Retail or Wholesale Rice Selling

Posted by Manny on July 21st, 2007

selling ricePlanning to start a business by selling rice? You too can start a rice dealership by registering with the Department of Trade and Industry(DTI) for a single proprietorship, the Securities and Exchange Commissions(SEC) for a partnership or a corporation, or to the Cooperative Union of the Philippines if you are a member of a cooperative. You must also secure a license from the National Food Authority(NFA), the government agency that makes sure you have calibrated weighing scales, a storage area, rice boxes, and price tags indicating the variety of rice you’re selling. You also have to produce a green signboard bearing the name of your business and the NFA control number that’s at least 450 mm in width, 750 mm in length, and containing the NFA seal and your license is renewed annually.

You need a minimum investment of php30,000 to start retailing or wholesaling rice. And since this is a staple diet of us Filipinos, buyers are already there. If you are eager to start then here are some rice dealership business tips:

  • Build a good storage Bukbok or bol weevil is a natural enemy of rice because it is 90 percent starch. They make rice powdery so make sure you manage your warehouse properly.
  • First in first out policy – you should keep track of your inventory. The quality of rice will deteriorate if the storage exceeds three months.
  • Choose a good location – Study the area where you intend to set up your business. Know its consumers, their buying habits and your possible competitors. This will help you decide which varieties of rice to carry.
  • Deliver quality – Earn your customers trust by offering quality rice at all times.
  • Carry several varieties – to attract customers, they should see many choices but usually low cost rice is the top seller in the wet market.
  • Be prepared to loose – On some days you don’t make any sales, but hang on and persevere. There’s always tomorrow.
  • Invest in marketing – Call companies and sometimes get them through referrals. Marketing is important to your business. There are some long-term accounts when they were gone for some reason, so make sure you tap other clients to replace them.
  • Get insurance – You need cargo insurance when transporting your goods. Because sometimes there may be hijack and theft from people who climb trucks.
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Posted by Manny

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411 Responses to “Retail or Wholesale Rice Selling”

  1. Noel Patricio says:

    Hi. I’m planning to start a business by selling rice. Good rice dealership business tip, but I don’t have any idea where to get stocks of rice. Can you help me?

  2. Manuel says:

    @Noel Patricio
    Thanks for your comment. I’ll try to find the contact info of rice dealers.

  3. Noel Patricio says:

    Thank you so much..

  4. Manuel says:

    @Noel Patricio
    You can buy rice in NFA (National Food Authority) Central District Office Licensing Section
    Contact # (02) 561-8936


    House of Grains Trading
    Contact# (02) 681-2192
    Mobile: 09189045261

  5. joemel says:

    hi. i want to start a rice retailing business, can you give me some advice.

  6. Manuel says:

    The tips are already written in the blog post above. If you want my advise, all I can say is you have to like what you are doing and passionate about it. Business have it’s ups and downs and the only thing that keeps you going is your passion.

  7. karen says:

    Is the margin of profit for a rice retailing business smallest in comparison to selling other basic food commodities? I’m sure the allowed markup is regulated, so it’s the volume of sales that would count with this business. Am I correct, sir? I’m thinking of selling rice in our area where people traffic is good— I hope you could give me a website resource for more tips. Thank you and God bless.

  8. Toni says:

    Is it advisable to buy a truck or rent first as a start up when buying rice from the provinces then sell it here in the metro?

  9. jemuel ty says:

    im planning to start a busseness by selling rice but the problem is i dont have truck or transportation service to buy in provinces, it is better to buy rice in province or at the NFA?

  10. maida says:

    hi! may i know the costs involved and SAMPLE computations for rice business? thanks

  11. msh says:

    hi, how long i can get the (roi) return of investment and how much is the profit???

  12. thirupathi Reddy says:

    I am Planing to start the Ricebusiness can u tell me all the Process.

  13. mike says:

    hey Manuel can u help me to start small business
    and how much….. i have only 30thau its that ok to start small business and how to sell coz i dont have any idea to that business hope u can help thanks

  14. roman says:

    hi i want to start my rice retailer store, i have no idea where to start and where can i buy my rice? can you give some idea or detail about starting this business!!! thank you very much……..

  15. lenz says:

    can you give me idea how is the process of rice retailing business and how to start it..i don’t know where to start…is it ok to have feasibility study first before i enter into this kind of business? can you give me idea about rice retailing business? thanks..

  16. ray says:

    gud day..kuya Manuel can i have a favor to u can you give me a layouts of rice retail store or feasibility study..

  17. rebecca says:

    im planning to start s rice dealership/retaileling…can you please give some tips.. p[ls email me at

  18. maricor espiritu says:

    hi me and my aunt are planning to start a business by selling rice…can u give me some advice were can i find good here in laguna email me at my email address…

  19. G.Nagaseshareddy says:

    I am now supplying pure rice, I mean without mixing diffrent qualities in one bag to the customers directly at reasonble rates. But the customers are thinking about the cost but not the quality at the first instance. Once they are using rice then only they are satifying for their decision. Please give me some valuable tips to attract the customers to supply the pure rice at reasonable morgins as I am new to this profession.

  20. reyapot says:

    hi, nice blog you got here.. very informative.. and helpful.
    i am planning to put up my own business and this is one of the options i am looking at.. do you have tips or ideas how much would be the cost for processing the permits or the registration fees? one day processing lang ba yun sir? i hope you can share more tips about this business.. i would greatly appreciate it :-)


  21. Manuel says:


    I don’t think it’s a one day processing. It might take days to get a business permit. They have to inspect your business place first so I don’t think it will just be a one day processing.

  22. Gina Mallari says:

    hi there this is gina just want to ask kung panu magstart ng rice business. please send me the list of rice and prices. tingin nyo magkanu kayang puhunan ang kelangan dito?need your reply at / 09291493173

  23. Manuel says:

    @Gina Mallari

    Sorry I don’t sell rice. This is just a blog and only provides information. And with regards to the minimum investment. I already mentioned it on the post. It’s 30,000 pesos. Siguro depende rin kung gaano kalaki ang puhunan mo. pwede sigurong less than 30k.

  24. Mike says:

    I don’t get this. Is this retail or wholesale? Retailing and wholesale are two different beasts and should be split into two different categories. Whole-sellers are usually are the ones who buy palay, store it, and mill it. When they see a profit they contact an agent who will sell it at the right price. If you have a retail store, the agent will come to your store and give you a sample, you will then negotiate a price. The price depends on the quality and your ability to negotiate. These whole-sellers are usually the once who deliver the rice to your store. A truck is necessary if you are a whole-seller but not necessary if you are a retailer. 30,000 is not enough for a whole-seller, your cost of gasoline, labor etc. will outweigh your profit. Volume is key when it comes to whole-selling. If you are a retailer however, consider that for each sack of rice you will earn 50-200 pesos per sack, depending on negotiations again. If you have labor cost and rental cost subtract that from your profit. At the start of retail store you will definitely lose because you are not well known yet. But when you become recognized and people like your good business practice you may get stronger and earn more customers. At start, 30,000 can only buy you 20 sacks of rice, most whole-sellers will not bother giving different variety of rice, they will sell you one kind. Some aren’t even willing to deliver 20 sacks because it’s too few. Also consider at least 10-15,000 at the beginning based on misc. cost, construction, papers, etc. So that leaves you with 20,000 at best, which is less than 15 sacks of rice. 30,000 is nowhere near enough. I would say 150,000 for whole-sellers(truck not included), and 60,000 for retailers.

  25. Manuel says:

    Thanks for your input. Really appreciate it.

  26. gem says:

    hi,i just want to know on how to make a proposal in rice bussines and magkano po ang fee for NFA retailer

  27. Mike says:

    What do you mean by proposal? As far as nfa, I don’t know what the fee is, I will be applying for nfa soon as well. I buy and sell rice at the moment and am just beginning to explore the retail part of it. I’ll let you know once my retail is fully established.

  28. can you help me how to make start rice retailing business?

  29. im ryan says:

    hi to all,,, aks q lng po kng anu dapat kunin na mga requirements. kasi po mag send skin mother q ng 18,000 kilo of rice from pakistan. at balak q sa na i bussiness un at ibnta q. sana po matulungan nio aq

  30. im ryan says:

    this is a nice blog infomative and very helpful like me to know about the business.thanks.i hope u will help me to my question.

  31. jing says:

    my plano po ako mag rice retail..pwede na po ba 30thou..sarili ko po ang ngaun po pinapakuha ako ng nfa permit..30k po ba ok na pasimulang puhunan?tnx

  32. Manuel says:

    @ jing
    Pwede na siguro yan. Depende lang sa tao kung magkano ang gusto niyang kitain. Wala ka naman sigurong maraming tauhan, mahirap lang ang mag-buhat ng sako sakong bigas pero yung pag-titinda ay kaya mo na sigurong mag-isa. So hindi masyadong malaki ang overhead expenses mo.

  33. Manuel says:

    @im ryan
    Pasensya na hindi ko gaanong alam yan kasi imported good at basic commodities pa. Malaki sigurong tax ang babayaran mo dyan at baka mahal mo na maibenta.

  34. wilma layug says:

    Sir gusto ko po sanang mag business ng bigas?magkano po kaya ang maging puhunan nito at pano mag umpisa?

  35. Mike says:

    O o, pwede na sa 30,000 since it is your place mismo. Personally I think it’s best to have different variety of rice, spotted, first class, and something in between. This will ensure that customers have options. In order to get this you may have to improvise. I highly doubt whole sellers will bother giving you different kinds. Try to see if you can order 5 of one kind and when they come back see if you can order 5 of a different kind. Again this is a little tough cause most whole sellers don’t like delivering a few sacks. The other option is buying from other retailers, they will most likely add 20-50 pesos per sack more than what they bought it for. So you have to make sure you can sell the retail at a higher price. Pwede ka mismo sa tendahan, this actually eliminates accounting cause your the one watching all your rice. If you sell rice per sack, just grab a laborer and pay him 5 pesos or less for baggage. To maximize your profit you might want to add a grocery in your store too.

    18,000 kilos, that is 360 sacks of rice. Are you sure your mom is sending you 360 sacks of rice? If so you should focus on whole selling it, retail will be too slow. You don’t want to hold on to rice for too long, rice probably has only 6 months shelf life, depending on storage condition, you may even see some moth worms within a few weeks of milling. So it’s best to just get rid of it ASAP. As far as whole selling rice, I don’t think you need anything, just go to the stores or grab an agent and sell it. Just be honest where it came from.

  36. Manuel says:

    Thanks Mike for the informative input. I need guys like you to liven up this blog. Thanks again!

  37. ryan says:

    yeah!its more than 360 sacks of rice every month from my mom at pakistan. can you give me some advice to my future bussiness how can i manage it?

  38. vince aira gumacal says:

    Am also planning to put up rice retailing business…just want to know how much is the prevailing price for a different varieties of rice in the market…(price from the main source or supplier)..Is that possible?

  39. Mustafa Rasheed says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Just to let you guys know a little about myself and my company. We all have some connection to rice so it would be great if we can mutually benefit from one another. Please feel free to contact me

    Kirash Pte Ltd is a general trading company based out of Singapore. Besides other commodities we can offer Pakistan Long grain Irri-6 Rice, Basmati Rice, Parboiled Rice etc at competitive prices in various packing through our Pakistan office.

    Should you have any buying or inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us for submission of our quotation accordingly.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank You

    Best Regards,
    Mustafa Rasheed
    Kirash Pte Ltd (Singapore)

  40. john michael says:

    hi for those who like to buy rice from me im from laguna .. calawan if you wanted to contact me my cell no is 09174043461 .. rice will be available this april 1rst week .. ..

  41. jonie caudor says:

    i want to start a rice retailing business. where could i find a supplier or to be contact?

  42. ren says:

    How much mo ang profit margin ng rice? I mean per kilo of rice, how much profit one can possibly earn? Maganda ba ang business ng retail rice trading? thank you sa reply

  43. Mustafa Rasheed says:

    Hi I’m 25 years old and based in Singapore. Our family business as mentioned above is dealing in rice and various other spices.

    my email address is mentioned above. Feel free to get in touch with me. Minimum order quantity 1 container (25 tons) of rice, origin Pakistan.

    Mustafa Rasheed

  44. DearSir/Madam;
    I want to start rice retailing business,where i could find the retailer or how can i contact them.please email me at

  45. rob dalida says:

    hi im thinking of selling rice here in my area. i was just wondering what is the price range that wholesalers will sell me their rice? I would also like to know what is the profit margin for this kind of business.

  46. Dianne says:

    Hi Manuel, came across with this site and i find it very helpful. I was wondering how much rice dealerships can make for a month?

  47. Manuel says:

    LIke any retail business, it depends on how many items you have and how well you make a sale. Maybe that is the reason why there is an amount set for the capital to make it feasible.

  48. Dyuls says:

    HI mike. what is your email ad?
    thank you.

  49. Dyuls says:

    HI mike. what is your contact no. or email address?

    thank you.

