Poultry Raising in the Philippines and Guide to Raise Healthy and Productive Layers

Posted by Manny on September 20th, 2007

poultry raisingHow to start poultry business in the Philippines? poultry raising in the Philippines can be a lucrative business specially the third quarter of the year we have a low supply of chicken meat and eggs. But before starting one it is important to consider the place where you want to start one since chicken manure can be a health hazard to our neighbors. Below is a good resource for taking care of chicks and egg layers if you are considering this kind of business. You could have so many eggs and chickens on your hands that you’d have to take a cooking class to know what to do with all of it. But if you have no time for cooking, you can concentrate on poultry raising. The resource is a valuable info especially the cost chicken feeds which might not have a good return of investment. You can use other raw materials which you might find plenty in your area like water lilies,water melon rind, banana peel, rabbit manure or seaweeds.


Birds and fowls are more suited to cold than to hot weather. They lay more eggs in cold weather because they are not stressed. Fowls do not perspire but they pant for breath and need much drinking water in hot weather. So that they will lay more eggs, do not leave them under the heat of the sun; if they are allowed to roam about, let them seek shade. Give them wet food and crushed shells during very hot weather.

Source: Agricultural & Industrial Life, Mar-Apr 1991


The first week in newly hatched chicks is important. It is here that the health of the fowl depends, to give it good price. These first seven days is 15% of the growth and life of a growing chick. In the natural way, the mother hen teaches the chicks, as they go about together, how to cackle, or squawk and the young ones learn to hunt for food and avoid enemies (oppressors). The mother hen also provides her chicks with heat under her wings. But in raising chicks in numbers, these opportunities are wanting. They learn in life individually. Thus, it is necessary to provide the chicks with the right temperature, light and air, and right number in their coop.

1. Coop temperature

Chicks temperature is 38.6°C and becomes 40.5°C in 7 days. The feathers that provide heat to their bodies are still few. Thus, many chicks die of cold within the first seven days. The coop temperature must be 31°C-35°C in the first day. This is lowered by 3°C at the end of the first week. After this, temperature must be maintained at 21°C-24°C . When the temperature of the coop is not right, the chicks will not approach their food or drink within 5-7 days, so many chicks die of hunger and weakness when they are cold. When the coop temperature is right, the chicks are lively in the first 2 or 3 days; they pick up things that attract them like bright stones or colorful grains and they preen their feathers or swim in the soil. When the coop temperature is not adequate, they cling close to one another, chirp loudly and endlessly and refuse to move.

2. Light

In the first week, give the chickens light to enable them to keep eating. After this, familiarize them for a period of an hour without light so that they will not suffer shock when power is out. If they will not learn to eat in the dark, they will not grow fast. They will not grow quickly with mere 8 hours light and 16 hours dark.

3. Flow of Air

Airflow in the coop must be adequate enough to remove the stench of their manure. Strong wind however will make them feel cold.

4. Chick Population

Do not overpopulate the chicks in the coop. They should be just enough so as to allow free circulation of air.

5. Loss of Heat

When the chicks are clustered together, heat is not lost. The size of the coop should grow as the chicks grow. In this way, the right temperature is maintained.

6. Drinking Water

Chicks easily get thirsty, especially in hot weather. If they do not drink enough, they will not eat enough, and so will not have energy in their bodies. As such, they will chill, which could cause their death.

Drinking bowls should be numerous so that they will quickly learn to drink. These should also be in bright places so they can be easily found and accessible to approach.

Chicks that drink before eating easily gain weight.

Source: Greenfields Jan 1990


Instead of providing more ventilation or cooling devices in chicken coops during hot weather, give more fat in their meals instead of pure corn so as to cool their bodies. Chicken given fat gain weight more quickly than those given pure carbohydrates (corn) only.

Source: Phil. Farmers Journal , Aug 1980


Like children, growing chicks easily get infected with disease. In coops where they are reared, respiratory sicknesses are common when they are crowded and ventilation is poor. This is because of ammonia, a gas that is emitted by the decaying feces of the chicks. When the chicks are crowded, feces get accumulated and with this, together with moisture, the strength of ammonia increases, especially when ventilation is poor. According to experts, experienced chicken raisers know when the number of chicks has reached a certain level that makes ammonia no longer bearable for the chicken. In such condition, ammonia lowers the weight of the chicken. The fowls lose appetite, their lungs weaken, and become vulnerable to respiratory diseases. Because of this, it is not good to allow feces to accumulate, and it is necessary to widen ventilation windows.

