Hate Technology or It Will Hate You

computer-attacking-manTechnology will be with us until the end of this world and no one can deny it’s existance even if you live under a rock for decades. Since the arrival of the internet age, I guess technology is now fast paced unlike before when it still doesn’t exist. Maybe this is what the bible says about “People will go here and there to increase knowledge”. Yes the medium of transportation helped a lot on the exchange of information (e.g. jet planes and bullet trains) that allow people to travel on distant places in a short period of time. But compared with the internet, the collaboration between people on all parts of the globe makes it possible to do things not possible without this technology. The realtime lightning speed of the internet with the latest hightech software makes those things possible.

Another effect of this technology is the changes in distribution of wealth. I guess everyone knows about the term middle class, the rich and the poor that makes up a society with regards to wealth. The rich class are those billionaires and millionares, most of them employers and owners of corporations. The other one is the poor class and those are the ordinary workers, the jobless, low earning self-employed individuals and even the ordinary staff of a company that don’t belong to the management. And the middle-class are those that earns above the poor class and below the rich class. They are the supervisors and managers of  a company and possibly self-employed or small business owners that earns above the poor class. One of the effects is that technology and the web can create billionaires in a short period of time regardsless of age like the founder of facebook and Google.

Technology and the web will also need less supervisors and managers just like the industrial revolution where workers are displaced with machines (the same with the information age where less workers are needed to do the same amount of task). With advance technology one can supervise and manage with a greater spectrum. So where will those middle class go? if they can’t keep up with technology then the only way is to go down. Even the rich business owner that can’t embrace technology will soon find himself going down the middle class because the competition will become more fierce with the use technology and the web.

So I guess we should harness technology instead of avoiding it just because we thought it’s complicated.