Your One-Year Plan To Work at Home

quit  my jobI got this tip from Working Mom magazine and it seems to helpful if your were planning to quit your job and want to start a freelance career or perhaps a business. But the best advice is not to quit in a whim. But if you think you can’t tolerate your bully manager or your job really sucks, then maybe it’s really time to abandon ship.

Gather Resources, Make A Plan:

12 Months Before

  • Start saving. You should have at least three months’ worth of household expenses in the bank, in case you have trouble getting clients or contenting from them.
  • Get accredited. International clients are more picky about credentials. Sign up for certificate programs and short courses.
  • Build your network. Start attending those trade events and give away those calling cards like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Check out competition. Can you match their services? If not, build your skills, and scout for qualified partners.
  • 6 To 9 Months Before

  • Start investing in tools: soup up your computer, get a fax and dedicated phone line. Buy piece by piece so you don’t get all the expenses to come in at the same time.
  • Read up on the industry. Buy books, sign up for trade publications or visit related websites.
  • 3 Months Before

  • Tender your resignation.
  • Begin working on collaterals, like brochures or (more effective, and cheaper) a website. If you’re going into retail, you may have to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your products.
  • Send out ”feelers” to people who can give you client leads.
  • 1 Month Before

  • Have calling cards printed.
  • Send out proposals to potential clients.
  • Set up your home office.
  • Source: Working Mom Magazine

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