Source: Greenfields Apr 1982


Layers will lay eggs regularly if they are kept away from noise and disturbances. The effect of noise and disturbances on 4,000 layers was studied by four scientists from the University of Zagreb, Yugoslavia. When a strong electric bell was sounded, the number of eggs laid was decreased; when a stronger sound, the firemans siren was sounded, decrease in eggs laid was bigger. When the 2 sounds – bell or siren were simultaneously sounded, the hens, struck with fear, tried to see the source of the noise. Not one laid egg. In this event, 240 out of 4,000 (6%) died, 480 (9%) did not lay eggs; 3,720 (93%) suffered obstetrical defects, 1,640 (41%) got indigestion problems and 360 (9%) got respiratory sicknesses.

Source: Phil. Farmers Journal Sept 1978


Poor layers cost food and space, and so should be removed. The marks of a poor layer are:

a. The comb is pale, dry and withdrawn at the top and below the throat.

b. The eyes are dim.

c. The hen is thin and inactive.

d. The appetite is poor, and the maw or crop is empty.

e. Yellow color surrounds the eyes, legs and bill. A good layer has no such color.

f. The hips are hard, thick and narrow (at 2 fingers wide).

g. The rear (rectum) is yellow, small and shrunken.

h. The body is shallow, narrow and short.

Source: PCARRD Farmnews, March 1984


1. Gather the eggs 3 times a day or more in hot weather. Eggs easily spoil in a warm surrounding.

2. Put the eggs in a basket or container.

3. Sort the eggs according to size.

4. Wipe off dirt or stains before storing.

5. Keep in a cool and well ventilated place.

6. Always keep the containers clean so as not to stain the eggs.

7. Cool off the containers first (if warm) before putting in the eggs.

8. Sell or dispose the eggs 2 times a week or more often so as to retain only the most freshly laid ones.

Source: PCARRD Farmnews March 1984


The sodium content of salt is necessary for egg laying. But this element is not provided in commercial feeds because it will increase the cost. To enable the hen to produce well, mix 200 gms of salt for every 2 sacks of feed. It has been observed by researchers that chickens lay eggs 29% short when their feed lacks salt.

Source: PCARRD Farmnews Mar-Apr 1986


Light is important in the setting up of a coop for layers. It has much to do in the maturation of the growing layers and their capability to lay plenty.

The rules are:

1. Do not increase lighting in the coop of growing layers. This hastens their maturity and it makes them start laying eggs even while very young, but the eggs are small.

2. If the layers are already laying eggs, do not decrease lighting. It has effect on the hormones of the layer — either activate or suppress them.

3. So it is suggested that from 4 to 20 weeks of a growing layer, the length of sunlight is 13 hours, if possible 14-16 hours a day.

A 50-watt bulb is adequate for a 25 sq.m. coop. The ceiling where it will hang is from 2.4″-2.7″ (inches).

Source: PCARRD Farmnews Mar 1984


According to studies in the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, a laying hen given Vitamin D when feed bears stronger egg shells than those not given Vitamin D. Several groups of layers were given different doses of Vitamin D3 (calciferol, derived from the fish liver oil). Those not given with the vitamin laid less eggs, and their shells easily broke. After 4 weeks, their egg laying decreased by 30%, and either with thin shells or without shell. But those given Vitamin D3 in their diet laid normal eggs with strong shells. Those given 125 units Vitamin D3 only, also laid equal number of eggs as those given 500 units, but the eggs were not normal in shape and the shells were not strong.

Source: Phil. Farmers Journal


According to researchers from Brent School, Baguio City, egg shells have certain uses that are not benefited from, such as:

– Fertilizer — egg shells contain calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur. When applied on cabbage plants, the leaves became wider, greener and the heads bigger.

– Cement — although it does not dry easily, cement from egg shells are smooth binder for bricks in the following proportions:

1 part cement

2 parts crushed egg shells

– Paste — strengthens paste when mixed with starch.

Source: Phil. Farmers Journal March 1981

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1. Watermelon rind

Researchers at UP Los Baños fed watermelon rind to chickens for 6 months. These were compared to chicken given ordinary commercial feed. They observed that commercial feeds can be replaced with watermelon rind up to 20%.


a. Boil the rind until cooked.

b. Dry in the sun.

c. Grind and mix with ordinary feed.

