Buying a New or Second Hand Laptop This Christmas?

netbooksIf you are thinking of buying a laptop, I would presume that you will go for the price and not much on considering if it is high end. Unless you are rich or a millionaire you would go for the best like those laptops that cost hundreds of thousands of pesos. Before the small laptops (or netbooks) emerge from the market, the only choice we have was either having a cheap but slow laptop computer or a fast state-of-the-art but costly laptop computers. But now the choice we have is to decide whether if we will buy a netbook, a slow cpu laptop or a high end laptop.

Netbooks are cheaper but will it satisfy us? I’m also planning of having a netbook but when I read some articles regarding the disadvantages of it, I soon realized that I don’t need it. I always thinking of buying a laptop because it is less bulky than a desktop but because of the price, it is not possible for me to buy at least a dual core because if I’ll buy the older one like the celeron or pentium 4, it’s like just buying a second hand laptop. Although I want to settle buying a second hand, I’m very skeptical about the true condition when I buy from eBay or from a store. The previous owner could have dropped it or mishandled it. Also, the price of a second hand laptop is not cheap.

So the only solution is to buy a low end and cheap but brand new laptop. Now, with many netbooks in the market, we thought that this might be the solution. They are in fact cheaper but will it replace the conventional laptop or a desktop? The first thing to consider is the size of the screen. Will you be satisfied with a 8-inch screen? how about the keyboard? do you think that those small keyboard, you can type effectively? never mind the solid state hard drive that only have a 8 gigs capacity because you can choose a 120 gigs hard drive. But choosing a bigger capacity hard drive will cost more and eventually the cost is a little less than buying a 15-inch conventional laptop. Now we have a vicious cycle.

Besides, the Intel Atom, which most netbooks use have little horsepower to run application programs and will crawl if you open them simultaneously. And having a small screen is a pain on scrolling webpages. You have to scroll up and down many times just to read the whole page. So, with these observations, I think we can’t expect much on netbooks but only for portability.