  50. ian paul says:

    hi. i am a retailer but now i also supply to the retailer near me. started my business year 2004. my capital was only 20,000. i started with only 4 kinds an 2 sacks each.. nalugi ako kahit ang price ko eh parehas lang ng mga katabi kong retailer.. i think in this business pag mukang smalltym k lang wala kang chance lumakas. then wat happen is i got lucky, my mom introduce me to this bigtym suplier (chinese).. they hav all kinds of rice imported or local.. they gave me a terms.. kung ilan lang mabenta ko un lang babayaran ko.. actually i ask for it bcoz i dont hav check or even bank acc. so i was very lucky. then they start supplying to me. at start i just got 20 bags for 8 different kinds.. then my retail rilly starts to rise 2 piso lang tubo ko per kilo tapos 50 per sack. para mabilis ang benta.. since mataas n ung sale ko siguro mga 200 sacks a week lang nmn.. malakas n ung loob kong tumawad cguro nakakatawad ako ng 30 o 20 pesos isang sako. lalo ko p naibenta ng mura ang bigas ko. minsan ng try ako tumingin ng bigas s dati kong supplyer at s iba pang mga dealer. nakakamura n nga ako ng konti. sabi ko sa sarili ko pwede pla ako mag wholesale kahit tubo lang ng 20.. pero nahiya ako ngtry ako mag alok dun lang sa mga bagong bukas, pinadadala ko lang s boy(helper) ko ung sample at presyo. ok nmn ung presyo ng bigas ko parehas lang sa mga dealer talaga o kahit s ricemill. dun n ngsimula pagiging wholesaler ko… kahit ung mga nasa ibang lugar nakakapg deliver ako. wala ako truck binabayad ko lang s jeep 10 piso per sako. ngayon cguro nabenta n ako ng 500 sacks more or less a week.. pasenxa n kau naikwento ko n buong business life ko. advice ko lang s mga gustong mg business nito be passionate with wat u do, u hav to like wat u r doing kc pgngstart k na para k ng nakakulong s isang mundo, iisa ang gagawin mo araw araw, pareparehas makikita mo araw araw nakakainip, maiinis k s boy mo s mga mamimili pero relax lang kelangan comfortable mga suki mo mag salita kung ano ang gusto nila o ayaw kelangan alam mo un, pero not as comfortable as pwede na sila mangutang.. number 1 rule wag n wag kayong magpapautang base on my experience kahit sino p yan. kahit gaano k yaman wag kayong mgpapautang, dyan kayo malulugi.. sure un.. walang cheke cash lahat.. chowking nga cash binabayad saken. about nfa kumuha lang kayo ng license wag n kaung kumuha ng nfa rice peperahan lang kau ng mga taga nfa. pag nakuha kc kau ng nfa para b kayong may utang n loob s kanila…i was just 20yrs old wen i started this business but i manage it good, i think. so dont be afraid to start ur own business coz i did and u can too.. un lang po, so i hope i was helpful, if u hav any question regarding this business just e-mail me @ e_ian027@yahoo.. and if ur in laguna maybe i could be ur supplier.. may 7, 2010

  51. Manuel says:

    @ian paul
    Maraming maraming salamat brod sa mga nai-share mo. Malaking tulong yang mga sinabi mo sa mga gustong mag-umpisa ng rice retaining business. Sa totoo lang wala akong experience dyan so malaking contribution yan dito sa blog community. At doon sa mga gustong mag-start specially dun sa malapit sa laguna ay pwede sigurong kumuha sa iyo ng bigas. Thanks again and I’m hoping you will visit often to help those who are interested in rice retailing business.

  52. Mike says:, I’m quite busy so not too sure if I can answer questions rapidly.

  53. Mustafa Rasheed says:

    Can anyone recommend to me some of the big rice importers in Philippines? We are a Singapore based company with our own office in Pakistan. We regularly export rice from Pakistan to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Singapore and various African countries. I’m very keen on growing to Philippines.

  54. jobelle jardenil says:

    im a rice supplier we deliver within metro manila or south area minimum of 100cvs

  55. Manuel says:

    @jobelle jardenil
    Thanks for that info. You can give your contact info too so those interested can coordinate with you.

  56. jobelle jardenil says:

    for questions you can email me at We are a direct supplier, im from intercity bocaue Bulacan.

  57. rey says:

    hello, has anyone got any idea on how many kilos of rice the Filipino households consumes? say for example a household of 5-6. It just bothers me because i run across an article that its 1.3 kilos a day for five household members.. parang kunti lang talaga.

  58. donna says:

    Hi Mr.Manuel ,
    Pwede mo ako mabigyan ng advice or opinion nagpaplano ako na mag buy and sell ng bigas ( I mean from palay to bigas ) pero nanadito ako sa abroad my plan is I will let my sister she got experience naman and her husband to handle or manage of the business and i will give the percentage of the profit but this is buthering me .How can really assure to my businees that i am safe? I mean should i trust them?could you please give me tips and advice ?
    please responce to my e mail www Thank you so much God bless you and your bussiness .

  59. donna says:

    Hi Mr.Ian Paul,
    Pwede mo ako mabigyan ng advice or opinion nagpaplano ako na mag buy and sell ng bigas ( I mean from palay to bigas ) pero nanadito ako sa abroad my plan is I will let my sister she got experience naman and her husband to handle or manage of the business and i will give the percentage of the profit but this is buthering me .How can really assure to my businees that i am safe? I mean should i trust them?could you please give me tips and advice ?
    please responce to my e mail www Thank you so much God bless you and your bussiness .

  60. mAc says:

    Hello to every one! I was surfing the net and looking for a blog like this because I am planing to start a rice retailing business… can someone please post the list of requirements and it’s cost. for me and for everyone who are interested to enter to this kind of business how much do we need to spend for the requirements alone… Thanks

    “Pinoy Para sa Pinoy”

  61. kristine sulad says:

    helo ian paul how much po per sack u n rice>>>i have a small rice store here in el nido palawan

  62. kristine sulad says:

    hello ian heres my cp number 09082762287..pls contct me tnx

  63. ciara_dhette says:

    Hi, for those who are interested to order for grains either by wholesale or retail, we can supply for 100 cavans or more.
    • Rice Varieties well-milled by 13-21 Ricemill, owned and operated by Tuquero Family (c/o Atty. Sherwin N. Tuquero) with address at San Andres, Victoria, Tarlac. Rice Varieties include Magnolia, c-18 Sinandomeng, Long Grain, Dinorado, Ordinary, etc.
    • Family has been in the rice dealership business since 1980’s and has been milling rice for ten (10) successful years.
    • 13-21 Ricemill is one of the sources of rice varieties from Bocaue, Bulacan.
    • Magnolia Variety is their own branded Jasmine Rice. Technology came from CLSU Tarlac.
    • All Prices are subject to change depending on the peso-dollar fluctuation. Prices shall be discussed during our meeting, you may contact us at 09205117122 and look for Ciara.

  64. ian paul says:

    @donna my advice to you is never trust anyone when it comes to a large amount of money, specially your relatives… kasi mas mahirap kung magkakasira kayo ng relative mo dahil lang sa pera.. i think what you rilly want is to help your sister but to also profit in what you will give… i suggest you give them a small capital, start a small business which is related to this kind of business like rice retailing, so that they would have the idea on this kind of business and also meet people which in the near future can be customer or business partners… now if you see they’re doing good in 3 to 4 years maybe then you can stop working abroad and do business with your sister this time it would be a bigtime… you wouldn’t expect how much you will profit in this business… sa totoo lang walang kalugi ang busness na to wag ka lang magpapaloko at magpapautang…. Goodluck

  65. ian paul says:

    @kristine, the price of rice depends on the quality not on variety so its hard to give a price of rice… kasi for example a C-18 or R-64 e2 yung mga bigas na maganda kaso kung hindi nmn polish or wholegrains mas mura dapat… tapos minsan medyo mataas ung percent ng broken yun yung durog masmura lalo yun kahit pa r-64 yan, so depende talaga sa quality ang price.. minsan may kasamang bato o palay pati nga ipa eh… pero may mga brand na maintained ang quality like joseph maharlika 1840 benta ko, blue dragon 1620, ung imported na whole grains 1350 ngayon tumaas kasi… good luck sa business mo..

  66. ciara_dhette says:

    We are a direct supplier of rice varieties from Victoria, Tarlac, we have thought that you might be interested to try our well-milled grains and to make us part of your business success through our products.

    • Rice Varieties are well-milled by 13-21 Ricemill, owned and operated by Tuquero Family (c/o Atty. Sherwin N. Tuquero) with address at San Andres, Victoria, Tarlac 2313.
    • Family has been in the rice dealership business since the 1980’s and has been milling rice for ten (10) successful years using computerized equipment complete with stoner and whitener.
    • 13-21 Ricemill is one of the sources of rice varieties to Intercity, Bocaue, Bulacan, Pampanga and Tarlac.
    • Magnolia Variety is our brand which is the local counterpart of Jasmine Rice and Dinurado. This variety and technology came from CLSU-Nueva Ecija. Grains have a natural fragrance of pandan unlike other grains offered commercially which were artificially coated and polished to be able to contain the aroma.
    • Our products are carefully selected from raw materials up to finished products. We guarantee that all of our products are locally sourced, properly dried, and has the excellent taste in the market. There are no chemicals added to prolong its shelf life. Thus, you are assured that our products are the best and proudly Filipino-milled.
    • We offer 25 kilos and 50 kilos variants depending on the needs of the buyer.
    • All prices are subject to change depending on the peso-dollar fluctuation, seasonal prices, destination and volume purchases.

    We can customize the prices stated herein according to your needs like volume of purchases, etc. since the grains supply will be coming directly from our rice mill. Please feel free to contact us at 4259469, 09205117122 (Ciara Tuquero). We are willing to bring samples of our purely Filipino-milled products.

  67. theresa de ocampo says:

    isa po akong ofw at plano kong mag tayo ng isang maliit na tindahan ng bigas.wala po akong idea sa ganitong klase ng business basta gusto ko lang umpisahan.nakatira po ako sa isang medium rise building sa C-5 taguig.magkano po ba ang isang regular price ng isang 50 kilos?kung halimbawa po kukuha ako ng mga 20 kaban nagde deliver po ba kayo?

  68. apc says:

    I’m planning to put up a Rice Retail Shop here in Valenzuela. Do i need to be an expert sa pagcclassify ng rice grains? If so, can you give me some tips?

  69. Benedict says:

    @ian paul : Kung kukuha ba ako sa iyo ng 100sacks of maharlica rice, magkano mo pwedeng ibigay sa akin per sack? Babaan mo please, so we can start a good business …..

  70. richard says:

    Hi po sa lahat at magnda araw po,ako po ay nagagalak at nakita ko ang blog naito malaking tulong ito skin..ako ay mayroon plano magtayo ricebusiness,mayroon nmn po ako sapat na pondo para itayo ko ang negosyo ito ang balak ko kunin ay wholeseller.ako ay nasa iba bansa ngayon at naisipang kong umiwi nlng ng pinas para magtayo ng negosyo.mayroon lng po ako mga katanungan s inyong lahat sana po ay matugunan ninto ang mga katanungan ko..paano ko po b uumpisan ang negosyo ko kung wala po ako truck at bodega? meron po b nabibili truck n secondhand at magkano ito at meron din po bodega n nauupahan at magkano kaya upa sinu-sino po b ang mga loyal na supplier n pwede ko pagkunan ng aking ano po b brand n truck ang magnda bilhin at matibay? at ano rin po magnda ung malaki tructk n pangdeliver or ung katamtaman ang laki?Sa mga mayroon n karanasan sa pagapply ng negosyo permiso eh ibahagi ninyo nmn sa lahat nang andito,mayroon nb kayo nakasagupa sa pagapply ng negosyo permiso na meron tongpats para mapabilis ang proseso ng permiso ninyo?maraming salamat po mga kabayan mabuhay ang mga negosyador ..

  71. Vj Valle says:

    Magandang araw sa inyong lahat.

    @ sir Ian Paul, maraming salamat po sa tip ninyo, sa laguna din po ako based, kaka open lang ng rice store ko nung 15th of july, so far ok naman yung response nung tao despite na andami kong competitors, 7 to be exact.

    sana maging ok itong business ko na to, and if ever baka pwede ka mapuntahan sa warehouse mo para if magka sundo sa price, sayo nalang ako kukuha.

    Salamat ulit and more power!

  72. BENEDICT says:

    @ciarra : Kung oorder po ako ng 60sacks (50kgs) na sinandomeng,,, magkano po pwede nyo ibigay sa akin per sack…nadito po ako sa sto tomas batanggas…, at mgkano po ang charge ng trucking?

  73. ciara_dhette says:

    @benedict…hi, thank you very much for the inquiry…considering your location at order mo ay we better offer you the “pick up wholesale price…” dahil sa trucking expenses pag ganyang kalayo ay 250 and up para makalaban ng price kasi kung ndi mapupunta lang sa trucking, gusto din naman namin makalaban kayo sa benta. but we welcome those who are interested talaga to visit our ricemill in Victoria, Tarlac to check out our facilities and products and for further negotiation also…as for the info…pick up price namin dito sa qc ng sinandomeng (25kg) ay P720.00.God Bless!

  74. ciara_dhette says:

    We are a direct supplier of rice varieties from Victoria, Tarlac, we have thought that you might be interested to try our well-milled grains and to make us part of your business success through our products. We welcome wholesalers and retailers within Quezon City Area, Valenzuela, Obando, Meycauayan or Bulacan, Malabon and Manila.

  75. richard says:

    Hi Ciara I have planning to put up a ricebusiness soon,if i getting 150 cavans of rice how much per cavan? Do you have a pricelist rice? possible could you sent to me the pricelist and the quotation for 150 cavans.thanks

  76. ciara_dhette says:

    @ richard.please call me at 4259469 or better if you can give me your email address so that i can get back to you. many thanks!

  77. Manuel says:

    Thanks for your participation but please avoid spamming this post by posting your ads many times. You are very welcome to answer all our inquiries and make negotiations here but one ad is enough. If you want to advertise in this blog, just send me an email here:

  78. ciara_dhette says:

    my apologies manny…

  79. Manuel says:

    That’s alright. I knew it was unintentional.

  80. miss.cazz says:

    hi po!! wala po kong big capital olmost 10k nga lang po ang pera ko ng mag buy ako ng bigas,, then i started selling it sa mga workmate ko 1 sack of rice na bibilhin nila i got 200 pesos from them two gives kasi po yun, i also sell rice per kilo most of them are my workmate din,,now nalaman na po ng mga relative ko, neighbor na i sell rice and they ordered na rin kaso po nahihirapan po ako sa transportation ng bigas panu ko dadalhin yun sa kanila? tama po ba na mag exflore na ako s business ko kasi medyo dumadame na po order sken oks naman po ang payment nila di naman po ko lugi from gma cavite

  81. Lori says:

    @ciara_dhette and ian paul
    Thanks for all your tips i learned a lot. pwede nyo po ba akong i-email ng minimum orders nyo an prices to start up a rice retail business? my e-add is so much!

  82. jego says:

    to ciara tuquero, good day po, im planning to start a small rice business in our province and would be glad if u could send me your pricelist of your fast moving varieties and your delivery charges to pier 18 north harbor.initial delivery 150 sacks.thank you so much! (

  83. ciara_dhette says:

    Hi Sir Jego, I appreciate you being interested in our products. Thank you very much for the inquiry. Please check the attachment I have sent to your email ad. God Bless.

  84. Sheila Ubales-Gigantana says:

    I am starting a rice dealership business, aiming to sell 200 to 300 sacks of rice per month. If you can supply us quality rice at a competitive price we can do business with you. My husband and I are here in the US but I am going back in Manila by October 2010 and start the business. I can communicate thru email and I can send my brother or parents to personally coordinate with you before my arrival. Thanks.