Source: Phil. Farmers Journal Nov 1981

2. Sunflower Seeds

Researchers in India tried feeding 18% up to 26% protein (from the resulting cakes after oil has been extracted from the sunflower seeds) to growing chickens aging up to 70 days. These grew faster and consumed more feeds than those not given sunflower cakes. They also observed that feeding the chickens with seed coats did not cause any harm.

Source: Phil. Farmers Journal March 1981

3. Tobacco Seeds

In places where tobacco is widely planted, farmers know that every plant can yield about 30 grams. To save on feeds, researchers tried replacing 20% of the feeds with tobacco seeds. Nothing adverse was observed in the chicken, neither in taste nor in shape.

Tobacco seeds contain: 20% protein (38% if newly harvested), 15% crude fiber and 4% carbohydrates.

Source: PCARRD Monitor June 1989

4. Banana Leaves

According to researchers in Southern Mindanao Agricultural Research in Kabacan, North Cotabato, broilers fed with 5% chopped banana leaves gained weight almost 1-1/2 kilos more than those fed with commercial starter mash ration or with 10% added banana leaves.

Source: Phil. Farmers Journal June 1982

5. Banana Peels


a. Chop fine raw saba peels.

b. Boil for one hour, drain and cool.

c. For every kilo of dried banana peel, add:

150 gms dried chicken manure

100 gms rice bran (darak)

d. Mix well and dry in the sun.

e. Pulverize further up to about 1 mm sieve

This can be mixed up to 15% commercial broiler starter mash and finisher mash.

Example: 850 gm commercial mash

150 gm banana peel and added mixture

1 kilo

For broiler feed, ration diet is starter mash from day 1 to day 42, and finisher mash from 42-49 days.

Chickens fed 25% with this in 56 days made no difference in weight with those fed with 100% corn.

Source: Completed R&D Projects (ISN 297) STII-DOST

6. Rabbit Manure

According to British Poultry Science Report (1981), for every kilo of broiler feed, 100-200 gm dried rabbit manure can be added. Dried rabbit manure according to their research, contains 18.8% raw protein, 9% water, and 19.9% MJ energy in every kilo.

7. Seaweeds

Two kinds of brown algae can be mixed with the chicken feed in the following way:

a) dry algae in the sun until dry

b) pulverize and add to the feed at 5% amount.

Every kilo of algae is 20 gms powder that contains:

8.76% raw protein

7.76% raw fiber

36.67% ash and

46.26% free nitrogen extract

Every kilo of this contains 2,452 calories.

Source: Technological Information Pilot System AgriBo 62/1 May 25, 1989 Mexico

8. Water Lily

According to UPLB Researchers, water lily is rich in protein making it suitable as feed for chicken.


1. Pulverize (grind) water lily leaves

2. Mix the greenish paste-like substance with water and stir well to dissolve protein.

3. Screen the mixture to separate fibers.

4. Heat the liquid to 80oC to coagulate protein components, dry and pulverize.

The result is the water hyacinth leaf protein concentrate (WHLPC) which is an excellent substitute to ¼ soybean meals as feed for chicks aged 1-40 days-old. WHLPC is also rich in calcium and potassium and contains 35% raw protein with 11% roughage. WLHPC, although do not necessarily aid in growing chicks, it lessens the cost of feeding. It also lessens the risks of flooding due to clogging of waterlines as well as oxygen depletion in water bodies.

Source: Phil. Farmers Journal, August 1980

Control Flies in the Chicken Coop

1. Dissolve Erythrocin B. in water. (This is a food color so it is harmless to humans).

2. Spray this solution on the chicken manure. When the flies alight or the manure, their legs get the erythrocin. When they get exposed to sunlight, they die in a few minutes. Erythrocin B in the flies, when exposed to sunlight, creates a kind of oxygen that is poison to them — whether they are still in the larval stage or already hatched flies. Erythrocin is safe in the environment because this stays only for two hours in water, when under direct sunlight. However, in the chicken manure, about 80% of this dye lasts for about a week.

Source: Phil. Farmers Journal July 1982


According to farmers with long experience in chicken raising, mixing powder soap with the feed increases the weight of the chicken more than does the adding of feed. This is because detergent aids in the process of digestion in the chicken, reduces fat, and suppresses some parasites in the intestinal tract. The amount is: 2 grams Tide (or powdered detergent) for every kilo broiler mash feed.

