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How To Make Herbal Soap

Posted by Manny on April 25th, 2008

herbal_soapWith the popularity of herbal soap now a days, at least you know that you will have a chance to succeed in this business because first of all it is consumable, second, many people are now becoming beauty conscious as well as health conscious. There are dozens or if not hundreds of types of herbal soap in the market like for example the papaya soap, kalamansi soap, mangosteen soap, lemon grass and other herbal soap that I already forgot to mention.Since the procedure I got for making the herbal soap is very flexible, I mean you can make virtually any kind of herbal soap you can imagine, with a little creativity and ingenuity, you can make a unique or specialized herbal soap.

You need to research the your local library or the internet and find medicinal plants and it’s curative properties and incorporate it into the herbal soap by making herbal extracts which you will use on making the herbal soap. For example, you can create something like a mosquito repellent herbal soap which can last for many hours. So again, without much ado, let me introduce to you the procedure on making the herbal soap.

Materials/Ingredients you will need:

Refined coconut oil 4.5 kg
Caustic soda 3.25 kg
EDTA 70 g
Citric acid 70 g
CDEA 50 g
Light mineral oil 70 g
Sodium chloride 5 g
Herbal extract
Color [optional]


Plastic pail
Hydrometer – 0 – 70oBaume
Weighing scale
Wooden stirrer/manual or electric mixer

Preparation of Materials

1. Caustic soda, 32oBe
Dissolve 1 kg of caustic soda in 2.8 kg water. Cool to room temperature. Check the concentration with a hydrometer. Adjust (if necessary) and filter if needed before using.

2. Additives
Dissolve EDTA, citric acid and NaCl in 100 mL water. For color, make a 1% solution of color in oil.

3. Preparation of herbal extract
Osterize or blend 200 grams of material in 200 mL water. Strain thru cheesecloth.

4. Preparation o the soap

  • Weigh carefully the required quantity of coco oil. To make a colored soap, add about 10 mL of the 1% color in oil solution or the amount to suit the desired intensity of color.
  • Add the required amount of caustic soda with stirring until the condensed milk-like consistency is attained. This usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Add the dissolved additives and continue stirring for 5 minutes more.
  • Add the light mineral oil, CDEA, herbal extract and scent. Stir for another 5 minutes.
  • Pour the soap mixture into the moulder. Let it stand at room temperature for 12 hours or until soap solidifies.
  • Remove soap from the moulder and cut into desired size.
  • Stamp and pack. Allow to age for about 7 days to complete the saponification.


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Posted by Manny

Manny Montala was an online entrepreneur who enjoys blogging about entrepreneurship and gathering information for his blog to help budding entrepreneurs. You can also reach him on twitter: Like this post? Why not share it with your friends on facebook? Click the facebook share button!

19 Responses to “How To Make Herbal Soap”

  1. ZEL says:

    where can i buy ingredients????

  2. herbal extracts says:

    good info

  3. greg says:

    where i can find the ingredients ??

  4. Manuel says:

    @greg You can purchase it through chemical supplies store. AMCHEM PHILIPPINES 46 A. Bonifacio Ave., Quezon City Contact# (02)743-6334

  5. joi says:

    how much po it cost laht sa pgawa ng herbal soap?

  6. KoolGuy says:

    sir. nakakuha na ako nung ibang ingredients sa list ninyo. saan po ba puwedeng makabili ng Light mineral oil na maramihan ( liters or gallon quantities. yung kasing nabibili sa mga drug store eh maliit lang ang packaging at most 250 mL. .

  7. virg says:

    meron po ba kaung specific process ng malunggay soap making?

  8. virg says:

    magkano po ba ang caustic soda? at san po b mkakabili non?

  9. virg says:

    san po b makabili ng caustic soda and how much po?

  10. mike says:

    good day, san po pwde makabili ng soap moulder. thanks

  11. Ernesto pantorilla says:

    mayroon ba kayong ingredients outlet sa Cebu?

  12. emily says:

    gusto kng matutu ng soap making kya lng wala ako sa pilipinas anong gagawin ko

  13. mir tungul says:

    just want to ask where can i buy some chemicals using in making a soap? because we have a project in our product management subject. looking forward to hear from u soon.thx

  14. Manuel says:

    @mir tungul See my comment above or you can contact Mannix ( or visit:

  15. inah valdez says:

    We sell perfumes and herbal extract product in a retail and wholesale basis. cosmetic and skin product ingredients are also available. call 0919-8351394 or 8834883

  16. James Omirinde says:

    How can i work out the needed measurement for large production of soap from the given data

  17. vicente says:

    (1. Caustic soda, 32oBe Dissolve 1 kg of caustic soda in 2.8 kg water. Cool to room temperature. Check the concentration with a hydrometer. Adjust (if necessary) and filter if needed before using.) anu po ang tamang reading ng hydrometer o pano po malalaman ang tamang concentration ? maraming salamat po

  18. Ram says:

    Hai Mr.Manuel, Evening. I am Ram from Malaysia.It was very kind of you to share your knowledge.I intend to go into fruit soap production on a medium scale approx.20 metric ton.Whats your advice?Can I have a mix of coconut oil and refine palm oil to reduce cost? Regards, Ram

  19. Manuel says:

    @ram I’m not sure because some people complain when they use coconut oil but you can experiment on a very small scale and see if the result is satisfactory.

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