  85. Sheila Ubales-Gigantana says:


    Kindly email me your pricelist. We are interested to do business. Thanks.

  86. ciara_dhette says:

    Hi Ms. Sheila, thank you very much for the inquiry. Please check your email. God Bless!

  87. josh says:

    kindly email me your price list. i have a small rice bisnez. thinkng 70 sacks per wek thanks

  88. ces says:

    I need supplier of Gold Cup Especial or Laon Rice as canteen concessionaire……

  89. rikhen says:

    hei ces,

    we have a gold cup (thailand) and genuine (US). If you interested just send med an email.
    thank you

  90. lynn says:

    @manuel…I am an OFW, this site is really helpful now I can make a plan of putting up rice business….more power..

    @Ciara.. I am from Caloocan, are you also interested to deliver rice in that place can I request a competitive quotation …

  91. rikhen says:

    We have just started our bussines as a rice dealer/retailer. We sale different kinds of rice including LAON gold cup (thailand sya best for canteen ,buhaghag), platinum, genuine US for canteen din sya buhaghag maalsa, SINANDOMENG Birds nest,jurassic, happy grain and ANGeLICA. free delivery for minimum of 50 cavans. We deliver also less than 50 cavans with additional payment. CASH on delivery only.
    Note: price chance with out prior notice.
    Location: Marulas Valenzuela contact:

  92. CheriEmmanuelle says:

    hi ciara pasend po ng pricelist ng rice kpg wholesale and retail..thnaks

  93. ciara_dhette says:

    @lynn: Hi Lynn, thank you very much for the inquiry. Please check your email…

  94. ciara_dhette says:

    @cherry: thank you cherry for inquiring about our products. Please check your email.

  95. ciara_dhette says:

    @ces: Hi Ces, we have different varieties that might suit your needs. You may send your inquiries to Thank you.

  96. alvin says:

    Hi everyone. I’m exploring this type of business. I currently have a water station so I want to deliver rice as well. But i want to cater to the upper market where I can sell high end rice. I want to start small, so 4 types of high end rice will do. I need a price list po sana asap. I’ve been going around wet markets looking for suppliers as I need it asap. Please get in touch with me at 0916-3238842.

  97. ciara_dhette says:

    @alvin…hi alvin, do you have email address so that i would be able to get back to you? many thanks!

  98. alma bernardo says:

    im interested in your business,can yousend me your price lists..thanks

  99. ciara_dhette says:

    @alma…hello, can i have your email address? thanks.

  100. MOM says:

    outstanding morning!!!

    i am one of those millions whom want to build up a good business as a rice dealer/retailer. in my town. i want to know what are the things to consider and eguipment to prepare? we have prospect but we dont know how to start with it. please i need some advice from you guys out their

  101. Dariuz says:

    Hi manny kamusta kyong lahat jan sa atin, Im dariuz from Cavite now im here in Cambodia i want to share something about d rice business cos my cambodian friend here have his own rice mill kung sino man ang interesado na mag import ng bigas just send email to me at mura at quality ang mga bigas niya. They can call me also at my number +85511313241 and +85510879913. Thanks and God Bless us all.

  102. myra says:

    @ ciara_dhette- can u send me your competitive pricelist pls? I am interested in that business. thanks.

  103. starr says:

    @ Ciara_dhette, please email me you pricelist and varieties of rice you have. Are you delivering in Cavite City?

    Email me @

  104. mcsgatmaitan says:

    @ciara_dhette… ngemail po ako sa inyo regarding rice wholesale. pkisend po ako ng pricelist ng different quality/varities of rice nyo. mgknu po freight d2 s San Miguel, Bulacan. thanks

  105. jovs says:

    hello po sa lahat… im planning to put up a rice business in olongapo city (dealer/retailer)… any supplier po ng bigas na pwede magdeliver sa olongapo… please send me the wholesale price and the minimum order… thank u very much. (email add:

  106. Anthony says:

    Im planning to establish a rice business, i’m looking for business minded persons. I will supply you with rice as much as you need, rice will be from Oriental Mindoro. Of course we need to talk about the payment terms.

    if ur interested please let me know

  107. Anthony says:


    Pre, if you want pwede tayo maging partner. by the way, my name is anthony, im working here in Dubai UAE. My wife is from Rosario Batangas. My province is in Or. Mindoro. Im looking for person who can buy rice direct from mindoro. i will be the 1 who will deliver the rice to you, of course we need to talk about the prices.

    If your interested let me know.

  108. reagan abaya says:


    Kindly email me your pricelist. We are interested to do business. Thanks.
    Im from Nueva Ecija

  109. May says:

    Many thanks to Sir Manuel, Sir Mike, Sir ian paul and Ms. ciara_dhette for the the info. and the tips, my husband and I are planning to start a rice business and your blogs really help us a lot. Again thank you very much! more power and God Bless!

  110. Manuel says:

    I’m very happy that this blog has helped you. Good luck on your business!

  111. mcsgatmaitan says:

    gud evening, thank you po s lht ng mga info nyo n sineshare d2 ang dmi kong ntutunan. plan din po nmin mgtayo ng rice wholesale at retail in the next few months. Tnung ko lng po Sir Manuel if kelan po dpt mgapply ng license s NFA? bgo iopen un business or kung on going n? thanks po.

  112. Mara says:


    Kindly email me your pricelist. We are planning to put a wholesale and retail rice business. Tnx. E-mail

  113. ciara_dhette says:

    @may: no problem, anytime, my pleasure…hope to do business with you soon…More Power!

  114. ciara_dhette says:

    @reagan abaya: hi reagan, can i have your email ad please so that i can get back to you the soonest…my husband’s family is from guimba, nueva ecija…thanks!

  115. Manuel says:

    Based on one commenter here, nag-start na siya mag-tayo ng business bago kumuha ng NFA license. Pero mas maganda kung lahat ay ayos bago ka mag-start di ba?

  116. reagan abaya says:

    Here is my email address Hope to hear from you soon.
    GodBless (;

  117. horiz p. ranada says:

    hi to all,
    gusto ko rin po mag tayo ng retail rice business,,next year kung pwede po sana send nyo sakin ung mga detail or price list ng mga ibat ibng rice n pwede kung ibenta..i have a capital of 100k,,,with my business partner,,, sa ngayon nag research muna me ng mga dapat gawin at kung mag kano ung dapat n capital and yun nga price ng rice..,hope matulongan nyo p ako..thanks and god bless you all…


  118. rad6600 says:

    Hello Ciara and mr. Ian Paul,

    I am from Bauan, Batangas . I became interested in rice retailing dito sa amin. Pero, di ko alam kung saan makakakuha ng murang rice. Can you send me some price quotation of all your available rice variety. I know our place is realy far, but if it your price can be competitive, I can plan to make business with you. hope you can help me. my e-mail add: Thanks uli.

    Sir Manuel,
    Thanks po sa site na ito. Very helpful ang mga informations.

    for other rice dealer,
    Pwede rin po kayong mag send ng price quotation nyo sa aking e-mail. Thanks po

  119. ochie says:

    Kindly email me your pricelist. We are planning to put a wholesale and retail rice business

  120. horiz says:

    good morning po s lahat…
    gusto ko lng po magtanong kung magkano po ang rent s pwesto ng rice retailer,,,kung may idea po ba kayo?sa ngayon po nag conduct muna me ng information pr pag uwi ko ng pinas alam ko n po at my idea na ako…
    @salamat po mrs. ciara sa price list…

    god bless you all….

  121. miguel says:

    CIARA ang mahal ng RICE mo

  122. Jun says:

    @maam ciara.. madam nagdedeliver ba kayo dito sa marilao, bulacan? may dealer or warehouse po ba kayo sa intercity, bocaue? Kasi po mas malapit po kami doon. Pwede po ako hingi ng pricelist ng rice variants niyo? Pakiemail na lang po sa address ko. Thank you very much.

  123. ciara_dhette says:

    @miguel: i respect your opinion sir, still many thanks for the inquiry. more power to your business and God Speed!

  124. jen says:

    hello this blog is very helpful. thanks for everyone who share there ideas. nagstart ako ng rice retailer 2 weeks ago for 15 cavans starting at okey naman, pero di ako nagpapautang, tama ang sinabi ni Sir Ian, wag magpautang.
    @madam Ciara: meron po ba kayong distributor dito sa Rizal, taga Cainta Rizal po ako at nais kopong sainyo nalang kumuha ng paninda kong bigas, para makamura kasi yung kinukuhanan ko medyo mahal. kindly send mo your rice pricelist and more details at my email add:
    to all the supplier here thanks for unselfishly sharing your rice business good ideas. God Bless You all.

  125. ume ammara says:

    hi i have started up with the rice business in pakistan … and i want the links where i can sell the rice all over…i deal in very good basmati, sella and other varities of rice…so please mail me the contacts of the parties who are interested to deal with in the rice.
    my email id is
    mail me than i will mail u my contact no.
    thanks & regards.

  126. ciara_dhette says:

    @ms. jen: thanks for the inquiry. kindly check your email. best regards!

  127. charms1403 says:

    @Ian: We are also planning to start a business in rice retailing this coming November
    starting capital namin is around Php 10K-20K
    Pwde po ba half cavan lang muna for 3-4 kinds of rice
    Since you are from Laguna maybe you could be our supplier

  128. jojo says:

    @ciara_dhette- im also planning to put up rice retailing business. plano ko lang po sana sa sarisari store ko ipwesto. im currently working here in saudi arabia and plano ko mag stay n sa pinas for good. sa san fernando pampanga po ako nakatira. i also want to ask kung ilan and anong variety po maganda para sa pwesto ko. please send me po your price list and delivery terms. please e-mail me at thanks!

  129. Frederick says:

    based on experience sa mga nauna ng nagtinda ng rice… ano2 po ang mga brand na high quality at magaganda… thanks.. :-) pls reply asap..

  130. Frederick says:

    pakisend naman po mga pricelist na galing mismo sa mga supplier nyo para po macompare ko dito… thanks po. Pangasinan

  131. monica says:


    Meron po ba dito taga Mindanao? Bandang Tagum City or Davao po. Gusto ko po sana mag start ng maliit na rice retailing. Wala po akong masyadong idea now kaya nquire po ako. Sana po may mga supplier banda sa amin. Plano ko po sana umuwi ng Pinas for good. Sana po mabigyan nyo ako ng information if paano mag start. Salamat sa mga ng post ng blogs dito. It really helps. More power!

  132. rey zulueta says:

    hi ciara,,, pls send me your best price in your rice product

    thanks a lot

  133. rey says:

    hi to all suppliers,,,
    please send me your best price to all kinds of rice, i’m gonna put up a rice business to our area.

    thanks alot

  134. Frederick says:

    Ang tagal naman po magreply… pls pakisend naman po mga malalapit dito Pangasinan Pricelist ng Rice at based sa mga nauna na po nagtinda ano po ang mga variety na magaganda at quality.. thanks po.. Pls e-mail me at : Waiting for reply asap..

  135. MArK says:

    Hi Ms. Ciara and Mr. Ian Paul pki send nman po Pricelist ng ibat’ibat klase ng Bigas nyo.
    pki include nrin po ung cost for delivery im from Quezon City.

    thank you

  136. Sandra says:

    Hi. I have available 500,000 Fifty (50) Kg sacks of Vietnam Rice 5% Broken in sealed containers. E-mail: or Call me at (0916) 640 3337 or 507-04-03

  137. melba emnil says:

    hi planning to open up a store with rice retailer but dont have any idea who can supply me…im from quezon city..since im just going to start is it possible to start with 15 sacks even 2 or 3 kinds of rice…can u send to my email the price list..or tell any supplier near our place to transact with them…thanks hope to hear you soon. email me at

  138. DANIEL says:

    Hi Maam CIARA,
    Plano ko rin po mag negosyo ng rice retailing, TARLAC din po ako. May maliit na sari sari store po mother ko kaya naisipan kong mag negosyo nalang din sa bigas, but I only have small starting capital about 15-20k. pupwede na po kayang pang start un? paadvice naman po and tips. and kung ok lang po mahingi mga rice pricelist niyo.. hope to hear from you! thank you so much in advance and more power to your business..

    @Sir MANUEL: Thank you so much for this blog, madami po ako nalaman and planning to apply some of the tips and advices specially from Sir MIKE & Sir IANPAUL more power sa inyo mga sir God bless!

  139. @Manny hi. i have read your other posts and seen that you have done a great job here. keep it up!:)

    TO ALL: i am also a rice dealer that offers FREE delivery within QC area. for those interested, you might wanna visit our site for the complete product line up and pricelist. you may also contact me thru my email ad, Thank you and hope to do business with you guys.

  140. pilar c. camomot says:

    i am planning to put-up rice retailing in our town. I’m sure i have a good location. can you help me find rice suppliers here in northern mindanao that can give reasonable price?

  141. pilar c. camomot says:

    can you help me find rice supplier here in northern mindanao?

  142. oyu says:

    magkano po ba ang genuine nyo 50 kilos per sacks? ilang ba ang klase ng gold cup nyo?
    may happy grain and jurassic po ba kayo? needs answer ASAP

  143. @oyu please give me your email ad, i’ll send our product line up and complete pricelist. just as to prevent spamming on this thread. thank you.

  144. Dave T. Punsalan says:

    Hi Ciara and Ian Paul!

    Am planning to start my rice business next week and good thing I was able to see this site which contains almost all infos in this type of business. By the way Ian Paul, I hope you can help me out in this business since you’ve been doing this for almost 6 years now. based on your story, I can see that you’re the right guy who can give me some advises and guide me in this endeavor.

    Ciara, I’m from Mabalacat, Pampanga, which means we’re just near with each other. And I’m really interested to start having a good business relationship with you.

    My number is 09178930015. I hope to hear from both of you guys.

    Thank you.

  145. ciara_dhette says:

    @Sir Dave: i have texted you the contact number of my mother, please coordinate with her re: your queries and possible orders…it would be best if your stocks will be coming directly from our ricemill in Victoria, Tarlac…i appreciate you being interested about our products…More Power and God Speed!