Source: Greenfields Sept 1989

Overall Source: Province of Sorsogon Website – http://elgu2.ncc.gov.ph/ppdo-sor/

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    hi, ariane, Noel here. I am interested to answer your needs. Manuel is right that before you engage in layer industry, you need to have knowledge on how to care for your flock. I can tell u that this business is a viable one provided that u fully concentrate in its good operation as well as management. The flock’s health condition must be of prime importance if u want to succeed in this venture. Pls check my site at http://www.cnnfarms.multiply.com for a physical view. In my own FS 2yrs ago using local materials such as nipa, bamboos & wood lumber etc. it all summed up that for every 1,000 layers the estimated cost is Ph 500,000.00. This cost includes the ff. 1] cost of RTL Ph175.00/each that means about 4mths & then it will start to lay eggs in a month time, 2] total cost of housing: Ph 50/head, 3] cost of commercial feeds for 1.5mths estimated at P2.31/head/day. Other expenses depending on your location. Pls check my site for the photos. The new housing that you can see there can accommodate about 6,000hds. Any comments pls let me know. Regards

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    @ Jane Dalmacio
    Hi Manuel, Noel and Arianne. Just surf on this topic.. since am planning to start a small poultry farm.. about 200 heads for layer and 500 for breeding, 45 days old-harvest. Im happy to have read all the queries. Im from Zamboanga City and really confused on the estimated capital that i’l be needing…. through Noel, i hope i can get info that’s significant of my plans… Thanks and more power to you guys. God Bless!

    Hi, Jane. Noel here & I’m just asking Sir Manuel to reply ur question. In ur statement above you are planning to start a Layer business of 200hds as well as broilers of 500hds. I am advising you that layer & broiler caring & management could not be done at the same farm. Pls note that Layers take a long time in rearing them whereas broilers take a short period of time thus troubleshooting future problems will be very difficult. If u will ask my opinion, I prefer not to rear layers & broilers together at the same farm. If you start with 200hds, capitalization will depend on ur goal whether to engage it for short term or in a long term purposes. Just similar to any other things, cheaper materials will not stay long & at the long run quite expensive talking of long term plan. But still it all depends on u what really is ur goal is. If u want only to experiment in order to gain knowledge for rearing of poultry then bamboo or any available local materials will be sufficient. 200hds of DOC(day-old-chicks) for layers right now cost about Ph38.00 from Batangas dealer. If u live in the province then transportation expenses must be added. Medicines for Vaccination program till 90days old must be added but then 1 vial of vaccine for example B1B1 IB cost about 350 and intended for 1,000hds so it is then a waste as u can not use all of it. plus u need to calculate the cost of feeds until 5.5months until they start to lay eggs. In my case, in our Iloilo prov the cost of 1 (50kg) bag is Ph1,050. so u need to calculate depending on their daily consumption. For other Medicines u need to hyave also a multivitamins as well as anti-biotics in order to give more resistance to your flock. Caring of chicks till they become layers are like compared to child. Very careful management must be introduced in order to avoid future problems you may encounter. I just want to remind u that the success & failure of ur chosen project will all depend on how u invest ur time & money. Give what is due to ur chickens & rest assured they will give u more in return. Have a nice plan & never never give up whatever you have started. God bless. Noel >> http//cnnfarms.multiply.com

  54. Manuel says:

    Thanks a lot. I learned a lot from your advice. Hope you visit always to help other enterprising pinoys of poulty farming.

  55. yrc says:

    hi. im planning to start poultry business, 100 chicks to start with(pang 45 days). magkanu pu kaya ang total expenses from buying the chicks to harvesting na po?

  56. romer says:

    hi po kuya manny. itatanung ko lng po sana kng papanu makontrol ung mga langaw sa small poultry ko? kz po habang tumatagal dumarami po ung mga langaw eh… myroon po bang nabibili na solution for flies? maraming salamat po.. Godbless

  57. Manuel says:

    Basahin niyo lang po uli itong post. Mayroon ditong chemical na nilalagay sa tubig, ito ay yung Erythrocin B.

  58. A. E. Eugene says:


  59. romer says:

    Kuya manny san po nabibili ung Erythrocin B? sa pharmacy po kz wala eh pati sa mga poultry supply ndi nila alam d2 samen. salamat po kuya

  60. Manuel says:

    Baka sa mga chemical stores or sa mga pesticide stores try mong magtanong.

  61. rodel says:

    sir gud am, I have already building and cages for layers here in san pablo city, do you know where I can buy ready to lay chickens here in Laguna, or neighboring provinces? tnx

  62. arianne says:

    sir noel,
    thank you po sa information na binigay ninyo. sa totoo po ngayon ko lang nabasa po ang comment. salamat pa rin dahil gusto ko po sa na tlga magkaroon ng sariling business na ganyan po.

