How To Make Scented Candles

scented candlesCandle making is not new and also scented candle was already in the market for so long. Since candle business is seasonal, for example here in the Philippines there is a large demand during All Saints Day and I think scented candle also have a peak season during holidays or maybe Valentine’s Day for a romantic dinner or whatever gig you might have in mind. Anyway scented candle can also be a good business whole year round since just buying a candle to light in your home don’t need to have an occasion to do it. It will depend entirely on the customer if he or she likes to make his ambiance full of aroma of those scented candles.

So if you wanted to go into this business, it is advisable to attend seminars and trainings because you will not only learn how to make those candles, you will also learn other things like tips and tricks, how to maximize your investments or other opportunities. But you can also start by your own by searching for instructions or “how-to-make” on the internet like the one I have for you (see below with pictures). If you are interested to make or start one, or just wanted to see if you can do the steps, then proceed reading the steps below:


How to Make a Scented Candle

Ingredients you will need:

  • Parafin wax
  • Hard wax
  • Dye (oil based)
  • Essential oil
  • Primed wick (“mitsa” in tagalog)
  • Molds ( for molding the candles )
  • Melting pot
  • Wooden or bamboo sticks (for mixing)

1. Measure the wax by weighing in scale. For starter, you can use 900 grams of paraffin wax and 100 grams hard wax to make it 1 kilogram. The ratio should be 90% paraffin wax and 10% hard wax. It will be hard to calculate if you use 1 kilo of paraffin wax so better start with 900 grams first. If you purchase 1 kilo of paraffin wax, you can set is aside for your next candle making process.

candle making process

2. Melt the wax in a melting pot shown in the picture below. Use the bamboo or wooden stick to mix the wax until it melts and blend thoroughly. You can also use disposable chopsticks if you have one.

candle making process

3. Set aside the melted wax for the next step.

candle making process

4. Add a few drops of dye until the desired color is achieved. You can do that by experimentation. Also add a few drops of essential oil then mix thoroughly.

candle making process

5. Prepare the mold first by placing the wick on each slot. You can use plastic or stainless steel molds. Then you can pour the candle mixture on molds until every slot is filled. You can also put the mold on water to hasten the hardening process and to make a smoother finish. If you want to make a rustic finish, melted wax should be cooler before pouring it to the mold. Also, make sure that the you choose wick is not too large to avoid excessive melting of the candles when it is lighted.

candle making process

6. Remove the candles from the mold after it becomes solid. You can decorate it with ribbons or other added designs you can think of using using indigenous materials.

candle making process

Source: Masigasig Magazine