Water Refilling Station ( Water Filtration ) Business

Posted by Manny on September 17th, 2007

bottled waterPotable water has been an important part of our nourishment. Since most of the water coming from our faucet is not safe to drink anymore, many people now opted to buy purified bottled water to avoid disease causing micro organisms. It is a method of water filtration by means of removing harmful chemicals and micro organisms by using water pumps and filters. Since this has a very good demand, many people also wanted to try to start this kind of business. But the question is, is it really that lucrative to choose this kind of business? and regarding with the operation, since the only product is water, we might assume that this is an easy business. But if you only knew how intricate and costly to operate this, maybe you will have second thoughts. Anyway if you like to know some information about it, below are some guides before starting one.

For the equipment, below are the basic requirements: (quoted from a supplier of water refilling business)

I. 1000 GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Purifying Unit.

a) Filters:
– 10×54” FRP (blue), Multimedia filter with timer head
– 10×54” FRP (blue), Granular Activated Carbon, with
timer head
– 10×54” FRP (Blue), Softener with timer head and
brine tank
– 20” slim (blue), 5 micron sediment filter
– 20” slim (blue), polishing filter

b) Reverse Osmosis Unit
– 1 no. 2.5×40” R.O. membrane w/ stainless casing
– ½ hp procon pump, USA
– Low pressure controller
– 2 flow meters
– 2 Pressure gauges
– stainless steel frame
– Control Panel for automation.

c) Water tanks
– 210gallons stainless steel raw water tank
– 210 gallons stainless steel product tank

d) Disinfection
– Ultraviolet – Germicidal (5GPM)

e) Pumps , motors
– 0.5hp pumps, stainless head, Italy complete with 21 gallons s/s pressure tank, pressure switch at gauge.
– 0.5 hp pumps (raw), stainles head, Italy with switch and gauge.

II. Important Requirements:
1. 25sq meters of space
2. Good source of water. Total Dissolved Solids must be below 500ppm. Above this TDS (500ppm) the quality of the product might be affected.

III. Papers required for acquiring the License for your Water Refilling Station
1. DTI
2. Barangay permit
3. Mayor’s permit
4. Sanitary permit from Municipality or DOH

Approximately the capital needed is php250,000 but it will depend on the franchiser or vendor who will install the equipment but I think you will need more if you choose water refilling station franchise to known distributor of purified water because you need to pay a franchise fee. Nevertheless the operating costs of water refilling stations will depend on how you will handle the sales and overhead expenses like for example if you can install it in your home the overhead cost will be lower because you don’t need to pay rent but the sales will be not as much as if you will set it up in a high traffic foot location by renting a commercial space.

Source: Entrepinoy

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Posted by Manny

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52 Responses to “Water Refilling Station ( Water Filtration ) Business”

  1. Good news!
    Calling all OFW’s! GQWEST Inc. the makers of AQUABEST has launched its OFW discount promo.If you are an OFW who’s looking for a very safe and profitable business we have the answer for you.Thru the company’s OFW program, Filipinos working abroad, may it be sea based or landbased,could now avail of special discounts and privelages on a water refilling station business available on for OFW’s.Grab this opportunity and hurry!
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  2. domingo says:

    yes im doms im interested at this type of business,water refilling stationi have some query regarding this business,cause im pretty sure it will do good here in our town. assuming i wanted to put up a business in our town is there anyone or any government agency who can teach and guide on how i will start.

  3. Manuel says:

    I think there is a training in TRC on water refilling station. Just stand-by for the scheduled trainings that I’m posting in this blog every end of the month.

  4. SHERYL says:

    hi,my husband is a ofw we are interested to putting up small business water refilling station.pls send me the proposal of this business.including how much money can cost, either installment or cash basis..im hoping 4 ur reply..t

  5. Manuel says:

    Hello Ma’m, Please contact a water refilling franchisor for details.

  6. dingdong bongoc says:

    @sheryl hopefully makahabol pa kayo sa promo natin for ofw’s!
    nway u can email me at elpoman@yahoo.com or call and text me at 09228760960, we’ll discuss what ever package that might suit you.