  63. arianne says:

    ask ko lang po sana kung gaano po katagal bago po mabulok ang kawayan kung sakali man po na iyon po ang gawin na tirahan po ng layers. saka ok lang po ba na gumamit ng pintura po sa kulungan ng layers po? kasi naisip ko po na preservatives po ng kahoy ang pintura..di po kaya makaapekto po sa manok kung sakali man po na pinturahn po ang kulungan?,,,sounds crazy po ba? pero gusto ko lang po sana itanong kung possible po yon?..thanks po sir..

  64. Manuel says:

    Kung malapit ka sa dagat ay pwedeng gawing preservative ang tubig alat. Binababad iyong kawayan sa tubig dagat para hindi mabulok agad. Yung mga kawayan na galing sa fish pen ay ginagamit din kasi katagal mabulok at anayin. kung pipinturahan mo naman ay wala namang epekto yun basta tuyo na ang pintura bago mo ilagay yung mga manok mo.

  65. Kathy says:

    Hi Sir Manuel, I have read your topic regarding poultry. Thanks po for sharing.
    @Romer, nkakita ka na ba ng Erythrocin B, naghahanap din kasi ako.Thanks.

  66. arianne says:

    sir manuel,
    thanks po sa message ninyo po..opo malapit nga po kami sa dagat po..cge po gagawin ko yang sinasabi nyo po..salamat po ng marami..

  67. arianne says:

    ask ko na rin po sana kung magkano po ang cost ng vaccination para sa mga layers po…at kung ilang beses dapat sila turukan sa isang taon po… saka sir gusto ko rin po sana itanong sa inyo kung ilang buwan po ba usual na nangingitlog ang layers po bago i-cull po..yong usual months or years po, magmula po noong maging layers po sila? thanks po ulet sir..
    Good day po..

  68. Manuel says:

    Usuallt alam ng suppliers or feed stores kung ilang beses i-va-vaccinate yung mga layers mo. Mas alam nila yun. Yung tanong mo naman na kung ilang buwan bago i-cull yung mga layers, eh ikaw rin makakasagot niyan dahil malalaman mo kung mahina na ang production ng eggs ang mga manok at kung hindi na profitable dahil nga sa cost ng feeds. Kasi depende yan sa health, feeds, environment ng mga layers bago humina ang egg production.

  69. vhong says:

    tanung ko lang po kung saan pwedi mag attend ng simenar abouth sa poultry, yung sinasbi nyo pong TRC saan po yun sa maynila po ba kc balak ko mag attend ng seminar sana matulongan mo po ako, salamat po

  70. Manuel says:

    @ vhong
    Opo sa TRC yun. Meron po akong pino-post dito na schedule from TRC buwan-buwan. Tingnan niyo na lang po itong category ng TRC: http://www.thefilipinoentrepreneur.com/category/tlrc

    Yung venue naman ay dito: http://www.thefilipinoentrepreneur.com/2009/06/18/technology-resource-center-trc-in-google-map.htm

    Madalas maglabas ng poultry raising seminar ang TRC pero di ko lang sure kung meron sa September 2010. Abangan niyo na lang po.

  71. Jing says:

    Sir noel, c jing po to.. I’m from Sigma, Capiz.. I’m planning to go into poultry raising, specifically, layers.. From where should I start? Thanks

  72. jr says:

    sir gud pm po sa inyo.. ask ko lang po kung ano ang klase ng way ng pakain ng 45days chicken.. ano po su2nod sa chick booster? hangang sa huli po.. thanks po sir.. godbless… morepower..

  73. buboy says:

    i’m fom veruela,agusan del sur gusto ko pong magsimula ng poultry raising saan po ba ako dapat seminar tungkol dito.

  74. Cesar Becares says:

    heLLLo! do you have related literature about banana peel as feed supplement for broiler production?

  75. Angel Redoblado says:

    i am ntrsted to start poultry raising(chicken) i would appreciate if u cud give me the appearance of how the coop bldg. look likes. just only enough for the beginner. thank u.

  76. risa lopez says:

    Hi sir,
    Just want to ask kung magkano ang capital to start a small business (yung 45days) iam from san mateo rizal. kung pwede sana mag start ng 50pcslang muna na sisiw.

  77. armel averion says:

    hi, sir
    Sana matulungan nyo ako,mag uumpisa pa lang po ako mag alaga ng (45days)..anong mga bakuna ang ginagamit sa pag aalaga ng (45days)?/ salamat.

