How to Make Organic Fertilizer Using Chicken Manure

Engaging in a poultry business can be lucrative with the proper skill and knowledge and besides that, there is a good use of the waste product from those chicken.

Chicken manure can be converted to a useful organic fertilizers for crops. There are people visiting this blog that are asking for methods on making organic fertilizers from chicken manure.

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1. Ezra
Comment: how to prepare a fertilizer from chicken manure?

2. Anna Lyn Hernandez
Comment: ahm.. panuh poh mapapadali ang process ng pagawa ng organic fertilizer na gamit lang eh chicken manure (How can we simplify the process of making organic fertilizer using chicken manure?)

Chicken manure fertilizer is considered the best kind of organic fertilizer because it is high in nitrogen and balanced nutrients like potassium and phosphorous. It is the most desired organic compost for vegetable crops. Composting chicken manures mellows the nitrogen content since it is high in nitrogen and can be dangerous to plants when not properly prepared. Using raw chicken manure can kill plants so proper composting is very essential to make a successful chicken manure compost. Aside from killing the plants, raw chicken manure can contain food borne diseases that can be ingested if used on vegetable crops.

Making the Chicken Manure Compost

Most of the local commercial poultry cages or chicken coops I’ve seen have a welded wire mesh flooring and the manure falls straight down on the soil underneath the elevated cages unlike chicken coops in other countries where they used wooden shavings or hay for the chicken bedding. So preparing a compost with other ingredients like hay or dried grass is better compared to using only chicken manure. As suggested by some websites I’ve seen, composting chicken manure is fairly simple. Just dump the chicken bedding (which contains dried grass, hay and wooden shavings of course) in the compost bin.

Then water it thoroughly and turn it every few weeks to mix air into the pile. Since most poultry businesses here don’t use chicken bedding, mixing the chicken manure with other organic materials like saw dust, newspapers and dried grass or leaves is a good idea. And if you are wondering what is a compost bin, it can be a large plastic drum or a large wooden box. Plastic drums or containers needs to be drilled with holes on the bottom and sides for the air to mix with the compost and it will take 6 to 9 months and a maximum of 12 months for the compost to be ready for use.