  7. engr pinky says:

    LIVINGWATER SYSTEM INC & DPI PRINT SOLUTIONS are business opportunities offered to those who want to get into water refilling station business or printing business.
    we normally conduct FREE FORMAL SEMINARS and ORIENTATION on these businesses to ensure that we have aided in you getting into these business. training is free and no commitment.
    we are offering complete water refilling station for as low as p161,000 complete and operational setup.
    as to the printing business you can avail our promo offer to avail our large format printers with only p200,000 downpayment.

    you can also assure of our good quality equipments and good customer service because our company is an ISO certified company, certified by the Worlds #1 accrediting body, SGS.

    to know more, you can email me at pinkycrisologo888@yahoo.com.ph or you may contact me at 215-3068 / 489-5488 or 0917-852-7126.

    Sales Engineer
    Livingwater System Inc Group of Companies
    ISO 9001-2008 Certified

  8. Hi.I am interested to inquire if possible for a certain water refilling station inside our subdivision?Actually it is located side of our house formerly a Store closed due to unavailability to run the business. What I really want is somebody to rent the place and have it ocular inspected. The additional income could be of helped for my mothers hospitalization.
    thank you and hope to hear from you soon…
    jeny of valenzuela

  9. Jundelyn says:

    Please send me complete requirement for me to be able to open my own small business..the costing and if ever there will be a seminar concerning this business. Thank you very much.

  10. engr pinky says:

    hi mam jundelyn,
    i have already sent you my proposal.
    perfectly we are really conducting free training and orientation on water refilling station business from the feasibility, total investment needed up to the smallest details, ROI based on actual and projection, and step by step procedure in setting up the business. its actually “KNOWING THE BUSINESS BEFORE GETTING INTO IT” training id free and no commitment.
    we understand that each one who’s planning to get into any business has to study everything carefully especially that it involves big amount of hard earned money.
    We are offering training in our Main ofc -Taguig, Cebu and Davao offices, while we have supplies and technical offices in Quezon City, Laguna and Cavite.
    Since our company is a direct importer and a manufacturer of bottles so you are assured of cheap but good quality and consumables.
    We are planning to open 2 more branches this year, all that, we do just to provide good after sales support to all our valued customers.
    Our company is also an ISO certified so you are assured of an international quality equipments and services.

    for more details, you may email me at engrpinky@livingwater.com.ph or pinkycrisologo888@yahoo.com.ph or you may contact me at 0917-852-7126 or 0923-657-6688 or landline 02-215-3068 / 02-489-5488.

    Sales Engineer
    Livingwater System Inc

  11. WATERBOY says:

    To all water station owner, managers and those who will open this business soon.

    We will have a Free demo of the water refilling software on June 30, 2010 in Makati and cavite area. For those interested please contact us at 045 – 4932864 or 09291911366.

    Dont miss this this rare opportunity. Know all water station problems and potential loses.


  12. dingdong bongoc says:

    gqwest Inc. the makers of Aquabest is now offering our all time low quality WRS packages. For as low as 200k pesos you could start your own water refilling station now, installed and supported by a very reliable WRS company. Aquiring a package as low as this dosent necesarily mean that the quality shuold be questionable and complicated. Know more about the package, and the business thru our business seminar held daily at number 883 Q. Ave. Qc. or contact us at 09228760960 or email us at elpoman@yahoo.com

  13. joanna says:

    gud day, i have some concern regarding in this business when and where will u conduct a seminar and training on how to start this kind of business water refilling station. pls let me know, i am interested..thank you!!

  14. Manuel says:

    @ joanna
    I think TRC already have this kind of training but not sure if they will have it next month. Just wait for the next month schedule and see if they will have it again.

  15. Felimon says:

    I want to start water refilling business in subdivision where I am residing. I want to know a complete set up procedure for this type of business.

  16. Manuel says:

    @ Felimon
    You can contact the commenter above like Aquabest and Living water system or you can take a training in TRC.

  17. engrpinky says:

    hi manuel, thanks for endorsing us.
    to mr felimon, in our company, we are conducting free seminar on water refilling station, like from feasibility, total investment needed, costing, ROI and step by step procedure in setting up the business, its actually knowing the business before getting into it. this seminar and orientation is free and no commitment. training schedule varies every week. for this week wala po kaming schedule kse we have an exhibition at world trade center dubbed as “FRANCHISE EXPO” . I would also like to take this opportunity to invite every one whose interested in any franchising business. you can find us at booths # F41,F42,F43 & F44. for free pass, you may contact us at 02-215-3068 or 0917-852-7126 or email me at engrpinky@livingwater.com.ph or pinkycrisologo888@yahoo.com.ph.

