5 Ways a Tablet Based POS Benefits Your Customers

It is well known that iPad based POS systems provide cost effective and highly functional solutions for businesses. These POS solution also offer benefits to your customers. Five of these benefits are explored below.

Benefit #1 – Cloud Technology

You walk into a store that doesn’t use a modern or even almost modern POS. Maybe there is no POS system at all. Maybe they use only an accounting program and provide you with a handwritten receipt. If you were buying a big-ticket item, like a mattress or a new air conditioning unit, would you feel apprehensive? If it’s a busy day, what if they forget to actually charge your card that day? Your billing address, shipping address, and credit card number are left in a drawer. That means that your banking information continues to lie around the office.

Identity theft is on the rise. According to this article, cloud technology used by iPad POS systems stores your customer’s personal information and banking information. The names of your customers, credit card numbers, and addresses aren’t left in the store. Cloud technology helps protect your customers from identity theft.

POS iPad

Point of sale using iPad

Benefit #2 – Integrate Their Information

Nothing makes a customer feel better than when their favorite place to shop knows them. A POS solution gives the option to shop owners to integrate their customer’s information directly to the order. This customization is great not just for the business, but also for their customer. The receipt has the item, the price, and the customer’s information. It will make returns or exchanges easier if they are needed.

The ability to integrate the buyer’s information to the purchase is more than just impressive to the customer. It also makes returns easier. iPad POS solutions along with the iPad stands, like the one offered by Shopify, have amazing search features and make handling inventory and tending to customers much easier. When the customer’s information is attached to the order or purchase, it makes returns or exchanges easy to find in the system. It’s also great if your customer lost their receipt. You can take key pieces of information such as a name or date of purchase and use the search feature to locate the purchase.

Benefit #3 – Custom Payment Methods

According to Forbes, iPad POS systems provide the ability for business owners to customize their own payment methods. Customers are able to pay in the way that best fits their busy life. These systems can be customized to accept cash, money order, checks, credit or debit cards, or use a wide variety of third party payment processors such as PayPal and ePay.

One way a business owner involved in ecommerce could make this even more valuable to their customers is by performing a little research into the most common online payment methods for the customer’s region. If you sell books to a location outside of the United States, for instance, then you would want to find out what the most commonly accepted form of online payment is in the places your customers live.

The capability to accept partial payments is also a benefit to customers. A customer could use two or more payment methods to pay for their purchase. This is perfect for customers who participate in Christmas clubs or keep spending money in PayPal.

Benefit #4 – Email Capability

How many times have you purchased something and told the cashier that you don’t need the receipt? Most of the time that doesn’t cause a problem for people because there are a lot of little things in life that we don’t need or even want a receipt. How many times have you lost a receipt? That can become a total nightmare particularly if you have an item that needs a repair under warranty.

iPad POS systems can help solve the problem of paper waste and lost receipts. You can use the system to send customized receipts via email to your customers. This reduces paper waste and reduces the risk of your customer misplacing the receipt.

Benefit #5 – Beautiful Appearance

Customers feel secure when they see modern POS systems. You only get one chance to make a first impression. This is even truer if you own a retail establishment. With an iPad as the backbone, the system provides a beautiful and impressive experience for your customers. There are companies that offer colorful iPad stands. You can customize your mobile POS to the theme of your retail store. Even the smallest store looks sleek and impressive when using an iPad.

Final Notes

Those are just five of the benefits that your customers will experience when you switch to an iPad to replace your current POS. Over time you will find that the many features of an iPad based system will be an asset to your company because it provides so many perks to both you and your patrons.Customers shop in stores that make the experience easy and pleasant.

iPad based POS is a customizable and affordable way to offer the ultimate shopping experience both online and offline to your customers. This cutting edge POS system is convenient and simple to use.