Will Power is Better Asset Than Money

I think many of us have seen successful people who have reached the top but from their humble beginnings they have encountered many obstacles. But because of their will power, they have overcome those obstacles. What I wanted to talk about on this topic is the parody of  Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce spoofed by the two guys (or gays?…whatever) from Davao and called themselves Lady Gagita and Haronce. I first seen it on Facebook sent to me by my wife. Although the background and the props doesn’t look appealing, it’s because the original MTV version of Telephone are all American, which is, a western version. Unlike the two guys that looks very third world so to speak. But despite of those odds, I was entertained and amazed how well they did the MTV parody. There are many instances on that video that gives me the laughs. One of those is the man who was eating kamias, instead of bacon and eggs when Haronce ( spoofing Beyonce ) poisoned the guy.

And the funny props like C2 bottles used as curlers and electric fan guard used as a steering wheel. LOL! When it was featured in Jessica Soho last Saturday, I was impressed again how they did it. They are just using a video camera and collecting props which some might considered trash. Also, they don’t have a computer and internet connection so one of the guys just rent a computer on an internet cafe to edit and upload their master piece on youtube. Despite the odds, they are now becoming popular and featured in GMA 7  on Jessica Soho. That is the kind of will power that I want to develop and also wish that every Filipino entrepreneur should develop.

“The man with grit and will, may be poor today and wealthy in a few years; will power is a better asset than money; Will will carry you over chasms of failure, if you but give it the chance.”  By THERON Q. DUMONT

Wanna watch Jessica Soho featuring Lady Gagita and Haronce? watch the video after this jump…..