  78. dada says:

    hi manny, jst grateful for the informations u’v laid on the net about poultry-raising. thanx a lot

  79. rochiel says:

    good day po!

    saan po ba pwede magpagiling ng ostrich eggshells ang farm po namin ay nandito sa bustos bulacan… tnx po ng marami

  80. samson says:

    Hi….saan po ba TRC branch dito sa cebu… sana ay matulungan nyo po ako kahit sa ganitong impormasyon lang…..please text me 09289874164..

  81. Manuel says:

    Sorry po sa San Juan lang po yata meron silang venue ng training.

  82. samson says:

    ah…cge…ok lang..i’m raising broilers kase….basa na lang cguro muna ako ng mga articles..salamat sa reply..

  83. mhike/mitch says:

    Hi! good morning po. meron po ako alaga na 45days chicken ito po ung 2nd time ko ng pag aalaga. gusto ko po sana malaman kung ano po ang mga permit na dapat ko po e secure kung ito po ay palalakihin ko? my VAT din po ba ito? Thanks po. God Blessed!!!

  84. Manuel says:

    Siguro kung small scale lang naman ay hindi na yata kailangan. Ask niyo lang sa barangay o munisipyo kung anong permit kailangan kung meron man.

  85. Noel says:

    To all who are interested to start a layer farm industry, Here, I am posting a link so u can download a guide for titled Chicks daily maintenance. There are some useful information u can used in this file so pls make use of it. Just post here for any comments or anything u need so I can assist u. http://www.4shared.com/document/YKUACUHG/Chicks_Daily_Maintenance_Guide.html

  86. Lhon says:

    Sir, ask ko lang po kung ano ang tamang kulungan para sa aking mga alagang manok… kasi po, marami sa mga sisiw ko namamatay…

  87. Miguel says:

    Meri x mas Sir, Salamat po sa tip sa pag elega ng manok. Mabuhay po kayo…

  88. bernard says:

    mam/sir.may product po ako na NOBAC at NOFLY! makakatulong po eto para maibsan ang problema sa amonia, amoy,at thesame time po disenfectant po eto!plant enzyme po very safe sa manok at baboy !mas ok po eto sa mga tunnel vent building!pinapatay po nito ang itlog ng langaw!nofly naman po pamatay ng langaw!mas mura po sa branded ng 50%. pls contact me for delivery!09227254044!

  89. Hello po Sir Manuel,
    Mayron po akong 213 heads na chicken layer po.nag umpisa po na pong mangitlog nung Dec.kaso nga lang po maliit pa po ang itlog ano po ang mabisang Vitamins ang gagamitin ko po?at gusto ko pong malaman ang feeding and lighting guide?25 weeks na po ang manok ko po? Thanks po and God Bless.. Venus Fermilan
    ng Surigao city..

  90. vEnce@bEst says:

    Good day po ask ko lang po and tugkol sa feeding guide?kasi meron po akong 213 heads layer.25 weeks na po ang mga manok ko.nag unpisa na po mangitlog kaso nga lang po maliit pa ang itlog nila.ano p0o ang mabisang Vitamins na gagamtin ko po dun sa Egg layer ko po?at calculation po nang pakain sa 213 heads layer? Thanks po and God Bless..

  91. Manuel says:

    @venus fermilan
    Sa palagay ko bata pa kasi yung mga manok. Sabi mo nga nag-umpisa sila mangitlog nung dec kaso maliit yun ay dahil medyo bata pa. Maybe in the next few months they will lay bigger eggs. Also, there is an effect on the weather or climate. When its too hot they will lay smaller eggs. Dapat medyo presko ang mga manok at di naiinitan at dapat may proper ventilation.

  92. Hello po Sir Manuel,

    Thank you po talag sa advice nyo.malakas po lagi ang ulan dito sa amin, almost one month na pong umuulan dito kaya ganun po siguro na maliliit ang itlog nila.nagpapakain po ako sa umaga 18kg po sa hapon naman 8 kg naman po sa 1pm nang hapon.tama po ba yong feeding guide namin?at pinapainum namin nangVitamins MWF lang po Vitamin ADE C at 3x a month naman din po ang Vitamin E sellenium.tama po ba ito?Maraming Salamat po Sir Manuel,God Bless

  93. kristoffer says:

    what makes the chicken become 45 days??? and what is that medicine?.
    can you..
    is that ok, my chicken are white leghorn,, is that ok if i will take them a 45 days medicine?…

  94. arnolito apostol says:

    good pm sir,i am a seaman and i want to start my own poultry business.pls give me an advice .i have 300,000 pesos in the bank.is this enough to put up my own business?

