Duck Raising and Breeding

Posted by Manny on September 30th, 2007

1. The availability of water for ducks for swimming does not affect much their egg laying. It does affect their food intake -they eat more when they can swim, rather than when given only drinking water.

2. The size of the coop is best, if not smaller, than 3.5 sq. ft. for every duck.

3. If artificial lighting is used, add 2-4 hours more daily, aside from 12 hours of natural day light.

4. If natural feeds from the sea are not available (shrimps, shell or fish) give them half feed and half chicken laying mass.

5. Supplementary feed like Furavin, Afsillin or Agromix may be given for egg layers.

6. Ducks like wet food better than dry. It makes their eggs bigger and heavier.

Balut made from incubator makes no difference from those produced from the mothers nest, if the eggs will be laid on the tray from 14-18 days in the incubator (see Tekno-Tulong II – Balut-Making).

The best length of days for making salted eggs is 19 days.

Source: Selected R&D Projects Completed NSDB

raising ducks


According to experts from the Philippine Council for Agricultural and Resources Research (Los Baños), the following are effective rules for duck raising:

1. Maintain the right number of ducks in every coop. One male for every 5 to 10 females. Leave only a few “extra” males in another coop to take the place of any that might die or may not be productive. The signs are:

– the male duck hisses, while a female duck quacks

– the tail of a male duck curls up

2. The male duck must be a month older than the female to make sure that they are mature for mating.

3. Select healthy ducks — good shape, good feathers, and lively eyes.

Do not get sick looking ones.

Source: Phil. Farmers Journal, March 1981


1. Banana peelings

Researchers found that banana peelings contain more protein, fat and fibers more than does rice bran. It also contains plenty of calcium but less in phosphorus.

Method of Preparation:

a. Dry in the sun for a week mud-like rotten banana peels (from the biogas digester).

b. Pulverize when dried.

c. Substitute this for rice bran in the proportion of 33%.

Source: NSTA Technology Journal Oct.-Dec. 1986

2. Cassava and Camote

According to researchers from the Visayas State College of Agriculture, feeding ducks with camote and cassava makes them produce more eggs than if they were fed with pure corn. Ducks given 20%, 30%, or 40% dried grated camote or cassava weighed the same as those given pure corn. But this is practical only in places where camote or cassava need not be bought.

Source: PCARRD Farmnews Jan 1984

3. Seaweeds

Researchers from UP Los Baños made a study on feeding ducks with seaweeds. The 45 ducks that were fed half seaweeds and half palay laid more eggs than those fed with pure palay. Because of the low cost of seaweeds (in their place) the cost of feed with 50% supplement became lower.

Source: Farmnews Mar 15, 1983

Overall Source: Province of Sorsogon Website –

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30 Responses to “Duck Raising and Breeding”

  1. thank u because i learned lot hello and thank u

  2. Manuel says:

    You’re welcome! :)

  3. hydee malto says:

    hi!!can i have a copy or any supplementray lecture regarding itik or duck raising?a million thanks

  4. dong says:

    thank you i learned a lot

  5. sean r vidad says:

    can u pls send me a complete manual for duck production…. kahit soft copy na lang po….. thanks po… this will help me a lot in research on ducks… iam a resarcher from ilocos sur polytechnic state college…. thatnks po

  6. Manuel says:

    @sean r vidad
    Try to get that in TRC etechnobank. Maybe they have an ebook about it.

  7. Joy says:

    Hi, thanks so much I;ve learned alot…im planning to raise ducks and Im in the middle of my research…if anyone could give me an idea as to how much would it cost for 100 ducks from birth to laying? Thank you your response is highly appreciated. God bless. Joy

  8. gina says:

    hello sir i am a student that is planning to have the study about ducks… but i don’t have an idea on how to make a title or i am going to make a thesis study. could you help about this sir?

  9. Manuel says:

    Maybe you need to focus on what breed of duck you are planning for your thesis.

  10. cris seronio acido says:

    Good Day!

    Hello! Will you please help me about Ducks Raising. Recently, yung tito asked me kung okay lang ba daw na pakainin angitik o bebe habang kung nasa kulungan lang sila..kasi common na kasi mga animal ito na pinapakain na wala sa hawla.

    Would it be possible na magiging ang paglaki kapag pinapakain lang sila na nasa loob ng hawla. And what are those foods na pwedeng kainin ng mga itik?

    I hope you can help..Thank you so much…

    Teacher CRiS

  11. cris seronio acido says:

    maging okay lang ba ang kanilang paglaki kung pinapakian lang sila sa loob ng hawla..


  12. gwen says:

    hello po, sir pwede po bang malaman kung anong exact measurement ng pgpapakaun ng itik at right timings po..thank u in advance

  13. gwen says:

    gud day po, sir pwede po bang malaman ang right timings ng pagpapakain..?? yong seaweedsm camote at saging pwede po bang e mix sa isang kainan??salamat po

  14. rufino gomez says:

    sana matuto rin akong mag alaga ng mga itik….salamat sa mga tip

  15. arthur sanoza says:

    Is there other way of artificial duck egg incubation cheaper than using electricity for balut production? Kasi po ang pag gamit ng electric incubators ay nakakataas ng bayarin sa kuryente at ang risk sa production ay biglaang brown out na minsan ay umaabot ng ilang oras.