    Sales Engineer
    Livingwater System Inc Group of Companies

  18. willie jay says:

    anyone knows how much would it cost to have franchise of any water refill station.. please send me some info??? or where to contact franching agency??? thanks

  19. rai says:

    hi, i am interested in putting up water refilling as a business in bacolod city. pls send me the quotation, complete proposal and payment terms. thank you in advance

  20. engrpinky says:

    hi sir rai, where can i email the proposal?
    can i get your contact number and email add as well?
    or you may email me directly at pinkycrisologo888@yahoo.com.ph or engrpinky@livingwater.com.ph
    you may contact me at 0917-852-7126 or 02-215-3068

    by the way sir, FYI, well be opening our Iloilo branch by next month, it would be more convenient for you especially on the technical and supplies support.
    thank you and hope to hear from you.


  21. jamila168 says:

    For those who want to put up their own Water Refilling Station of Alkaline Ionized Water, pls. feel free to contact me through 09228411881. You have a variety of packages to choose from depending on your preference and target market; may it be semi-commercial or commercial and etc.

    Discover the benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water.


  22. marie sarmiento says:

    need to know more about water refilling business (independent) particularyly in the area of machineries to be used and its functions and the processes involved. I also want to know the most commonly used machines for this purpose and i have only 150,000 capital outlay as a beginner.

  23. engrpinky says:

    hi ms marie, can you give your email ad or contact number so we can send you details?
    or you may email me at pinkycrisologo888@yahoo.com.ph or engrpinky@livingwater.com.ph or you may reach me at 0917-852-7126 or landline 02-215-3068.

  24. jamila168 says:

    Ms. Marie, your 150,000 investment is more than enough for you to start your own Alkaline/Ionized Water Refilling Station. We have packages with less than 100,000.00 investment.

    You may search the health benefits of drinking Alkaline/Ionized Water. Be the first Water Refilling Station of Alkaline/Ionized Water in your area or city. 😉

    Pls. feel free to inquire. kindly text me ur email add or add me up jaymike_17@yahoo.com so I can send you a proposal. I hope you can avail our promo.

    you can text me so I can call you. 0922-8411-881.

  25. melinda salapare says:

    hi pinky i am interested may i know about the alkaline, mineral and oxygenated water. to start a business ano mas maganda. thanks and godbless.

  26. dingdong bongoc says:

    Thanks for the overwhelming response that we’ve got through this blog, which most would be business owners find very informative. Again GQWEST Inc the makers of AQUABEST is reaching out to those who want to put up a quality business by a trusted company, but has a very limited capital. Worry no more! Because at GQWEST Inc. low capital does not necessarily translates to LOW QUALITY and VIRTUALLY NO SERVICE at all. For an astonishingly very low cash out of P150k, you could start your very own water refilling station, serviced and installed by no less than the makers of AQUABEST! Do not be blinded by “too good to be true” super low packages the proliferates the market right now, cause you deserve more out of your hard earned money.
    For more info re the package and the business, seminars are held daily at 883 Q. Ave, QC. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more.

    Dingdong Bongoc
    Business Dev. Head- Commercial
    GQWEST Inc.

  27. chris hernan p rivas says:

    gud day po sa inyo gusto ko po sana makapag invest ng water refilling station sa aming lugar s surigao city poydi po pki send sa e-mail ko kung magkano at paano ako mag umpisa.thank’s and god bless

  28. engrpinky says:

    hi mam melinda,
    can you pls send to me your email address so i can send you the complete details of my proposal.
    you may contact me at 0917-852-7126 or 02-215-3068 or you may email me at pinkycrisologo888@yahoo.com.ph or engrpinky@livingwater.com.ph.

  29. engrpinky says:

    hi sir chris,
    whats your email address so i can send you my proposal.
    we have also our davao ofc or Cebu ofc whichever is convenient to you so you can attend our free seminar and orientation regarding this business. raining is free and no commitment. you may contact me at 0917-852-7126 or 02-215-3068.
    you may also send your inquiry at pinkycrisologo888@yahoo.com.ph


  30. Jiff says:

    please send me the quotation of the business and the modes of payment.

  31. marivic maniego says:

    @engr pinky: i was trying to contct you pero npkbusy po ng numbers nyo. gusto ko po sna magp quote for a price ng pag put up ng water station dito sa bulacan. as i searched dpat dw po yun 24 stages of filtration ang applicable dito. pls quote and pls send to my email. thanks!

  32. arnel says:

    im interested at this type of business, im living here in bacolod, you have franchising here?