  146. Hi everyone! I can say that opening up a rice business is a very good idea since you won’t need to fin any type of market since everyone here in the Philippines eats r ice everyday! I personally grew up with the rice business since my parents own their own rice milll and my titas and titos as well and I can say that the business has been really good all these years! And now that I have the time, I am now handling The business as well!:) I would really like to help out those who are interested in starting their own rice bu siness as well!! So if anyone. Has questions about starting a rice business or if you need really good quality rice directly from our own rice mill, Please feel free to call me at 09272116801 or email me at and I would gladly answer your inquiries!!:)

  147. hervie says:

    hello musta po balak ko mag tayo rice retailer sa laguna (nagcarlan) magkano po ba puhunan dito?pwede po ba makahingi ng price list of diff. kinds of rice? tnx email me at

  148. saintsego says:

    @ciara: hi! can you also send me a copy of your most recent price list and what are the varieties that are most in-demand? my email address is thanks1

  149. camil says:

    hi ciara,
    can u send me me the recent price list and the most in demand kind of rice..
    my email ad is

  150. geraldine b. estopa says:

    hello poh! can i ask some opinion if paano mag start ng bussinees like retailer ng rice? saan bibili ang product? thanks and good bless you alll!

  151. Benedict says:


    Good day to you. Censya na, Ngayon ko lang na-read yung post mo sa akin. Im here in Jeddah, KSA at plano ko nang umuwi sa April 2011 at mag stay for good at gusto kong mag start ng rice business. Naghahanap ako ng rice wholesaler na makukuhanan ko ng mababang presyo para naman makahabol ako sa retail marketing. Sa totoo lang I have so much interest about rice business kaya lang sobrang liit lang ng puhunan ko,, 75k lang at wala akong sasakyan to pick up wholesale rices from Tarlac, Bulacan etc… Since malapit ka lang sa lugar namin ditto sa , (Sto Tomas batanggas), at kung magkakasundo tayo sa mode of payment and conditions,,, pwede mo akong deliveran dito sa lugar namin…, At kung papayag ka sana, dahil sa maliit lang ang puhunan ko,,, sa bawat kuha ko sau ng mga bigas, is 50% cash only ,,, at ang kalahati ay consignment…, and free delivery, (charge free) … Kung okay sa iyo ang ganyang settlement, we can be a good partner. Basta ang inportante is maganda ang quality ng bigas natin, yung hindi tayo mapapahiya. and of course maibibigay mo sa akin in a rightful price in able for me to have a good profit.

    If ever kung papayag ka sa proposal ko,,, gusto kong malaman ang prices ng bigas mo (25 & 50 Kgs) in different variety. Till here na lang and hope you agree upon my conditions and have a good business together. Hope you will keep in touch. Thanks

  152. jessie madulin says:

    hi to all. Tnx for this blog. I am planning to put up a rice store here in our place in davao. Please advise me ok ba magtayo ng rice store sa isang rural area (barangay) with only 2000 hholds residing? Gusto ko rin malaman kung sino-sino ang mga rice suppliers na malapit dito sa amin. Panabo city, davao del norte yung amin.

  153. RL rice mill says:

    we supply rice metro manila and any part of luzon, sa lahat ng mga interesadong mag retailer kontakin nyo lang ako dito 09223980329, send nyo din yung email nyo so we can send you the price ng mga bigas :), thanks manuel

  154. VINCENT says:

    good am po…dito po ako sa CORON, PALAWAN mag-oopen po ako ng rice retailing ngayong february, meron po ba rice supplier dito na taga-Palawan..EL NIDO, PALAWAN????…my CP # is 09079511359

  155. jun says:

    thanks all for the inputs..i am planning to put up business very soon in cavite but to all dealer/wholesaler please send me the list price of your rice. i may be needed 100 sacks for 1st delivery and succeeding to be inform. if you could send just give the charactersitic of each type of rice coz i’m new to business so i could tell it to consumers about the rice kung maalsa po ba sya o masarap.

    Ms. Ciara and Mr. Ian you have done so well in marketing and to all dealers and new entrants good job.

    i hope you could send me the list price of your rice asap.

    thanks all

  156. terry says:

    Hi to everyone!thanks for giving more information, but my place is from bataan province,kaya naghahanap ako ng magdidiliver near my address so i can order anytime…but i have only 10k para sa this enough amount para sa mga diliverry truck?yung ibang budjet kasi ay napunta na sa ibang items namin sa store,gusto ko lang medyo mura kasi para dayuhin ako at makatulong at the same time..thanks po and doon po sa pwedeng mgdiliver you can contact my tel no:09193313620

  157. Ena says:

    .Hi Ms. Ciara and Mr. Ian Paul pki send nman po Pricelist ng ibat’ibat klase ng Bigas nyo.
    pki include nrin po ung cost for delivery im from Laguna, i guess less tracking from Mr. Ian Paul because i’m from Laguna. :)


    thanks to all!

  158. Ena says:

    Hi Ms. Ciara and Mr. Ian Paul pki send nman po Pricelist ng ibat’ibat klase ng Bigas nyo.
    pki include nrin po ung cost for delivery im from Laguna…


  159. shella says:

    hi caira can u send me price list of ur rise.i have small rice business here in email

  160. ali padua says:

    hi ms ciara,
    i am planning to supply rice in Cavite area.Could you email me your quotation for at least 2 kinds of rice preferably those offerred in fasfood chains.
    my email ad is
    thanks a lot

  161. VJ RICE MILL says:


    it’s nice to come across a blog that inspires people to become entrepreneurs. you have great insight on how one should start a rice business. if you have any querries regarding the rice industry i’ll be more than have to help you or any of your readers. feel free to email me at

    More success to you and all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there.


  162. Mike says:

    Is there anyone here from Manila or Visayas. Could you guys give me the current prices for those locations. I’m trying to gather a survey on prices of regular and first class rice. I am currently from the Albay region and trying to see if prices are higher in other regions.

  163. mark luzuriaga says:

    I learned a lot. Now i have ideas on how to start a rice business.

  164. verns says:

    we intend to move back to philippines for good and my hubby has the interest to start a small bussiness. He suggested that we should start on rice selling bussiness. We’re both no experience in running our own bussiness coz’ we’ve been living abroad for many years. I know it is tough for us to start all over again esp. if we don’t even have any knowledge in bussiness. My question is how much is the capital we should have in hand to start a rice selling bussiness? pls. reply.thanks.

  165. Sandra says:

    You cld start as a Sole Proprietorshhip by registering at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) located along Buendia near corner Makati Ave. Bring ID pics and indicate a small capital of P10,000 in the registration form. The Registration papers will be release about 2 weeks. Then, go to City Hall and secure a form for Mayor’s Permit. Complete the requirements. Then, go to the Bureau of Internal Revenue for registration and get your VAT No.All these expenses for registration shld only cost you less than P 5,000. Exclusive of printing expenses for the Official Receipts.

  166. nodel says:

    how to do a rice production/operational planning with flow chart?

  167. verns says:

    hi sandra! many thanks to u..very detailed information.i will be here again to ask more info once we prepare everything in the phils.

  168. analyn says:

    im also planning to put up rice retailing business. could you pls send me your price list for your different varieties of rice. how much is the shipping charges? im from taytay rizal. email me @ Thanks and God Bless!

  169. ben says:

    pls. send me your pricelist….

  170. ian paul says:

    hi to all… sori if hindi lahat nareplayan ko, mostly last december… medyo busy kc last month.. so those whom i havent replied yet you can send and ask me ur questions agen…

    for those rice mill and dealers pls. send me ur pricelist… para malaman ko difference sa dealer ko… pero ung mga sikat lang na tatak or parehas ng klase like joseph maharlika, blue dragon etc… and even the imported rice, or remilled nfa, broken.. and ilang minimum sacks ang pwede ipadeliver.. thanks…

  171. ana says:

    hello to everyone., im interested in rice retailing..anyone here who could send me the quotation.. meron po ba dito nagdedeliver sa taytay rizal ng free delivery? wala po me alam sa business na toh, di ko rin po alam kung ano selling price sa market, gusto ko sana makita kung magkano mark up, wala po ba lugi sa ganitong klaseng business….salamat po…

  172. rmb says:

    my wife is planning to put up a rice retailing,could you advice us how to start in this business and what is the ideal amount for a starter.and also the right location.paging those who have already their rice business maybe you can help us.

  173. Marc says:

    Hello to all,
    we are supplayer of rice and we live in Malaybalay City Bugidnon St. Nino, We have the most time Tanner Pemium its long rains.We are looking for retailer andwholsaler. in Cagayan de Oro , Cebu. Manila and also in Malaybalay and Valenzia.
    For more information pls. contakt us.

  174. docmd says:


    do you have contacts for puddy processors in bocaue bulacan?

  175. rona says:

    Hi Ms Ciara,

    Interested din ako sa rice retailing business..pki send nman price list and other details..Im from Mabalacat is my email add:

    thanks a lot…

  176. Daisy Vicente says:

    Hi mukhang interesting ang rice retailing kya lang i don’t have any idea about that can you help me know more about that business and f ever my mga supplier b dito s cavite n affordable lang ang mga cost ng rice, and f ever can i start that business at only 20-30k??thanks

  177. Irene Dela cruz says:

    Hi,i hope it is not too late..i am interested in rice business..can you share me some info,please?..thank you..

  178. Mabel says:

    Thanks Manuel for this blog.

    To Ciara & Ian or any rice supplier in Bauan Batangas,
    please send me your price list for different kinds of rice with free delivery(from good quality to least). What is the minimum order? How many sacks per kind should I buy in the initial month? please send info to
    Am intersted to put up rice retailing business in our barangay and check if I can get a profit if I sell the rice with same price like in the public market.

    Thanks in advance for your info :)

  179. ryan says:

    hi ms ciara iam interested in rice business as retailer and whole saler can you send me a quote of different rice you deliver. here is my add ty.

  180. alfie619 says:

    sir ian paul,

    kindly send me your price list…i am from sta. rosa, laguna and planning to put up at rice retail/wholesale biz. my email is

    thanks in advance

  181. rhenezar says:

    hi maam ciara, sir ian paul and other supplier im planning to start my small rice retailing business kindly send me your pricelist and other information of your rice thanks! my e-mail
    @ sir manuel ayos tong blog mo maraming natutulungan specially kaming mga baguhan palang papasok sa business na to more power!

  182. rhenezar says:

    any one who can advice kung pano ang set up ng place na paglalagyan ng mga stock na bigas para iwas sa mga insects?

  183. Marc says:

    We are supplier of rice , our rice is long grains Tonner from Bukidnon We are looking for retailer and wohlsaler.
    For more information pls. contakt us.
    ore 09074853073 Smart , thank you Marc and MaryAnn.

  184. joan says:

    hi ms ciara and sir ian paul i am interested in rice business as retailer and wholesale can you send me a quote of different rice.but i have only 30k para sa rice..

  185. jenifer agustin says:

    Hi! I want to start a buying palay business in Camiling Tarlac and I want to ask everybody if it is profitable to mill and sell the rice, or just buy and sell the unhusked rice. It is my first time to get into this kind of business. I am currently here in the US, and I want to go back home on April to try this business. Can you give me some advise. I need help.

  186. george says:

    hi, me and my wife are seriously thinking of putting up a rice retailing/wholesaling business in our town somewhere in lipa. would anyone out there be interested in guiding us with the do’s and dont’s of this business as well as provide us with their pricelist of most commonly consumed rice. it’s just going to be a small scale business with a capital of 50-75k.
    please email me at

  187. bernard says:

    hello, for starter do we really need these permit (NFA, DTI)?

    for those interested pm me, im selling rice from nueva ecija.

  188. cen oclarit says:


    Kindly email me your pricelist. We are interested to do business.
    Hope to hear from u soon

  189. cen oclarit says:

    sorry ciara heres my email add

  190. Nam says:

    My name is Nam. I’m in Thailand (Songkla Province, the southern part of Thailand). My relative has a millers here. So I’m wondering, if I would like to export rice to Malaysia, Phillipine, or Singapore. What should I know; laws, financial, etc.
    Looking forward to here from the Guru.
    Any informations or questions, please feel free to contact me via e mail below

  191. aling luming says:

    meron po bang pwedeng magsuuply ng bigas samin dito sa carmona cavite, magbubukas po kami ng tindahan this May as retailer at whole seller. sana po yung reasonable price.
    salmat s blog na to, nakak inspire. salamat sa lahat ng nag cocontribute.
    eto po ang email ko
    sa mga supplier paki send namn po ang quotation niyo, 50 sacks po or basta lahat ng may price listing nakakatulong.
    God bless and mabuhay tayung nagbabalak na mag business

  192. aling luming says:

    hi ian,

    kung ok lang sayo baka pwedeng makuha yung contact number nung chinese na nagsusupply sayo kung hindi ka makakapagsupplysa cavite.

    thanks..kung hindi naman ok lang din.

  193. boy dela cruz says:

    Hi ian paul,
    malaking tulong ang na ishare mo sa blog naito, pati ako’y napahanga mo. any way gusto rin mag start ng ganitong negosyo “rice dealer”, ang tanong ko ay pwedi mag start na wala ka pandeliver? 2 lang tao mo 1babae at isang lalake? ang rent ng pwesto mo ay 8K? capital mo 50k? pwedi ko bang ipagtiwla sa ibang tao ito? kasi may work din ako at bibisitahin ko nalang sila tuwing hapon? pwedi ba ang ganoon sa isang gustong mag umpisa ng negosyo? salamat. boy DC

  194. Jameer says:

    Hello, I need help I have a store in Tarlac and I am looking to buy from wholesaler for food, rice, cgiarettes, etc.. can anyone please point me in the right direction. I am in America but I have my people in Tarlac managing the store. I find Tarlac to be a tomorrow place everything with everyone is tomorrow. Except for the Coke rep he was upfront and business is now. Help please I am next to the Honda Dealer. send all my way I am a buyer. or contact me at I sell all shampoo, food, barbeque, smoked, beer etc.. See Ria at the store or contact me via email thanks to all for helping if you can.

  195. Jameer says:

    Sorry I forget name of the store is La Bodega next to Honda Delaer look for the pink and blue store. Thanks again to anyone who can send some wholesalers for cigarettes, food, beer, etc my way.

  196. czar says:

    hello po, im planning po to put up a business sa rice retailling dun sa bayan nmin, pwde po ba akong humingi ng feasibility study for the next 3 years..
    thanks po..

    hope to heard it to you ASAP

  197. kristy says:

    this blog is very informative,kudos to the blogger.
    helo ciara..
    im planning to open up a store with rice retailer im from pangasinan.nagddliver po b kau d2?kindly send me your pricelists here’s my email
    …thanks hope to hear you soon.