  16. nonoy says:

    good day po, sir can you tell me what is the replacement of snails in duck feeding. Im from mindanao and wants to raise ducks(itik) but there is no source of snails in our place. thanks a lot for your help….

  17. Nilo Hautea says:

    good day po Sir,
    1. Sir can you tell me what is the replacement of snails in duck feeding. there is no source of snails in our place.

    2. Pwede po bang malaman ang right timings ng pagpapakain..?? yong seaweeds camote at saging pwede po bang e mix sa isang kainan?

    3. Meron po akong corn miller. Wala pong seaweeds, snail and camote or cassava available. Banana peeling po napakarami. Ano po ba ang puwedeng idagdag na puwede kong e-mix sa banana peeling?

    Salamat po Sir.

  18. Mae says:

    Ask lang po, we plan to raise ducks pero ang pinaka available na pwede ipakain po sa kung sakali mag alaga kami ay yung Banana Trunk..
    hahaluan lang ng konting feeds, mga 4 is to 1 ang ratio, by volume po ito.
    4 cups yung Banana trunk (thin slice and smashed) at 1 cup yung feeds..
    were from mindanao area, pwede po ba ganito lang ang pakain nila?? minsan mapapakain din ng left over food., pero concentrated ang pakain sa mixed feeds nd Banana trunk..?
    were hoping for a response dun sa mga nag aalaga po, thank you..

  19. Herbie says:

    We make balut incubators that fit your budget. Contact 0916-7625756.

  20. Ben Francisco says:

    hey man, umm can we chat sometime/ I wanna ask a long list of questions bout ducks for ya cuz I have one and I’m getting some minor problems

  21. noel says:

    SIR. kung magpakain ako ng itik sa umaga 8:OOam anong oras ulit ako magpakain.kung may fifteen heads ako na itik 7 months ilang kilo na feeds aking ibigay bawat pakain-THANKS PO?

  22. Mia says:

    Hi! I am a senior Industrial Design student, I would like to ask if there are concerns in breeding or raising ducks when it comes to your equipment. is there a need to improve some? or meron po ba kayong problem or kailangan pa para maimprove yung pag-raise or pag-breed ng ducks? I am looking forward to your response. thank you.

  23. ma. victoria mitra trinidad says:

    good day po….i want to know some other foods na pwede pakain sa mga itik kasi wala masyadong snail dito sa aming lugar… yong bang alamang pwd pakain as replacement for shrimps? could you pls send me listings ? kelangang ba talaga patuyuin pa ang banana bago ipakain sa mga itik ? slamat ng marami

  24. ma. victoria mitra trinidad says:

    its almost 8 months na nag aalaga ako ng mga itik , at out of 15 females ko minsan 6 lang ang itlog it just normal? thanks ulit god bless

  25. esmeraldo lopez says:

    to:ma victoria mitra trinidad,its possible to get eggs not the no.of your ducks.ang tawag dito ay hen-day production.dapat maganda ang balahibo ng itik mo.sabay-sabay,kung nag-mo-molt ung iba ihiwalay mo muna ung nag mo molt ibahin mo pakain.bigyan mo sya muna ng maintenance feeds.ung nangingitlog ang dapat patukain ng duck layer pellet,bear in mind na dapat kumpleto ang crude protein at metabolizable energy ng feed intake.ang isang itik na may 1800 grams sa kanyang laying weight requires 24 grams protein and 280 calories of energy.water should be available at all times.kung meron ka pang gustong malaman just pm on my e-mail add.

  26. sanke,oliver says:

    sir gud day… dito po sa mindanao walang pong maraming suplay ng mga snail… ano po ba alternative na pakain sa mga itik……palno ko pong mag alaga kahit mga 250 heads muna…. tnx..

  27. eli guerrero says:

    To: ma.Victoria Mitra Trinidad, i came across of your comment regarding your ducks. check if you have many drakes {male } in your flock, if any one can read my message about duck raising, there are so many sources of food for your egg production if its for Balut! check your localities close to oyster farming, order oyster shells not only snails, any kind of shell you can buy cheap, these are good source of egg production. Google ans search on the website and find several suggestion for feeds and feeding. several answers i came across, they need abundant lights 12 to 15 hours a day. no dry food always wet and abundant water. release them in the fields, after laying their eggs, if you have palayan after harvest to eat some fresh grass. REMEMBER, one drake to5 to 10 [hens] female ducks. Lastly, get a book of duck raising. what is your province? ask info to Bureau of Animal industry in your Province. if I have enough retirement money, i will raise also for Balut production, i am a degree holder of Animal Science, Araneta Graduate, i live in Las Vegas,U.S.A.good luck for duck i want to know if you are in Aklan, Province?

  28. roger says:

    please give me the best mixture of food in raising duck in soft copy thanks in advance

  29. Lemuel Castillo says:

    I planned or rather decided to raise itik for balut production but could not find suppliers of ducks(itik) until now. Do you know of any in caraga region, Davao, or Nothern mindanao? Pls help. Thank you.

  30. Julius Arellano says:

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    Balut Supply Capacity : 60,000 Eggs per day

    We sell Day Old Itik ( khaki campbell and pateros breeds ) Free 100 Males for Every 500 Females ( 28 Pesos per Head )
    Shipping cost will be handled by customer.

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