  33. engrpinky says:

    hi mam marivic,
    you may contact me at 0917-852-7126 or landline 02-215-3068. or can i get your contact number mam, para ill just call you?
    thanks. by the way, whats your email ad so i can send you details, as it doesnt always follow na bulacan 24 stages, we really need to test your water to come up with the right design. you may also email me at pinkycrisologo888@yahoo.com.ph

    sir arnel;
    can i have your email ad so i can send you my proposal sir? we have existing customers and franchisees in bacolod and we have ofc as well in iloilo.you may text your email ad to me @ 0917-852-7126 or you may email me @pinkycrisologo888@yahoo.com.ph

  34. Maria says:

    Ask ko lng po if my office kayo sa davao? And how much ung mga equipment nyo? Thank you

  35. louvillabuilders says:

    Do not just be interested,start now. lets talk about having your own Water Station that commits to your budget without affecting its quality. Lets try find solutions that will end up having both parties satisfied. Honest business is our principle. Want to start the business? Call us now,usap tayo. engr.Louie 0922-8584-738/02-545-0604

  36. engrpinky says:

    hi mam,
    yes we do have ofc in davao located at Bajada davao city.
    do you have email ad so i can send you the full details of the proposal & address . can i also get your contact number for easier coordination?
    you may contact me at 0917-852-7126.thanks

  37. ikme07 says:

    gud day,,,im a water technician and want to start with this business dahil alam ko na ang operation as well sa maintenance,,kelangan ko lang makahanap ng mapapagkuhanan ng murang materials at equipment para sa distilled at mineral water..thanks in advance,,

  38. Gina says:

    i’m from cebu and would like to inquire about this business and how much is the capital needed for this. I am planning to place it inside a village. Pls send me proposal as well as seminar available in my location, Mandaue…

  39. engrpinky says:

    hi mam gina, can i get your email ad so i can send you the complete details, we have ofc in cebu, mandaue, exactly back of super metro gaisano mandaue. our price in manila and cebu is just the same, you may visit our cebu ofc to attend seminar or to see our machines.
    you may contact me at 0917-852-7126 or email me at pinkycrisologo888@yahoo.com.ph or you may contact directly our cebu ofc @ 520-3174 or 422-8801.
    thank you.

    Sales Engineer
    Livingwater System Inc., Group of Companies

  40. engrpinky says:

    hi ikme,
    im pinky from livingwater system inc., being the only franchising company that is an IMPORTER. i can assure you we can give you a very reasonable price. just contact me if magpa quote ka. you may contact me at 0917-852-7126.

  41. jen says:

    hi! engr.pinky! good day! ive sent you an email, pls. pm me your business proposal, im really interested. thanks!

  42. jen says:

    hi, im jen! im really interested on this business.. pls.engr. pinky, email me how much is the package, thanks and godbless!!

  43. engrpinky says:

    hi mam jen, whats your email ad so i can send our complete proposal?

  44. grace says:

    hi im interested in a water refilling station.. can you send me some proposal package? and if it can be set up in san jose occidental mindoro? thanks! – heart_angeleigh06@yhoo.com

  45. clarence says:

    hi engr. i’m interseted in this business. can u plis qoute me for the 24 stages water purification. ung mura but gud and durable. and also the plan layout to which the equipments be installed

  46. engrpinky says:

    hi sir clarence, ano po email ad mo? and contact number?
    heres mine, you may email em at pinkycrisologo888@yahoo.com.ph or engrpinky@livingwater.com.ph or contact me at 0917-852-7126.

  47. Charlyn says:

    We are in Midsayap, North Cotabato and wanted to start a water refilling station. do you have a nearby outlet here that can help us to start with? I also wanted to know of how much the start up cost…i am interested of the ionized/alkaline water. thank you

  48. engrpinky says:

    hi ms charlyn, whats your email ad & contact number. we have a branch ofc in davao city to accommodate you.
    you may contact me @ 0917-852-7126.
    thank you

  49. analie says:

    hello im planning to have this kind of business do you have office in bacolod city?if have can u give the complete address and how much is the cost of the complete package?thank u.

  50. proi says:

    hi,i am interested about this business,pls send me more details on this,thank you asteromesandy.123@gmail.com,09369912024

  51. Dennis Berdin says:

    Hi, pls send franchise proposal to my email: dennis.berdin@gmail.com

  52. Dante Villegas says:

    hello there, i am interested in water refilling station business, please send me a proposal for this.
    my email: sagville@gmail.com

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