  198. glenn garcia says:

    ciara_dhette mr ian paul

    pakisuyo po ng mga pricelist ng mga variety po ng rice per sakcs .. plan ko po kasi na mag start ng bussines sa san pablo city as retailer ang whole seller ng rice ..maraming salamat po sobra laking tulong nito sa mga baguhan at intresado sa rice bussines , thankyou din po sa lumikha ng blog na ito God bless po kung sino man kayo .. more blessing po

  199. glenn garcia says:

    my email po
    salamat po mabuhay po tayong lahat God bless to all

  200. good day! i will start a new business regarding rice. i would like toask the prices per sack of
    dinirado long grain
    princess mia
    4 star
    i need your asap reply

  201. my cell number 09274331063
    im interested about rice

  202. joan says:

    ciara_dhette & mr ian paul maari po bang makahingi ng pricelist ng iba”ibang klase po ng rice per sakcs .. naghahanap po kc ako ng supplier ng bigas meron na po kc kaming store at balak ko po na maglagay ng bigasan but i have 30- 50 k puhunan sana makakita po ako ng mas mura lang na bigas yun kc ang hinahanap ng mga tao…this is may e-mail

  203. Pepito Consas says:

    Hello I am opening a rice retail shop this may 2011 and I need direct suppliers who can supply me with reasonable and good quality of rice in Davao City buhangin. Initially I am looking to carry 5 varieties of rice and I need 10 sacks of each. Does any one knew any suppliers in Davao that can help me? Please email me your price list Thank you so much and waiting for someone who can help me or refer me to somebody….

  204. Pepito Consas says:

    Hi guys!! does any one know any rice supplier in davao Thanks…..

  205. don says:

    Send also pricelist to for those who can supply to Cebu or bacolod.I am also on ofw who plans to venture on this business.


  206. joy says:

    @sir ian_paul,thank u so much po for sharing ur experience with us…nakakainspire po tlga…
    balak ko rin pong magsimula ng rice retailer business…maaari po bang makahingi ng pricelist ng iba’t ibang klase ng bigas nyo?eto po ang email ko,…maraming salamat po…God bless…

  207. Jameer says:


    If you can a little help please. I understand your site is about rice. BUT if you can please send some wholesalers my way for rice, cigarettes, chicken, groceries, etc . I have a store in Tarlac. I am in America. For me to meet contacts through the internet is very hard especially for Tarlac. I have a little store in Tarlac called La Bodega next to the Honda Dealer. Any wholesaler can go there or contact me at 321 536-9481 or to sort email quickly please put labodega on the subject line. I need wholesalers of all kinds. Thanks, Jameer

  208. Manuel says:

    I’m sorry I’m just blogging about those information and don’t have any contacts selling those items. Allowing your ads in my blog for free is the best I can do.

  209. mam sir…..magkanu po puhunan jan….please txt me…09395690565 gsto ko po mag bisnes ng rice salamat….

  210. BRM says:

    I have rice mill plant in Oriental Mindoro, if you want to order or buy.
    call me
    C.P # 09162965413
    email =

    Thanks & good day

  211. Marc says:

    7-Tonner from Mindanao, 500 Sako per month to Cebu, if the price is ok ,we deliver.

  212. Joji Hirano says:

    Hi! Magsisimula po ako at kaibigan ko ng rice business. Maghahanap po kami ng pinaka okay na supplier. Kung mag buy and sell lang po kami ng bigas at wala naman kaming pwesto mag door to door lang kami kelangan pa din po ba namin ng mga permit sa SEC?

    Para po sa mga suppliers pakisendan po kami ng price list. Maraming Salamat po.

  213. bethskyph says:

    interested please email me your prices, thanks

  214. BRM says:

    Sir/Madam pakisend na lang po ng address nyo for sample & pricelist.


  215. renen says:

    hi to all I’m planning a rice retailing store here in DAPDAP, BAMBAN, TARLAC. Please send me price list of rice you have. (….Thank you!

  216. Marc says:

    We have 7 Tonner from Mindanao ( long grains , Premiun ) our price
    if you get it from our budiga 1580 (cash). (Delivery to cagayan de oro plus 50 peso if you order 100 sacks and more )
    For other orders pls .contact us.
    Our destination is near Malaybalay Bukidnon.
    Rice Prices could go up or down any time.
    We are eager to meet and have business with you.

    09274641359 globe


  217. leo says:

    hi po. ask ko lang f saan po pwde makabili ng murang bigas na pwede kong ibenta d2 sa amin, kc plano kong magtinda ng bigas.. f kung sino naman ang pwede makakapagbigay ng mapagkkakuhanan ng wholesale na bigas. d2 lang po sa tarlac ang destination ko po.. tnx, pakisend na lng po sa ym ko.. sana ma2lungan nu po ako..

  218. louella says:

    to all dealers,

    kindly email to me the quotations of varieties of rice you sell.

    thank you.

  219. Lyn Lyn says:

    @ciarra & ian paul

    Appreciate if you can send quotation the varieties of your rice and terms. We will start our business this October 2011. Our location is Antipolo City.

    God Bless,

  220. boy dela cruz says:

    hi. .

    thanks a lot,

  221. ana says:

    hi! ask ko lang po. f saan po ba pwde makakabili ng murang rice na whole sale po, taga tarlac po ako.. f myron ba kyong alam na dealer na pwde kong magppablihan ng bigas. gusto ko kcing magbenta ng bigas kami ng asawa ko, kc wala pa kaming xperience sa pagttinda ng bigas kya try namn magbusiness ng bigas sa amin.. pls help me f myron kyong alam na pwdeng mgbbagsak sa amin ng bigas na whole sale.. h2 po ang ym ko..! tnx!

  222. Marc says:

    The price of the bugas is now peso 1600, fom our budiga.

  223. nery says:

    hi po… kumusta sa lahat?hingi po sana ako ng rice price list ng suppliers frm laguna.taga cabuyao laguna po kc ako and gusto ko supplier malapit lng para mas less and charges lalo na sa delivery or much better po pag free delivery ,sana po kung mayron man may alam pls feel free po to email me so thts we can have contact .heres my ym. ,thanks and more power.God bless you all

  224. gabby says:

    i plan to sell rice in my sari sari i need to get a licensed from nfa even if i don’t want to sell nfa rice? thanks

  225. gina says:

    anyone who needs all types of trucks to be use for business of personal and heavy equipment . with good condition, japan surplus or slightly use or if you are looking for supplier of rice .

    please Text me +63-948-7077-555 / +63-921-2129-899

  226. Johnpaul says:

    I’m planning to retail rice here in Bocaue, Bulacan or Valenzuela area, I dont have an idea re: profit per kilo??? Ok n business b to’??? Bidders send me your price list and advise to my email thanks.

  227. luckyjalen says:

    @ciara_dhette pls send the quotations to my email

  228. Daniel Cadelina says:

    Hi there.. We are rice wholesaler from isabela.. We’ve been in this business for almost 2 decades.. We are currently delivering in places such as Calamba, Cavite, Quezon City and Tutuban.. For those who are looking for supplier for bulk orders you can email me at Quotations and price list will be sent to you..

    Contact info:09399370645

  229. amy b says:

    to all suppliers of rice kindly email and send to me your price proposal of your rice. email:

    Deliveries are in Manila and Visayas region.


  230. Kristofer Juan Belleza says:

    Hi everybody I’m Annaliza Egargo-Belleza from Isabela … Im very much willing to supply rice products for your business needs at any quantity volume order at very cheap price… we are open for business visit for background check… we have a milling plant at BURGOS and AURORA Isabela…. please call me at 09272939523 or email me at stated email add. thanks

  231. joanne says:

    good day sa inyong lahat…nakabili ako ng maliit n pwesto sa palengke ng bayan nmin at gusto kong bigas ang itinda..I applied for a license in NfA office in Antipolo ang concern ko lng meron bgns dinidis aaprove n liocation ang NFA? kasi sayang nman n nagastusan n sa pwesto at sa boxes ng bigas tapos ma didis aaprove lng….and to Ms. Ciara..can you pls e mail the prices ung mga pang masa lng muna na bigas mga 4 diff kinds wala p akong kaalam alam sa papasukin kong ito thanks..

  232. Laurice says:

    Ms. Ciara i would like to inquire on the different varieties of rice you are selling, price list,shipping charge to Pangasinan and minimum purchase and terms of payment. Thanks
    Email :

  233. larry says:

    I’m starting my rice business in Pampanga , Bataan, Zambales , you can send me a price list of different varieties of rice ,payments and delivery term. rice to be delivered to those areas…urgent please….my email

  234. beng says:

    Good Day! May kakilala po ba kayo na pede mag supply ng bigas sa San Pablo City, Laguna. Interested po ang mother at sister ko. Hope that you can help us. Thanks.

  235. MJ says:

    Hi guys, How feasible to do rice business from luzon to Negros Occidental? Let say from Nueva Ecija to Bacolod City?

  236. marichie says:

    Hi everyone! I need your help…I am a plain house planning to put up a rice business with a capital of Php 50,000.00 I don’t know where and how to start the business. Anyway, I am from Balibago, Angeles City and looking for suppliers who can give me reasonable prices of rice, much better if is free delivery….suppliers pls send me your quotations for different varities of rice…thanks! email is

  237. jerenz says:

    Hi there! Im planning to put up rice business in retail and in wholesaling, pwede po sa mga supplier–pls pakisend nmn sa email ko— quotations at variety nung rice,,thanks!

  238. ana says:

    hi! po sa lahat. anyone to help me to find a supplier of rice yong wholesale ang price ng bigas… sta ignacia tarlac po ako.. baka myron kayong alam ng magbbagsak sa akin ng bigas yong wholesale po… kc nghahanap po ako ng mgssupply sa amin ng aswa ko.. gusto kc namng mgbusiness ng bigas sa amin… pls help me… tnx @ im waiting for dis reply… dis is my yaho

  239. mei says:

    hi sir manny.. sobrang natuwa ako sa blog nato.. as of now nagpplano kami mag asawa mag start ng rice business, naghahanap na kame ngayon ng pwesto sa palengke. we just have P100,000.00 capital. wala ako kaalam alam sa \business nato, nakatulong blog nato.. kung sinoman makabasa ng post nato. please send nyo naman price list ng rice dito
    Thanks! :)

  240. Kristofer Juan Belleza says:

    Hi… its been a quite while since I visited this site or page. I have read all your inquiries regarding rice industries or rice dealership.

    I humble my self to guide you in your plans to engage in this line of business. Retailing a rice business does not require a large amount of capital.
    The only hindrance is an honest and good supplier of rice willing to extend service”s to accommodate small enterprise with a very minimal quantity of order.
    Hence, the prices from milling company to small entities are way higher adding burdens with them while giving a higher profitable income with middle man or agents.
    We can not blame milling company to this kind of system. Needless to say-with this we can maximize our income while avoiding expenses from small scale businesses.

    Our MISSION is to innovate the traditional way of selling our products by extending services to small scale enterprise maximizing their profitability while giving a reasonable and profitable returns with our company.

    Our VISION extending the quality of well milled rice to every market with minimal cost offered to accommodate the needs of the small scale rice industries.


  241. CHRISTIAN says:

    Hello everyone! Very good blog! It gives encouragement and enlightenment to all pinoys! Pls keep posting and keep this thread alive, keep updating especially if you are doing good in your business, malay ninyo in the future we can have an association of rice producers/association dedicated to grow this field thru research and devt. As for me I want to be a supplier in the manila area in the future and some province nearby mainly north where the rice is being produce. Ipon muna ko and more research then i will keep u guys updated. With the help of our fellow pinoy/pinay enterpreneur, may we all succeed. MABUHAY!

  242. Fem says:


    I need suppliers of rice. I am starting my rice retail business and currently looking for suppliers.

    Please email me on


  243. joy says:

    hi..i planning to start a buseness buy selling rice ..i need some advice para mas mapag aralan ko po sya ..wala kc me masyado idea dto..pls help me.thankz.

  244. chai says:

    hi..cno po nag dedeliver ng bigas dito s INDANG and DASMARINAS, CAVITE? meron po akong kinukunan ngyn pero dealer lng din sya..plan ko sna mag expand kaya naghahanap ako ng supplier.

    send me your pricelist for 20 cavans per deliver


  245. Lyrehs Mercado says:


    We are interested to put up a rice dealership. Can you please email me the price list? here is my email address

    Thank you & God Bless!

  246. JOEL says:


  247. Therese says:

    hi, my husband and i are presently into water refilling business. we are hands-on owners.we are thinking of adding another business to generate more income.anything about option is rice retailing.i hope there’s somebody out there who’s kind enough to tell us how we could get started.we want to start small,perhaps a Php 10000 capital muna.are there available 10-kilo capacity sacks for sale?i also want to know where i could get supplies here in pampanga. any advice for good choice of quality but not costly rice varities? pls e-mail me at

  248. Mario says:

    Hello po!

    Ako po ay isang ofw dito sa qatar, at balak magtayo ng rice business sa la union. Sa mga suppliers, pwede nyo po ba akong bigyan ng mga price list nyo ng ibat ibang klase ng bigas. Balak ko din pong bumili ng truck para pick up ko nlng po sa inyo mga kkunin ko.

    Maraming salamat po. Ito po email add ko.


  249. liza says:

    hi to everyone… I’m interested in both wholesale and retail.. can u plz help find where to get rice (low price but good quality) in cavite or somewhere near cavite… Thank you..

  250. horiz Ranada says:

    Good day po sa mga Dealers,

    Naghahanap po ako ng dealer ng rice, pls. send me your price list sa email ko

    Thanks and God bless to all.

  251. horiz Ranada says:

    Starting a Business in Rice Retailing (Bigasan)

    Rice Retailing is a profitable business because rice is the staple food in our country. There are many rice varieties that consumers can choose from at low cost The preferred varieties for daily meals are white, long grained, and aromatic. Glutinous or sticky rice (malagkit) are used for native sweets.

