.

Often everything ends with divorce: more than a quarter of couples are ready to destroy the family if there is not enough money to live.

What to do?

First of all, you need to sit down and talk. It is stupid to destroy a family union because of money, especially since it is not so difficult to agree. The main thing is to start a conversation and create the rules that will suit you both.

For example, share general expenses and spend the rest of the salary at your own discretion. This is the most non-conflict model of the family budget. Everyone will be able to pay for the purchase with their own pocket money and no one will have any questions.

But there is a nuance. Most likely, one of the spouses in the family gets more money than the other one. Therefore, you should allocate the expenditures in such a way that no one feels aggrieved: let everyone give money for mutual expenses based on their income.

How to manage a family budget?

Calculate joint spending and put money to the family bank account.
Each family has compulsory expenses such as food, apartment costs, loans, transportation, internet, etc. Big purchases, holidays, and savings are not included here. Count these expenses and decide who pays what. This will be your family budget, from which all compulsory expenses are paid.

You should begin planning the family budget with the analysis of incomes and expenditures of previous periods. Approximately for the last 3–4 months. This is necessary in order to get a complete picture of the current financial situation of the family. Therefore, for 3–4 months carefully write down all your income and expenses and then analyze these figures. It’s better to plan your family budget once a month.

First you need to plan income from all sources of the family budget. This includes – salary, social assistance, money from additional earnings, payments on deposits, and other income.Then plan the expenses. The latter should immediately be divided into four categories: family expenses, child expenses, husband’s personal expenses, and wife’s personal expenses. Then separately plan each of the categories, optimizing the cost by importance and urgency.

Why cannot everyone pay separately?

A family bank account allows you to save money. It’s also simpler, more transparent, and convenient.
Thanks to the family budget, you know how much money you need and where it goes. This allows you to plan expenses and manage money intelligently, without making sudden purchases.

In addition, paying for something separately from personal cards is inconvenient. Someone may forget to pay a credit card or spend extra, and then shift their responsibilities to a spouse.

The family bank account allows avoiding such situations – each puts money a certain amount in the joint budget, and from there you pay all the mandatory costs.

What about big purchases or holidays?

You need to negotiate here as well. For example, discuss major purchases and plans on a family council. Let’s say you agreed that in six months you want to go on a trip to Europe. Then calculate the budget of the trip and start saving money.

Careful planning will help you avoid spontaneous spending and will provide an understanding of how much money you have, how much you need to put aside, and how much you can spend on your own needs.

Author Bio: This article is contributed by Diana Ross who works in Writing Company.