  95. lovell salut says:

    hi sir
    sir manuel may pinsan po akong nag wowork sa poltryhan jan sa bulacan sbi nya sakin pag nka abroad po ako mag tatayo daw kmi ng poultryhan sya daw ang mag babantay kasi alam nya na kng paano mag alaga ng 45days na manok. tpos sbi nya lupa lng daw ang bibilhin ko saka bahay ng manok kc meron daw na company ang mag pifinace ng sisiw ska pagkain nla sa 45days na yun? tama po ba ang sbi ng pinsan ko sir

  96. Manuel says:

    @arnolito apostol
    I think that amount is enough depending on how many chickens you want to start. My advice is taking a seminar on poultry business so you know how to operate in a cost effective manner.

  97. Manuel says:

    @lovell salut
    Di ko kasi sure kung mayroong ganoong terms sa mga companies. Kausapin niyo mismo yung company at siguro mas maganda ay may contract kayo para in case na may mangyari may habol kayo.

  98. vivencio jolongbayan says:

    meron po bang trc sa batangas?

  99. Manuel says:

    @vivencio jolongbayan
    Sa San Juan lang po venue nila.

  100. Jerwin says:

    HI po sir..

    sir manuel..pwede nyo po b aq bgyan ng idea sa tamang kulungan ng 45days?ty po

  101. bernard says:

    hello po,mam sir!sa freeman trading po ako,…baka pwede po akong makatulong sa mga gustong magpatayo ng mga tunnel vent poultry, paki contact na lang po ako sa number na ito!09159054066/09227254044.. salamat po

  102. sheba harun says:

    Hi im sheba from zamboanga city supplier po ako ng breeding chicks(45 days).baka may gustong mag order zamboanga city only.tnx

  103. edgar acerado says:

    Good day po sir manual, gusto ko sanang humingi sainyo ng softcopy guide sa pagpapalaki ng 45days chicken ilan po ang starting na sisiw para hindi ako malugi, at kung meron pong sangay dito sa masbate ng TRC.

    thank you very much
    and more power


  104. john de leon says:

    good day!.

    gusto ko lang po itanong yung vitamins na pwede ibigay sa mga 45 days chick.. salamat po

  105. Mado says:

    i would like to start layers poultry (chicken)

  106. Hi Manuel,

    Maraming salamat sa very informative post mo dito about raising poultry, am planning to start rin ksi a small farm to raise 45-days chicken. Ang galing nung info sa alternative feeds, will try it! Thanks! :)

  107. Raymundo Carabuena says:

    can u teach me how the procedure if i choose the 45 day old chicken.. i just a new bizz hir. pls. tanx so much god bless or u can send me an email carabuena2005@yahoo.com. more power to you sir ..gracias

  108. ben mancao says:

    do you have seminars in cagayan de oro city on october 2011 1st wk.

  109. joven says:

    sir! mag kano po ang bili ng isang 45 days checken? ung maliit pa po? salamat

  110. OMAR says:

    hi sir,

    tanong ko lang po! kung saan tayo pwedi mag attend ng seminars sa poultry raising ,dito po sa cebu, kung may alam ka paki bigyan mo na man ako ng information tungkol dito, gusto ko sana mag start ng poultry business, dito sa carcar cebu…..


  111. dhey says:


    gud day po..merun po bang dealer ng day old broiler chicks sa pampanga?
    salamat po.
    God bless

  112. jayvic says:

    gus2 ko po mkakuha ng kaalaman tungkol sa pag mamanukan at mahkahanap ng mauupahan na poultry d2 po sa laguna saan po pwede magtraine tungkol po sa pagmamanok at san po kya my mauupahan na poultryhan pra po makapag umpisa ng negosyo.maraming salamat po 09394194618

  113. gerry says:

    sir magtatanong lang po sana ako kng pwede isahig ang kawayan sa paitloging manok at hindi ba madaling mabasag ang itlog kng kawayan ang isahig balak ko pong magtayo ng maliit na layer farm.. maraming salamat po.

  114. michael says:

    sir i want to start a small poultry at the province but i dont know where to get a day old chicks in from rosario la union po..and salamat po sa tips and guide..

