Water Refilling Station ( Water Filtration ) Business

bottled waterPotable water has been an important part of our nourishment. Since most of the water coming from our faucet is not safe to drink anymore, many people now opted to buy purified bottled water to avoid disease causing micro organisms. It is a method of water filtration by means of removing harmful chemicals and micro organisms by using water pumps and filters. Since this has a very good demand, many people also wanted to try to start this kind of business. But the question is, is it really that lucrative to choose this kind of business? and regarding with the operation, since the only product is water, we might assume that this is an easy business. But if you only knew how intricate and costly to operate this, maybe you will have second thoughts. Anyway if you like to know some information about it, below are some guides before starting one.

For the equipment, below are the basic requirements: (quoted from a supplier of water refilling business)

I. 1000 GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Purifying Unit.

a) Filters:
– 10×54” FRP (blue), Multimedia filter with timer head
– 10×54” FRP (blue), Granular Activated Carbon, with
timer head
– 10×54” FRP (Blue), Softener with timer head and
brine tank
– 20” slim (blue), 5 micron sediment filter
– 20” slim (blue), polishing filter

b) Reverse Osmosis Unit
– 1 no. 2.5×40” R.O. membrane w/ stainless casing
– ½ hp procon pump, USA
– Low pressure controller
– 2 flow meters
– 2 Pressure gauges
– stainless steel frame
– Control Panel for automation.

c) Water tanks
– 210gallons stainless steel raw water tank
– 210 gallons stainless steel product tank

d) Disinfection
– Ultraviolet – Germicidal (5GPM)

e) Pumps , motors
– 0.5hp pumps, stainless head, Italy complete with 21 gallons s/s pressure tank, pressure switch at gauge.
– 0.5 hp pumps (raw), stainles head, Italy with switch and gauge.

II. Important Requirements:
1. 25sq meters of space
2. Good source of water. Total Dissolved Solids must be below 500ppm. Above this TDS (500ppm) the quality of the product might be affected.

III. Papers required for acquiring the License for your Water Refilling Station
1. DTI
2. Barangay permit
3. Mayor’s permit
4. Sanitary permit from Municipality or DOH

Approximately the capital needed is php250,000 but it will depend on the franchiser or vendor who will install the equipment but I think you will need more if you choose water refilling station franchise to known distributor of purified water because you need to pay a franchise fee. Nevertheless the operating costs of water refilling stations will depend on how you will handle the sales and overhead expenses like for example if you can install it in your home the overhead cost will be lower because you don’t need to pay rent but the sales will be not as much as if you will set it up in a high traffic foot location by renting a commercial space.

Source: Entrepinoy