    Estimated Investment Cost (based on 2009 prices)

    A. Basic Equipment

    Rice boxes, 6 pcs – 2,500
    Scooper – 250.00
    Pushcart – 600.00
    Weighing scale – 900.00
    Sub-Total – P4,250.00

    B. Basic Weekly Supplies (from rice farmers/producers)

    Sinandomeng, 450 kilos @P28.05/kg – P12,622.50
    Dinurado, 400 kilos @34.00/kg -13,600.00
    Wag-wag, 350 kilos @25.50/kg -8,925.00
    Milagrosa, 250 kilos @25.05/kg -7,012.50
    Long Grain, 350 kilos @25.50/kg -8.925.00
    NFA Rice. 700 kilos @21.25/kg -14,875.00
    MalagkH, 50 kilos @34,00/kg -1,700.00
    Sub-Total – P67,660.00

    C. Packaging

    Sando Bags, 3000 pcs – P450.00
    Estimated total investment cost – P72,360.00

    D. Cost of Goods Sold

    Merchandise Inventory Beginning (20%) – P13,622.00
    Add: Purchases (80%) – 54,486.00
    Total Goods Available for Sale – 68,110.00
    Less: Merchandise Inventory, Ending – 13,622.00
    Cost of Goods Sold – P54,488.00
    Add: 15% Mark-up – 8,173.20
    Sales – P62,661.20

    Estimated Weekly Income

    Sales – P62,661.20
    Less: Cost of Goods Sold – 54,488.00
    Gross Sales – P8,173.20
    Less Operating Expenses:
    Labor (P200 x 7 days x 1 worker) – 1,400.00
    Water and Electricity (weekly) – 350.00
    Transportation/Delivery – 500.00
    Estimated total weekly income – P5,923.20


    80% of the items are being replenished weekly.
    80% of Cost of Goods Purchased is considered sold weekly.
    20% of the rice remains In the inventory per week.
    15% is the mark-up per item.


    Storage – Bukbok or weevil is a natural enemy of rice because it Is 90% starch. They make rice powdery so make sure the storage or warehouse is managed properly.

    DTI BNRS – Online Services

    i hope this is usefull to others!!
    God Bless Us All!!

  252. NFA Dealer says:

    Just want to share my experience

    According to the BNRS guide the mark up is 15%

    15% is ideal and i would love to have the same mark up. but it isn’t realistic.

    Since NFA prices could be verified i’ll use it a an example to compute the realistic mark up for rice retailing

    the cost of goods is PHP1250 per sack or PHP25 per kilo
    the selling price is PHP1400 per sack or PHP28 per kilo
    that is a just 10% mark up

    the mark up is even lower for customers who would buy per sack
    the mark up would be PHP20 to PHP50 per sack.
    That would only be a 2% to 5% mark up.

    If other dealers were able succeed with a higher mark up please share some tips and strategy as would love to learn.

  253. O&S Trading says:

    We are selling good quality Thailand rice. Please send me an email at if you are interested. Thanks!

  254. April says:

    Planning to start up a rice retail and wholesale business, would you please help me to find where is rice dealership along in Bulacan.. Here’s my email add: Thank you very much.

  255. Peter Louie says:

    Selling well-milled rice.. minimum of 500 sacks/day. Mindanao Area only.

  256. lloyd says: planning to start doing this business can you please give me a tips including your price of selling and retailing to other competitors..
    kindly please send me the price of different kind of rice..

    send to this email:

  257. lloyd says:

    which one is the most ideal thing to do if i will buy palay for cheap price and then sell it for a normal price or sacks of rice and then sell it?

  258. evapaula says:

    Hi..i am planning to start doing this business can you please give me a tips including your price of selling and retailing to other competitors..
    kindly please send me the price of different kind of rice..

  259. Warren Oliva says:

    Planning to start with rice business, may alam po ba kayong suppliers dito sa Bicol, Cam, Sur Area para ma canvass ko po ang price nila , thank u..

  260. zenan says:

    Hi, is there anyone here could possibly supply rice with good quality at a very low cost. This is part of our employees benefits, rice subsidy every 45 days.

  261. larry says:

    @Zenan how many ba ang kailangan mo at anong klase ng bigas ang preferred mo?

  262. April says:

    Hi larry, baka may ma offer ka pwede mabilan ng bigas, magtatayo kasi ko bigasan . thanks

  263. Zenan says:

    @ Larry around 120 cavans sinandomeng quality at very low cost.

  264. mabel says:

    hello,mayroon kaming sinandomeng.
    please email me at kung interested kayo.
    thank you.

  265. gwapo says:

    hi to all pls give me da # of delacruzcadelinamilling rice company if u give it to me then tk

  266. beng says:

    Our client prefers rice from nueva ecija such as charice 101 blue (sinandomeng), Charice Maharlika (Sinandomeng), charice 101 regular (Sinandomeng)and Tiger First Class Partido Red. Baka po may alam kayo na pede mag supply sa amin dito sa laguna. around 50 cavans po.Thank you and more power

  267. beth says:

    @ zenan, you can email me @

  268. April says:

    Hi. anyone may alam supplier ng bigas from nueva ecija. dito kasi me sa bulacan.. maraming salamat

  269. Anton says:

    Hi to the suppliers and wholesalers, please send me in your price list. I am a Cebu based rice dealer. Many thanks!

  270. yang ponteras says:

    any whole sale rice suppliers in cavite area pls send me your quotations for different varieties.. asap. tnx. email me at

  271. raffy says:

    sir manny gusto ko lng po sana mag tanung sa inyo kung pano at saan kumukuha ng NFA permite at para saan po ito salamat po god bless!

  272. raffy says:

    sir manuel need ko lng po ng tulong sa inyo kung paano kumuha ng NFA permite at kung para saan to kung mag start ako ng rice business salamat po.

  273. animonina says:

    Hi, I’m looking for direct/wholesale suppliers. Location ko is Pasig City. Please send me your price list and delivery options (minimum order for free delivery, delivery charge). Thanks! my email address is

  274. Rommel says:

    to ZENAN
    here’s my cp# 0906-9391100 contact me if you don’t have supplier yet. Guaranteed good quality sinandomeng at a very low cost.

  275. raffy says:

    to romme
    sir as ko lng saan location mo intersted ako kung meron kang rice na power blossom, 4 star ,hockie, jasmin saka dinorado need ko 25 kilo kada sako at kung free deliver ka from bacoor cavite boundery from imus cavite at ilan minimum sa free delivery mo! thnk u god bless

  276. raffy says:

    sir eto pala email add ko thanks

  277. jerry says:


    i’m located here in Antipolo… i;m planning to start a rice busines/dealership… any supplier na pwede mag supply to me at affordable rate?


  278. wilhelmina l. roman says:

    to ciara: i want to have copy of your current price list….I really wnt to do business with your company….this is my email…

  279. sharon says:

    hi! Im planning to put up rice business. sa mga supplie
    r please email me your pricelist at minimum order for free delivery. btw sa taguig yung location ng business. thanks a lot.
    my email add.

  280. agnes says:

    Should you want a cheap resonable price but PURE dinurado staight from rice mill in Oriental Mindoro, minimum order of 10 cavans. if interested, you can contact me at 09167704599/09273021149/(02)936-5377. Thanks!

  281. agnes says:

    Php1,650 Dinurado per cavan
    any inquiries, you can text me or call

  282. mhelis says:

    hello po to everyone!! may balak po kase akong mag open ng rice business this coming january,im looking for supplier im here in Bataan so please can you send me the pricelist of diff.varities of rice at minimum order..paki email na lng po ( thanks!!!!

  283. Yna says:

    Good Day! We currently need rice supplier in San Andres Manila area. Please send me thru email pricelist of different rice variety. Thanks!

  284. ellen says:

    gud am,
    pa tulong naman po kung how much po starting capital for wholesale and retail ng bigas…plan po kasi namin na mag tyo ng bigasan. pa email na lng po pati yung pricelist ng bigas…

  285. tin says:

    hello.. I’m planning to put up a rice business here in novaliches.S mga supplier please email me your price list at minimum order for free delivery thanks a lot…
    please email @

  286. nej says:

    hi! planning to put up rice retailing business. for the suppliers: can you email me price list at a minimum order. thank you! here’s the email address: and thanks! will be waiting… :)

  287. janet says:

    hello po. Paano po ba ang tamang storage ng rice. Gusto ko po sana i try mag tindaa muna ng retail at pag kaya n po ng budget gusto ko po sana mag rice dealer magkano po ba ang tamang budget para dito at tamang storage. meron po ba kayong ibang alam n site na nag share ng knowledge like po? A site din po ng rice dealer kung saan maganda at mura ang bigas, ung direct po. Thank you godbless!!! Sana po masagot nyo po ang aking mga katanungan. Maraming Salamat po:-)

  288. janet says:

    Hello IAN PAUL nbs ko po ung mga sagot nyo sa mga katanungan. npk ganda nmn po ng mga advise maraming salamat po sa pag share nyo ng knowledge god bless!!!
    Hello po MANUEL very helpful nmn po ang mga n share nyo sana po stay lang ang site n ito. Para marami p po kayo matulungan.

    OFW po ako at halos walang naiipon, dhil n rin sa mga needs ng kamaganak at bahay na hinuhulugan. Gusto ko po sana umuwi na sa pinas pero wala po ako ipon. Magkano po ba ang dpat budget ko., kahit retail lang po.

  289. Ma. Cristina M. Calip says:

    Hi nag pla plano ako mag retail selling ng bigas… anu po ba ang dapat na simulan para matuloy ito?

    Ms. Ciara pedi mo po ba akong tulungan? eto po ang email add ko

    Taga caloocan city north po ako nakatira pero dito ako sa singapore nagwowork.

  290. Rochelle says:

    hi to all suppliers na malapit sa san fernando, pampanga ………… bka pwede po pa send ng mga price ng lahat ng klase ng bigas ……….blak ko po ksing mag business …………….thanks…… wishes to all …………

  291. Rochelle says:

    email add: …………….hope for ur reply

  292. nora says:

    Hi Mr Manuel..may God bless you more for this blog, it realy helps a lot!!
    to IanPaul and shidder_24(Rommel)
    I am also planning to venture in rice business(retail). Would you please send me at least prices of 5kinds of rice, starts from the least price-considering the target consumer. and please kindly give me tips on proper storage, to avoid “bokbok”. my email add is:

    thanks alot.. BIG THANKS MR. MANUEL!

  293. analiza says:

    ciara_dhette! pls can u send me the list prize of any kinds of rice.. my ym tnx @ godbless!!

  294. pio elevazo says:

    Miller po ako, north cotabato nga lang ang location, meron kming ir 158, rc 18, ir160 ,M3 ,ir64, pwd kmi mkdeliver ng davao city, davao del sur, south cotabato and gensan..u can contact me regarding sa mga presyo, ngbago kz ito from time to time, number 09487875013

  295. jhoy says:

    hi guys.. @manuel..pls can u send me the list prize of any kinds of rice.. my ym

  296. mabel says:

    If you are looking for rice, I hope I can help you.
    We supply good quality of RICE – senandomeng for and dinorado
    Puro at walang halo. 1st class rice.
    FREE delivery with minimum order of 200 sacks.
    If interested please contact Mabel – 09084330294 or email
    Thanks & God bless you.

  297. says:

    Hi all. I am Vietnam’s supplier. we have more good rice for you.
    If you want to import rice. Pleas contact with me via email
    I am a produce rice to directly sell with best price for all!

  298. Gud pm! Ms. Ciara, interested ako sa rice dealership. Can you send me thru fax your price list. My fax no. is 4104686. Tnx.

  299. Lyn Montenegro says:

    Dear Friends,

    Can anyone send me the price list of different kinds of rice . Our location is in Antipolo City…thanks

    My email address:

  300. sarah says:

    hi.. i just wanna start a rice business retailer/wholesaler.. Can anyone send me the price list of different kinds of rice . Our location is in QUEZON CITY….starts from the least price-considering the target consumer. and please kindly give me tips on proper storage, to avoid “bokbok”. my email add is:

  301. sarah says:


  302. sarah says:

    my area is in QUEZON CITY my starting money is only 20k sa bigas lang po ung nk set up n ung place at mga gamit so bigas n lng tlg ang im looking for a reasonable price for a small time business like me.. pls anyone can help me thanks..

  303. Arrow says:

    anyone can supply rice to bacolod city? please email me at thanks

  304. risa says:

    gusto po ng mama ko na magtayo ng negosyo (bigasan) at a cheaper price. at sa bahay lang po siya magtitinda yung nd na po magrerent ng store site.
    hmm advise lng po
    mga nsa magkano po dapat yung puhunan para pu doon

  305. jocelyn condrillon says:


    My family and i want to start a retail or wholesaler rice store. we live in Antipolo and our place is like 15min. to 20min away from the market where people can buy rice in different varities. because of that i realized that getting started in this business is a good idea.

    i really don’t know where to buy rice so we can start the business.

    pls help me. you can email me at or txt or call me at this number: 09085952909. i would appreciate any information you can give me. thank you.

  306. tonette says:

    Good day at hello po sa lahat,

    Magandang site po ito sa mga nagbabalak mag negosyo ng bigas, katulad po sakin,sa kakahanap sa internet na baka mabigyan ako ng idea, dito pala maraming idea heheh salamat sa lahat,

    Balak ko po mag whole sellers from palay to bigas,.baka by march or april 2012 mag start ng bisnis, balak ko kc magtayo ng storage rice,mura lang po ung bigas namin d2 sa bohol,.sa ngaun may stock kami palay sa bahay,ang bigay namin 50kg, is 1500pesos, sa bahay lang muna kc wala pa kaming licencya, khit din pala sa bahay lang nakakabinta na ,.kya maganda talaga negosyo ay bigas kc lahat ng tao sa pilipinas kumakain talaga ng bigas.,.

    maraming salamat sau sir manuel, god bless!!

  307. Jesamie says:

    Hi. I am planning to start rice, cookingoil and sugar dealership here in Tacloban City, Leyte. I am looking for reliable supplier. If you can supply, please email me. Thank you.

  308. rodel damian says:

    ciara_dhette : mam im planning to start a new business about rice business ano ano po ba yung ibat ibang klase ng rice na maganda ibenta,mag reretailer po ako, hope you can give me an advice and send me a list of rice to sale. i am from aklan, hope you can help me. at tig magkakanu po benta per kind of rice. my capital is worth of 30.000 lang sana,dito sa wet market namin,hope masagot nyo po yung katunungan ko.

    Email :

    maraming salamat po..i need po your answer with in the day maraming salamat po.