  115. gerry says:

    itatanong ko lang po kng kailangan pa ng ilaw kahit sa araw ang paitloging manok. Maraming salamat po

  116. mikesman says:

    Patunay na marami kang natutulungan sa pamamagitan ng mga payo at karanasan sa pagmamanukan. Lubos lubos ang aking pasasalamat syo sir. Ngayon po ay ika-27 ng Marso 2012, itatanong ko po kung magkano ang isang sisiw na 45 days at kung saan makakabili ng mas mura at malulusog na sisiw. Dito po ako sa Mandaluyong. I am so grateful sir for sharing your expertise. God Bless you and your family.

  117. ralph santos says:

    hello sir,
    ask q lng poh qng pano ang method ng pgpa2kaain s si2w,one week q n silang inaalagaan kaso mdami pong namamatay d ko malaman ang dahilan,thank you and hope tohear my question.

  118. jeff says:

    hello sir

    ask ko poh kung saan makakabili ng white loghorn chick layers or any good breed of egg layer’s dito sa baguio or masmalapit na vicinity La union or pangasinan. thnks

  119. Evelyn Vejano says:

    I have about 2000 square meters on the beach fenced in.
    I am wanting to raise about 100 chicken that will not fly
    everywhere. I want for both meat and eggs plus hopefully
    for profit . Questions What breed and should they be
    enclosed rather than range about the property?

  120. Noel B. Cabigat says:

    Good day, paano po ba mag makipag sosyo sa big companies for poultry production…Gusto kong mag negosyo sa poultry production pero problema ko po yung marketing.

  121. amy abad says:

    sir san po ba pd mag attend ng seminar about poultry raising. taga zambales po ako. actually nakapagstart na po ako.pero gusto ko pa magkarun ng knowledge about sa tamang pag po poultry.

  122. Manny says:

    @amy abad
    Noon po meron sa TRC pero baka magkaroon din sila ulit. Contact mo muna TRC. For the meantime pwede ka naman mag-research sa internet. Try mo rin sa eLibrary ng TRC baka meron silang electronic publication tungkol sa poultry raising.

  123. Lance Wells says:

    On the island of Panay, in the province of Antique in Valderrama, and surrounding areas. I feel that would be a ideal area for poultry production! The people already have a mind set on that type of work, and w/automation it would be excellent. This should be further discussed!

  124. Joeffry Palce says:

    Hello. Sir, I am planning to start a small Poultry raising and layers chicken, here in our place Eastern Samar. This is one of my dream when I was still studying. Now that I am already finished my schooling, I am planning to materialized it. Can I ask your advice on how am i going to start a poultry, the one that is ideal for a beginner like me, at least starting point for me as 23 years old. How much is the ideal budget for the start, if you can share to me your techniques on a productive poultry raising and laying that would be more appreciated for me a beginner and planning to have a small business. I’m hoping for your positive response. Your helping lots people who wish to have a small business. God Bless you!

  125. ROGELIO says:

    Sir, may you advise me where can I buy almost ready to lay eggs chicken layers, say 2-3 months conditioning.
    Best Regards,

  126. Ronnie says:

    magkano po ba ang aabutin sa business permit and other licenses para sa poultry na business ??

  127. glen sebbey says:

    Good day sir! I’m from bayombong nueva vizcaya.san po akaya ako pewede makabili ng layered chicks dito.mga 200 heads po sana. Salamat po. Sana mareplyan mo akop.

  128. Ann Julie F. Solano says:

    Hi Sir,
    Ask ko lng po kung meron po bang TRC seminar sa negros Oriental Canlaon City regarding sa poultry chicken?

  129. Manny says:

    Ann Julie F. Solano, wala pong TRC dyan sa negros. Sa metro manila lang po.

  130. nickson mana says:

    hi sir san po ba metro manila ang TRC..salamat po

  131. Manny says:

    Hi Nickson, This is TRC address: Jacinta Building 2, EDSA, Guadalupe Nuevo, 1212

  132. pedrito neri says:

    hi po sir manny

    i like to start poultry business. any idea magkano po magastos sa kulungan as per vitarich, bmeg requirement or base po sa experience nyo.

    maraming salamat po

  133. Albert alamaris says:

    Thank you for the info. Planning po mag start ng business. Magkano po kaya rrquirement to start? Maymaganda pong location dito to start a poultry business. Need po help for consultation. Thanks

  134. reynaldo gigante says:

    dear sirs,

    san po kaya makakabili ng mga vitamins na calcium + phosphorous
    multivitamins + amino acids+ enzymes saka fly reppelant ,virkon S, limestone pellets for poultry layer feeds…

  135. reynaldo gigante says:

    fly repellant po

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