Tilapia Fish Tank Module Concept

About ten years ago when I was still working in a semiconductor tooling company, I was really fascinated on tilapia farming and wish that I could have a fish pen on a lake (e.g. Laguna bay) so I could produce my own tilapia. The only thing that hinders me is the capital needed and since I was employed then I know I could not handle that business if I will still work and engage in tilapia farming. I know that it will cost much and the reason why I knew that  is, just last year my wife’s friend is selling a portion of their tilapia fish pen on Laguna lake which I think cost 300k pesos.

During the time (again, ten years ago)  I was thinking of a best way to grow tilapia without fish pen. I’ve seen on some television program, probably the Ating Alamin by Gerry Geronimo, that can grow and produce tilapia using plastic drums. I never got the chance to see the filtration and aeration system if it has any. Tank culture of tilapia is not much different of setting up an aquarium for tropical fishes.

Any kinds of fish need to eat and breathes oxygen so the water must have a good amount of oxygen. A good filtration is also needed to minimize water pollution caused by waste products coming from the fish and the fish food that settled on the bottom of the tank. Using plastic drums can be the cheapest and practical way of tank culture of tilapia. You only need to ad another drum if you wish to expand it.

But since the plastic drum have a cylindrical shape, the fish might feel restricted and can’t swim freely compared to a rectangular shape tank. Constructing a rectangular shape fish tank might be impractical specially if you don’t have enough space in your lot. If the material is made from concrete, it can also be impossible to relocate it in case you need to transfer to another place like plastic drums.

So I have thought of an idea to design a fish tank that is made of series of modules made from fiberglass. I had an AutoCAD drawing of it but I think I lost it already because many years passed by and forgotten where I saved the files. So I can’t give the exact details what I’ve designed then so I made just a graphic illustration on Photoshop today. I’m not an expert in Photoshop so I hope you can bear with the drawing. Below is my concept of the fish tank module made in fiberglass (See Figure 1).

That is only a single module of fish tank in case you are just starting. The main module is made from fiberglass bolted together with two side panels which are also made from fiberglass.

The module is designed for easy transportation and just in case you want to add another module, then all you have to do is bolt another module to your existing module to increase the water volume. See the multiple module below (Figure 2). This is just a concept to give you an idea. You need to design it a CAD software and know something about structural design to make a sturdy and effective fiberglass modules.


Multiple Tilapia Tank Module