  309. Kevin Lastrella says:

    Hi! I am from Taytay, Rizal and will start a rice retail store in January 2012 (next month) and I am looking for a rice supplier or dealer as soon as possible. Please send me your price list. what is the minimum number of sacks for delivery? thanks. hoping to do business with you SOON.


  310. Eric Medina says:

    Hi! Ms. Ciara Gusto po sana namin magtayo ng rice dealership business d2 samin sa cavite.Just want to ask to price list of each variety of rice na meron kayo saka ide deliver po ba i2 or pick-up? Thank’s.. here’s my email

  311. modig says:

    Hello po sa lahat!

    Meron po ako sari sari store and plan to put rice retailer. I need rice supplier. Please email me at

  312. raffy says:

    naghahanap po ako ng rice whole sale from cavite? kung meron po pakibigyan naman ako ng detail ng price ng rice need ko po ng 5 na klase ng bigas. paki email nalng po ako dto slamat po

  313. Emmie Bondoc says:

    Hello po! Ask ko lang anu-ano pong mga permits ang kailangan ko i-secure to open a rice retail store? Like business permit, BIR, Mayor’s permit, NFA permit, DTI rin po ba? And ano po ba mga restrictions regarding this business? You’re information will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  314. geo says:

    ciara_dhette pakisend naman ng quotation ng goods mo. thanks

  315. geo says:

    ciara_dhette , my email, kindly send your quotation. thanks.

  316. jhero says:

    goodmrning po,i just want 2 start a rice retailing and wholesaling business,can u help me 2 make a business plan or send me a business plan at my email thank u :)

  317. ciara_dhette , my email, kindly send your quotation. many thanks

  318. Anne Macaulay says:

    @ CIARA
    Please send in my e mail add the class of rice and qoutation and mode of payment please. Thank you and looking forward to have a good business with you.
    Anne, Tarlac

  319. buboy says:

    ..@tonet…blak q rin sna mgwholesale ng palay to bigas,.can u give me some tips and advice kung panu mgstart sa gnitong business?..tska tnung q lng ung cnsbi mong 50kgs bigay nyo 1500pesos anung klse ng bigas un tska mgkno nyo bnbili ung palay sa farmer or mgkano ung benthan ng palay?..plan q kc bili aq ng rice mill then bi2li aq ng palay sa farmer taz benta q na bigas…pcnxa na dami qng tnung..gs2 q kc mkcgro bgo smugal sa gnitong ngosyo eh…..i really need ur response.. u can me an email…thnx.god bless.

  320. april says:

    Hi Ian Paul
    I am planning to start a rice business. sa market sna ng pasig. so that means marami ding stall ng rice sa tabi ko? do you think my profit pa rin ba sa gnyan? and ian paul since maliit plang capital ko im looking for someone like consignement sana… hope to hear from you soon
    God Bless Thanks

  321. emerson says:

    Hi, To all those interested in going into rice business, if your location is near sampaloc manila i can help you start with retailing. I can deliver as low as 5 sacks. you may conact me at 09229890833

  322. Jane says:

    Hi!!! I`m a start up retailer in Quezon City.. Ciara, Ian Paul, or other whole saler, could you kindly email me pricelist and delivery options..
    Maraming Salamat po..

  323. loreign says:

    Hi Ciara! I’m planning to start up a rice business here in Quezon City. Kindly send me a price list and the delivery cost. Thanks a lot! Here’s my email address:

  324. Bernard says:

    Hi, I’m looking for direct/wholesale suppliers. Location ko is Dinalupihan Bataan. Please send me your price list and delivery options (minimum order for free delivery, delivery charge). Thanks! my email address is / 09213200814

  325. che says:

    interested po ako mging rice dealer may alm po ba kau beside sa nfa. location ko is albay, here is my contact no. 09999966463.

  326. rj says:

    maraming salamat po sa inyo

  327. marilou nadonga says:

    gud am gusto ko po mag business ng bigasan retailer pwede mo b ako matulungan at saan office at direct line nyo para nman makausap ko kayo may pewsto na ako na pag lalagyan asap please . pki email nlang po ako thanks

  328. beng says:

    baka ma kakilala po kayo na pede magsupply sa amin ng bigas… usto naming magretail sa amin sa laguna. pls help us. my contact number is 0923 8161577. thanks.

  329. Glenn says:

    Hi Sir Ian Paul! I’m planning to start up a rice business here in San Mateo Rizal. Kindly send me a price list and the delivery cost. Thanks a lot! Here’s my email address:

  330. Noel C. Hilario says:

    Hi, how are you. ako po ay isang OFW nasa abroad for almost 20 years na, nais ko pong mag umpisa nang negosyo sa Pilipinas Rice supliers retailer. Lubos ang aking pasasalamat kung mabibigyan nyo po ako nang idea para sa ginagawa kung study para sa aking loan.

    God bless and more power sa inyo.

  331. marvin mendoza says:

    hi ciara im interested can u send your price list many thanks.

  332. marvin mendoza says:

    ciara_dhette & mr ian paul maari po bang makahingi ng pricelist ng iba”ibang klase po ng rice per sakcs .. naghahanap po kc ako ng supplier ng bigas meron na po kc kaming store at balak ko po na maglagay ng bigasan but i have 100k puhunan.

  333. emerson yu says:

    Pls call me at 7337632

  334. jonalyn dela cruz says:

    hi ciara pwedi po pa send ng mga pricelist ng wholesale and retail ng rice nyo po..(

  335. gerry amaro says:

    sir manuel. sapat na po ba puhunan ang 10k para sa bigasan. sa harap lng po ng bahay ang pwesto . para maibigay ko ng mas mababa ang price. san po kaya pwede makakuha ng medyo mababang price taga batangas city po ako. kahit 3 kinds of rice lng muna. testing lng nman. pls give some advice. on how to start and improve. interested po talaga akong mag business ng bigas. thaks po. pls. email also the pricelist.

  336. gabrielle says:

    good day

    ma’am ciara and mr.Ian paul

    taga dito po ako sa angeles city pampanga and planing to start rice bussiness.Pwede po ba ako humingi ng price list nyo at tracking fee…pleased give me a good price……Thanks

  337. retsel02 says:

    Wow., the best lahat ng mga insights na nabasa ko dito huh., mas lalo ko nagustuhan magtayo ng rice retailing business.,

    Sir Ian., thanks! U made me believe na everyone has a chance to have their own business.,

    Pede po ba humingi ng favor sa mga rice dealers/suppliers to send a quotation to me., po., and my location is from las pinas.,

    I only have 100k budget to put up my own rice retailing business with 6-7 varieties of rice!? All in na po ung 100k ko., rent/stocks/construction/etc., is this fine already!? Please i need help., i really dont have any idea.,

    Thanks to all who contributed to this blog., goodluck sa ating lahat!

  338. Joseph says:

    Hi everyone, i came accross your blog site because i am starting my rice dealership in Pampanga. I made used of my inherited farm from my parents. I am now living in Canada. I know how hard it is to start a business specially if you do not have enough capital to sustain your operation and your retailing.
    The good news is that i am willing to help people who wants to start their rice retailing business with small capital. My objective is simple: Help you build your retailing busines while you are introducing me to your friends who want to do the same.
    Contact me at or you can visit my farm anytime at your convenience.

  339. Joseph says:

    Starting a business is not so simple. You have to have a fixed source of income to sustain your operation specially if you are renting a space for your business and is paying an employee. I know this because i have my other business in retailing. If i am not working abroad i assumed that my first business is now closed.
    You have to keep in mind that in starting a business you must understand that the first two years of that is basically establishing your business. You won’t earn much, or sometimes you will not earn at all.
    when you established your business, and people knws about it, then that’s the start of the happy days for you.
    Be passionate with what you do! When you plan to start your business, be ready for challenges. Goodluck friends!

  340. harlan Magno says:

    Im from Nueva Ecija and im planning to put up a rice ratailing business. kung may intersesado na maging supplier ko.kindly email me your quotations/details and terms at

    Thank you!

  341. emerson yu says:

    The best way to sell rice is to find a sustainable customer, such as canteens and restaurant. Repeat order is the key to maintain a predictable monthly sales which will be the basis of your inventory. Of course you also have to know the preference of your customer.

    Carinderia- Laon, Semi Laon -( Cost conscious)
    Canteens-Sinandomeng, Angelica- ( Customer conscious)
    Restaurant-Jasmine, Denorado- ( Quality conscious)


  342. hi.. i just wanna start a rice business retailer/wholesaler.. Can anyone send me the price list of 6 different kinds of rice . Our location is in san mateo rizal….starts from the least price-considering the target consumer. and please kindly give me tips on proper storage, to avoid “bokbok”. my email add

  343. nash says:

    Hi!! to all…

    Like this blog .. i learn a lot.. sana naman may alam kayo pwede mag supply dito sa cebu city.. please leave ur email add..

  344. Joseph says:

    1. Start-up capital
    For rice retailing, invest atleast 5-10 sacks of rice of different kinds. Remember, your first few months is buyilding -client months. Do not expect a good return in here that fast. But You have to make sure that your passion is there. Do not lose hope, starting the business is the hardest part. Once you will get clients, everything will follow.
    2. Reserve capital
    This will be used for place rental, second orders, employee salaries if you have, and your needed m,aterials for your business. If i were you, sit-down for a day and make your own business plan. List your plans, your marketing/selling strategies. Star with your friends and Families as your first CUSTOMERS.
    3. Marketing Style/Strategies
    List all the people you know that you can sell your rice. They will be your first clients. They will not say no if they will need to buy rice on that day. Avoid “Rice now, Pay later”
    4. Search for suppliers that can provide a good payment scheme. Example: Buy 20 rice, pay for the 10 sacks and make the others payable for a period of time.
    5. Be Professional
    Present yourself well with conviction and dignity.

    To be followed…..

  345. Aya Alarcio says:

    We produce Laoac Rice from Variety 160 palay grown in the same town, helping farmers sustain the local agricultural industry. Our rice is well milled, mist-polished, and color sorted, using state of the art Satake machinery from Japan.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be very happy to present to you a sample of our rice.

    We are looking forward to providing with you quality Filipino rice at affordable prices.

    contact number: 09175691956
    email add:

  346. ranjiv says:

    my mom started this business a couple of years ago. nabobore kc xa at pandagdag narins a gastusin. taga vigan nga pla kami. dito naman ako manila nagaaral ng medisina. para s mga passionate dito, ito ung negosyong nagpaaral sa akin. Ok talaga ang kita dito at nakakatulog ka pa sa mga tao lalo na sa retailing. bsta sbi nga ni rhonda bryne dba?- be positive in everythng that you do! wag mawalanng hope, with a little eagerness and dedication with the technicalities and watver comes along with it, for sure u will succeed. This is a staple food thus it cud be a staple busness as well. sbi nga sa taas, haluan mo na rin ng sari-sari store to mark up profit. balak narin namin mag expand ng 2 stores sa karatig baranggay.

    wala lang po, super happy lang po ako sa busness na pinasukan ng mom ko. at super happy rin ako ishare sa iba na it doesnt need to much capital to start this. a little prespiration and a full passion counts at the end of the day! Godbless sa lahat!

  347. Rei says:

    hi everyone,
    i am based in Marikina City. we are starting a rice dealership business. to all legit suppliers in this site, kindly send me your pricelist and delivery MOQ, delivery charges for below MOQ via thanks!

  348. joey tokias says:

    to Joseph…
    -you really have the heart in helping entrepreneurs and would be businessmen ….
    don’t get tired on imparting good ideas on how to do well in well knew how encouraging your advice to others.God bless to all!

  349. Rowel says:

    Hello Everyone,
    Thanks po sa lahat ng info, I am starting a sari-sari store that includes rice please send quatations 6 variety from wholesaler near Cainta Rizal dulo kami bandang Antipolo/Taytay na. Kung nagdedeliver po kayo bandang dito eh punta na lang po ako sa pinagdedeliviran nyo for pick-up.
    My email add is I have multicab small truck I can pick-up the rice provided malapit lang para di talo sa gas.

    Kung me maitutulong naman po ako doon sa mga naghahanap ng delivery truck medyo alam ko po ang mga technique kung paano mag maintain ng multicab maliit lang po ito pero nagkakarga hanggang 32 sacks of rice, madali ring i maintain meron din po akong alam na nagbebenta ng malaking truck hindi na po naaasikaso kasi nag abroad ang me ari baka makuha nyo ng mas mura.

    GOD Bless and more power po sa blog na to.

  350. jimmelyn says:

    to maam ciara ang sir paul, pano po mg start ng small rice store? im from rizal po puwede nyo pb akong mabigyan ng ibat ibang klase ng bigas. may 50k po puwede n po ba yn mg start? pls help me nmn po at saan po ako makahanap ng mag deliver n mura lng ang biga. tnx po

  351. janeve says:

    Good day po

    I am from Cagayan de Oro. I really wanted to start a buy and sell rice business. My estimated capital is 40k. I already have target dealer from bukidnon and delivery is free of charge since they are relative of my boyfriend. I really don’t have time for selling it by kilo so I plan to contanct companies that can get rice sacks.

    I would like to ask if rice sack distribution is better than rice retailing by kilo. I am working so I can’t really manage a small store.

    And does this buy and sell rice business need to have DTI and NFA permit?

    I would really appreciate your feedback

    Janeve from CDO

  352. cristine says:

    hi thanks to this post ,gusto ko rin po magbusiness ng rice , im from olongapo , naghahanap po ako ng pinakamalapit n pwede mag suply ng bigas , ,, meron po ba khit s bataan zambales pampanga ? at anu ano po mga mura at patok talaga n bigas ngayon ? please send me price list ? thanks

  353. arlyn says:

    hi to everyone,

    im from zambales.. i just started my business,which is selling rice..4 days ago…and so far ok naman ung sales…i sale sinandomeng,33 PERKILO, angelica 33perkilo, and regular rice,32, and ordinary rice which is imported rice 31 per kilo.ang malakas ung tig 31.kc pang masa.un ang mabenta dito sa tindhan ko…mgndang business ang bgas.nag start ako sa 35k.and sa una hirap ako.nangangapa pa.but then unti unti nkong natututo.about selling rice.nag start ako mag june na kaya medyo mahal na ang bgas bgay sken ng kinukuhaan ko.kc tag ulan na.ang tecniques pla dun dpt ahead of time bago mag tag ulan kumuha na ng maaga pra mura pa ang bgas at mabenta mo ng mataas pag tag ulan,kc mhal ang bgas,dun ka lng pla mkakabawi..kaya ngayun eto nag uumpisa pa lng ako.maliit pa lng kita.kc kumukuha pa lng ako ng customers.and asides from that.ung 35k na capital ko maliit lng pla sa tutuusin.ok na pang umpisa 50k to 100 pra mrming stocks…and ngayun pag nag papautang din ako my interest,pag 15 days to pay 50 pesos.pag 30days to pay 100.pra kumita khit papano.meron nmn kumakagat ung mga kakilala ko nga lng ang bnbgyan ko.mhrap na mag pautang ngayun dpt sa good player lng.mhrap maningil…gud luck na lng sa mag sisimula at nag plaplano ng ganitong business

  354. princess says:

    hi to all. im planning to start rice retailing business. kindly email me quotations. my email add is much.

