The Magic Of The 2nd Mile

MagicI wanted to share with you this newsletter from Mike Litman. The title was “The Magic of The 2nd Mile”. Sounds unique. Anyway just read on below to learn something about being different from anybody else or just simply say be “unique”.

Dear Lito,

Separate yourself.

Differentiate yourself.

Be unique in the marketplace.

“Mike, how?”

Before I share with you the answer realize that
the FIRST MILE is expected.

FIRST MILE: what most people in your marketplace offer.

The first mile is doing what is expected, that’s it.

How boring.

“Mike, does that mean I have to be 50% different?”

Great question.

The answer is Nope, Nope, and Nope.

To really separate yourself in your market and allow
your income and contribution to grow faster you just
need to be 1% DIFFERENT.

“Mike, just 1%?”


That 1% MORE effort allows you to leave the first mile
and enter the mile where the MAGIC happens.

All the magic happens in the 2nd MILE.

You enter the 2nd mile when you OVER DELIVER.

When you GIVE more than is expected.

You share more information than is expected, your products
have more value than the money exchanged.

You develop great relationships, even fans/evangelists
in the marketplace.

You want to become an UNCOMMON ENTREPRENEUR.

UNCOMMON ENTREPRENEUR: a 21st century entrepreneur who is
committed to reaching the 2nd mile in all their commercial

Ask yourself:

If I was going do 1% more for my prospects/clients today,
what could I do and how soon can I start it?

When you ENTER the 2nd mile, you also get to grow your
business faster with less effort.

Litman Greatness Key # 21

When you over deliver for your target market, they
deliver back to you what you desire.

Be an Uncommon Entrepreneur.

More contribution, more income, more lifestyle.

Serving You Massively,