  355. taritz says:


    Im also into selling rice, my store is in dasma bayan area. I am having difficulty with the schedule of delivery from my dealer. If there are supplier out there who are willing to deliver 10 to 15 sacks yung tig 25 kiloa lang po per week kindly email me at or contact me thru 0917 873 6213.

    I also would want sample first of the different variant you sell.

    thanks and more power to us…

  356. taritz says:

    dasma bayan cavite po ito banda.

    thanks ulit

  357. Mark says:

    I’am a supplier of rice here in the Philippines, You can contact me for more info. I can direct you to our nearest warehouse in your place. I will also try to find ways if you don’t have any means of transportation. We are certified and accredited by NFA (National Food Authority).

    Beginners and small capital rice seller can contact me @ 09228320955 or email me @

    thanks! lets have a business

  358. Lovely says:

    @arlyn kmusta po…ask ko lang kung sino supplier planning to start a business ..selling rice nga din…I hope you could give me some details..thanks…

  359. Tnx Ian Paul for ur advice…can u please email me your pricelist @ We are planning to put a wholesale and retail rice business.

    Tnx Gen – Batangas City

  360. eileen says:

    hi,everyone. i’m from pampanga, and i’m interested in doing rice retailing(or tig 25 kilos) to go with our other business. focus ko po sana ay idedeliver lng since wala po kaming pwesto. ano po ba ang proper storage ng rice?ano dapat ang features ng bodega say for 50-100 sacks?pwede po bang kuhanin agad ang dti kahit hindi pa kukuha ng mga permits( since kulang pa ang budget at di pa namna kami magtitinda).pero gusto ko na po sanang kuhanin ang DTI.anong rice varieties po ba ang mura pero goodquality, na pwedeng ibenta ng less than Php 30-40.need advice po ng possiblesuppliers

  361. Eugene says:

    Para po sa lahat….
    hingi lang po ako advice ok lang po ba magtayo ako ng rice business sa mga subdi area?may nakita kasi akong subdi na subrang laki….

  362. daryl says:

    Hi po sa inyo.bago pa lng ako magsisimula ng negosyo about sa rice.cnu po dito ang may pricelist ng bigas at kung anung klase.ito po email add ko ki send nlng po dyan,thanx

  363. paul says:

    hi, taga capiz po ko, im 24 yrs old im planning to start a rice farm business.. tanong ko lang poh sa kung sino man ang may idea o may nakaka-alam kung how much ROI ang makukuha ko sa 0.75 hectare na rice farm based sa current costs/expenses at based sa may experience na ng rice farming

  364. paul says:

    paki email nalang din po ako sa kung sino makakatulong sa pagsagot ng tanong ko..thanks poh sa inyo at sa blogger.. this is my email (

  365. con says:

    kmsta po sa lahat,tanung ko lang kong sinong may alam na nag su-supply dito sa leyte area na good variety of rice.TY

  366. michelle says:

    need rice supplier from pampanga, tarlac, or nearby.


  367. Jay says:

    Hi, my wife and I are planning to start a rice retail business in Bacolod City
    Anyone from Bacolod City who can supply good quality of rice for us?

  368. mdecastro says:

    Hi, we are looking for a rice supplier for our start up business here in Pasig City.

  369. Dheny says:

    To ms.ciarra_dhette
    I’m planning to start small business since bago plng. Pwde po ba ako makahnge ng pricelist ng bigas nyo.. More power and tnx…. My email address

  370. marlon angeles says:

    Good morning to all,
    Please give advice naman po.exit npo ako dis march from riyadh ksa. plano ko po na mag rice retailing business.nasa magkano at ilan kinds and socks of rice po ba ang need para sa starter na katulad ko…..mas mainam nrin po kc na may ganitong way pra sa ikauunlad ng negosyo……salamat po sa inyo….GODBLESS

  371. Tony says:

    Good Day! We are planning to start our concept of food business naghahanap po kami ng supplier ng rice. We need high quality of rice. like the pink rice. Baka po may alam kayo nagsupply need po namin contact at price list. email me at tnx

  372. aileen barcelon says:

    mag open po stall ko this april.i need rice suppliers.pls send us your price list (s mga supplier n nagpopost po dito)salamat po.Im looking forward doing business with’s my contact number 09151325205

  373. micky says:

    im a rice suppliers. we supply IR 64

  374. chard says:

    Naghahanap po ako ng direct supplier ng bigas na pwede magsupply d2 sa gensan city.pls send your price list and payment terms sa email ko

  375. kaycee says:

    hi! to everyone here. i am direct supplier/wholesaler from golden city bocaue bulacan. i can help you supplying rice a wholesale price within metromanila you just contact me at 09086087431.

  376. may says:

    hi everyone!
    anyone who can supply us good quality of rice grains here in sta rosa laguna. im planning to be a rice dealer..can you send me your price list at
    thanks so much!

  377. anj says:

    @kaycee can you give me a price list of your rice? thanks email me in this

  378. vilma b, manuel says:

    to all concern!!! hi! im vilma of antipolo. favor lang po i want to know from anyone who are already engage in this business(rice. whosale and retailer) if magkano ba income in a month. magkanong expenses. gross at net. monthly at annual. ilan kailangan na trabhador-magkano pasahod need ko lang sa interview… pls!!! thank you sa mag eeffort… God Bless!!!

  379. Alarcio rice mill says:

    Hi vilma! I can email you the details if you want. Just give me your email address and from there you can ask me anything you want. Im a rice miller myself and i also have 5 rice retail outlets.

  380. CATHERINE says:

    Hi Sir…
    I am also planning to sell rice in our area and I already put up a small store mg-oopen plang ako, cguro mgstart ako 5 sacks lng muna and per kilo. Ask lng po ako do I need to secure a license from NFA or Brgy permit lng muna…Thank you

  381. anj says:

    sir alarcio please give me a price list of your rice? I want to put up a business kasi eh. thanks

  382. susan says:

    Hi sir Alarcio can i request for your price list? i am planing to start up a rice retailing business po, thank you (

  383. jhay says:

    @ciara, kindly send me your best offer for 100 sacks (50kg) of rice which will be my initial stock @
    different variety dapat.
    send also some images (actual, not downloaded from internet) to have a look at it kc and2 pako sa UAE.
    I’ll be home next year to start my business.

  384. jhay says:

    @ Kristofer Juan Belleza
    kindly send me your best offer for 100 sacks (50kg) of rice which will be my initial stock @ different variety dapat. send also some images (actual, not downloaded from internet) to have a look at it kc and2 pako sa UAE. I’ll be home next year to start my business. Thanks.

  385. Angel lopez says:

    hi alarcio..pwede mo ba iforward sa email ko pricelist ng different kinds of rice mo?plan ko magput up ng retailing business sa palawan eh.need to know din kung ilan ang minimum order mo para magdeliver ng free sa pier areamfor shipment dito sa lugar add ko satanevs@yahoo

  386. aton_wilson says:

    gud day to all.. balak ko mag bukas ng small tindahan of rice here. my budget is 20k maximum.. from the look of it, i may only used 1ok as to buying sack of rice… ang tanung ko po… panu ko pepresyuhan for kilo ung mga sack of rice ko na with differrent range of rice n hindi nmn ako luge and not over pricing also

    i love this site… and dame kong natutunan and some optional bussines

  387. Jerome Maulanin says:

    Good day! I’m from Sta. Rosa Laguna I have a rice store in sta rosa market. I’m looking for a rice supplier. Please send me your price list, rice varieties, and minimum order to be delivered in sta rosa market.

  388. Rebecca says:

    Sir alarcio, pls e-mail mo naman skin yung mga price list mo,,,gusto ko magtayo ng rice business kasi wla din man ngyayari sa pag-abroad ko lahat padala ng pinas at malayo pa sa mga anak ko,,,maliit lang din sahod ng isang Dh sa singapore. kaya gusto ko pong magbusiness na lang. sana matulungan nyo po

  389. Rodel Sta.Maria says:

    Hi, I’m leaving in Rodriguez Rizal gusto ko magnegosyo ng bigasan, gusto ko na makasama pamilya ko dyan sa Pinas, wala akong idea kung paano?saan maguumpisa? at magkano kapital? Tips or advise pls….

  390. jayson says:

    hi good day po sa inyong lhat n naandto,sa mga supplier po ng bigas,gusto ko rin po mag start ng buy&sell rice,pki send po ng mga price,.100 sacks po to start,.sa gensan ko gustong ibagsak ang mkkuha kung rice sa luzon,.guys nde b ako talo sa plano ko?kc alam ko my shipment p akong dadaanan,mgkano kya ba2yaran sa RO-RO..?PA HELP NMAN PO..eto po email ko thnk you po..

  391. Marita says:

    Dear everyone, we are opening our store this january 2014 and i am looking for a rice supplier, of course the cheapest since we only have a limited capital. Can you please email me your quotatio ns plus delivery for sampaloc manila area? Thank you so much. My email add is

  392. Angel says:


    I’m very much interested to start a rice business in our place in Manila, can anyone here help me where I can find rice supplier? and complete package details of distributing or selling rice.

    Thanks a lot! my email is


  393. Perla Sarcia says:

    Hi everyone I’m looking for a rice buyer in Manila ,batangas,cavite or marinduque.. Ang rice mill ko po ay nasa oriental mindoro.. U can contact me in 09292904300 my name is Perla Sarcia

  394. ison says:

    hi po sa lahat. gusto ko rin po sanang magstart ng rice bussines. sa bohol po ako,saan po bah makahanap ng supplier at magkano ho ba ang capital..ok na ho ba ang 50k. ano po ba ang mga tips para pag umpisa…salamat po… po ang aking email..

  395. rose says:

    Hi I’m rose from sta.maria bulacan.gusto KO po mag tinda rice d2 sari sari store KO.I need a suppliers. at pwede po ay deliver?kung sino pro ang pwede supplier pwede po send ng price please.thank you po.09239952695

  396. Roda Borja-Lagrosa says:

    Good pm! Balak ko po sanang magstart ng rice retail store dito sa lugar namin sa Pasig City. Pasend naman po ng quotation at terms ninyo at
    Ano po ba ang practical na initial stock?
    Maraming salamat!

  397. Jersky pana says:

    Hello po, gusto ko po mg start ng rice business sa samar pls help me to find a good supplier.. At pahingi n rn po ng mga price ng bigas. Pls help me to how to start this kind of business am so interested. 50 cavans po sna start up q. e mail q. Tnx much po!!

  398. Sheryl Canlas says:

    Good Day, we are planning to start wholesale/retail rice business these coming August 2014, here at Las Pinas City . We are looking for rice suppliers that we will become our partner in our business venture.
    In line with this, I would like to request a quotation of the following rice variety, kindly give to us your best price.
    Sinandomeng Rice
    Fancy Rice
    Laon Rice
    Jasmine Rice
    Wag-Wag Rice
    Milagrosa Rice
    Maharlika Rice
    Long Grain
    Malagkit Rice
    Ifugao Rice
    NFA Rice

  399. Ai Madrid says:

    Hi Ciara! please send your best offer for 50sacks (50kg) also, you price list of different variety. @
    Looking forward of hearing from u soon.

  400. pancho fuentes says:

    sir/mam hingi po sana ako ng help gusto ko magsimula ng march 2014 ng bigasan meron naman po ako puhunan kailagan ko lng contact ng pag kukuhanan salamat po

  401. Donna DLS says:

    Hi, we are planning to start a wholesale/retailing rice business in Imus, Cavite or San Mateo, Rizal. Any interested suppliers near Cavite and Rizal. Please send me your price list on different rice variety at

  402. Arlene says:

    Hi Ciara,

    please email me your best price for retailer at

  403. rlin says:

    Hello everyone!

    Im planning to put up rice store here in Quezon City area.. im new in this kind of business kaya nagstart pa lang po talaga ko magresearch kung maganda ba ang rice business…im now currently looking for a supplier to know kung magkano ang price ng rice per sack per kind/class. Please help! Thanks!

    Please email me at:

  404. aireen evangelista says:

    to ciara pls e-mail me your latest price list and delivery charge in nueva ecija.

  405. Mhakki says:

    @ciara. Hi! Im from pampanga and im interested to have a small business like rice retailing. pls send me the latest pricelist and delivery charge and magkano pwede ibenta per sack. Thanks.

  406. lheny says:

    Hi good day to everyone! Im lheny from cavite.pls kindly help me naman po how to get a good supplier of rice.pabalik na po kase ako ng pinas for settle na po kaya naisipan ko po mav open ng wholesalers rice.pls give me some idea. And pakisend nadin po ang price planing to start 150 cavans.thanks

  407. Abbe Yeh says:

    Hello everyone, Im from Nueva Ecija and im planning to put up a rice retailing store, i am looking for wholesaler n a pwede po na magbigay sa akin ng good deal
    thank you

  408. cheatrode says:

    Good Day,

    Can anyone give me price list of rice… balak ko po kc mag rice retailer po eh… thanks..

  409. Guiller Jed says:

    Hi everyone! We our supplying Bigas to retailers/dealers. Pure (no mix) at a reasonable price. For those who are starting and want to have a supplier preferably in Laguna Area. Email me at Thank you. Im Looking forward to do business with you.

  410. Emmanuel Ibarra says:

    Good day po sa inyong lahat, itatanong ko lang po sana kung may kilala po kayong nagdedeliver ng bigas sa probinsiya ng Iba,Zambales, mas mababa po yata kasi yung presyo ng nagdedelver kumpara samga nagtitinda sa palengke. pang business din po kasi namen.

    Pls.advice po sana.

    Maraming salamat po.

    GOD bless us all.,